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  1. @Vivi Vivi, please... my Stalwart Razorback (Legendary) [a.k.a my punk piggy]. T_T It was in altar for less than 24 hours. I really want that piggy. No one got it. People are saving EC's because they're betting that the diamond altar will be on in a couple weeks, in the anniversary event. I need that piggy. T_T
  2. I gotta say this... Jordan trully exceeded all my expectations, because I always thought he had little (very little) access to the game source code. Regardless, this is one of the best patches this game has ever seen. Congratulations and thanks! I loved the new archive-save feature, the new status assistant, new daily rewards... awesome systems that are really useful. <3 Haven't tried the new trials yet, maybe this weekend. I'm a bit concerned with the new level cap though. Extra 20 points to some classes might "break them" a little bit. (Not to mention the ammount of time we're going to spend running again, 'cause let's face it... it's boring as hell, hahahaha.) I also noticed that a lot of texts have been rewritten and are more "clear" now. Props for that. It will really help new users (or people that don't speak english). <3
  3. @Jordan Well... as far as we know, due to recent problematic events with OVH, Eden's hosted in "physical servers". Basically... "computers", just like ours, except they're probably much more "powerful" than ours (hardware-wise speaking). So, if something happens to those computers, our server crashes, while if our servers were hosted in a clouding service, they would only crash if the entire clouding service crashes as well. I heard clouding services are cheaper and more efficient. Don't know if it is true though. I asked because considering that Eden is a 2010 game, and back then, clouding services weren't a deal (don't know if they existed back then), maybe Eden was meant to be emulated in physical servers. That's what I'm curious about.
  4. Hi! I'd like to suggest "Stalwart Razorback (Legendary)" mount. I think it's a cute mount and it's been ages since I saw someone with it. Thanks!
  5. Fenril

    Astral Pathway

    To be honest, It's a no for me as well. I don't want to be forced to buy all available legendary male costumes just to benefit from that system. I'd be a Shaxia Fae Fields slave forever. I want to spend my hard earned money on new sets, new weapons, new gems (specially considering that "gems" are something that Jordan could - potentially - have a look in the future, to make some of them more attractive, 'cause we know 60% of the gems are definitely not good enough to even be considered ''an option''). I want to be able to play every class in the game. Let's not forget that balancing patches will eventually hit this server again, and classes such as Kage, Rakshasa, Blood Knight, Dragon Soul, etc; may become "playable" in terms of mechanics and numbers (and may require specific sets, specific builds). Plus, there are more urgent matters such as "Elysian Island", "Deserted Island", "Sakura Island", "Monster Arena", "10vs10", etc.
  6. @Jordan/Bash I'll probably have to hire a vpn from Amazon and redirect my connection to that vpn and then redirect it again to OVH servers. A little curiosity of mine: Is it possible to host Eden in a cloud service?
  7. Hey, guys. How are you? I've been studying about connections lately and I believe I have found the reason for lagging so much. I'll run more tests tomorrow, but for now, I've sent a tracert to OVH and came across a specific IP adress that, from that point onwards, keeps lagging more and more. The IP is, and it belongs to org-tdc1-RIPE, from Spain (ES). All the subsequent ip adresses found are either from Spain, France or US. So, basically, OVH is redirecting the connection to Spain and/or US before we get the packets back??? I'm a bit confused right now. I also heard that some services, such as google cloudcomputing, have been suffering a lot with lag. The only services that appear to be ok are amazon's. Would it be possible to host Eden in a cloud service instead of a physical machine?
  8. I can't really emphasize how relieved I am after seeing the new mail interface and the ''no-archive'' feature. They're so neat and practical. Thanks a lot for that. We were really in need of that and you did an amazing job. Can't wait to see what else you have "under your sleeve". Any ETA on the next patch? <3 Also... what's that icon near the HP/MP/Face bar? o_O
  9. Wait... aren't you guys talking about ''variety'', and not ''variance''? Cause my english may be bad, since it's not my mother language, but I'm pretty sure variety means ''a lot of options to choose from'' and variance means ''fluctuation, range, rate"? Anyway. I think what Reikan's trying to say is... if you have a class that heals wonderfully, removes cc wonderfully, provides defensive buffs wonderfully... why would you pick any other class instead? Bufing Adjudicator, for example, would make him a bit more attractive, 'cause he would still heal nicely, would remove 3~4 crowd control effects with his Purifying Water, and would have some skills that are part of his identity. Or you could nerf Glacier Knight, for example. Holy Sage heals are not that strong compared to Adjudicator's, Glacier's or even Totem's. So, Holy Sage compensates that by removing more debuffs from his allies. Glacier Knight actually do everything. He heals, he clean debuffs, he provides damage reduction buffs, etc. Kinda OP, isn't it?
  10. Is there any way to get this "source code" apart from contacting the developer and paying millions of dollars to buy the game rights (which is definitely not an option, jus' sayin')?
  11. Fenril

    Toucan Mount?

    @Jordan Hey... have you looked at the possibility of turning this mob into a mount? It could be our version of "chocobos". I know we have "beakis", but when it comes to beauty, there is no competition. Beakis looks like a 5x10px image completely distorted by size enhancement, while Toucan don't. Plus, if it was possible, you could do some recolor and present us with our own versions of "FF7 Chocobos". That game was epic. (Look how weird Beakis looks. It's cute... but weird. Kinda like he was stretched. https://imgur.com/a/h8plu9e ) PS: Almost two years have passed and I haven't found a single player selling the white version of Beakis. Somehow, that white version looks less stretched. Thanks o/
  12. We just got disconnected again, right now. Me, Reikan, Koji... and we're all from different states, using different ISP's. I don't know if this information might help you, but anyways... felt like I should inform you.