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  1. Reikan

    Magic Parry ?

    This is only true for PVE, on PVP both sides of the coin are fairly balanced. What we need on PVE is more survivability on magic classes, due to PDPS almost always having access not only to a higher defense (from Light/heavy armors), but access to lower DMG taken such as Master Fencer and Executioner. We don't have magic counterparts of those aside from Darkness Blade and Demon Summoner, and the percentages are not even close to consider it balanced. DMG output on a MDPS setup is literally the same, maybe higher depending on gears and gameplay.
  2. Reikan

    human berserker

    Yeah, I know it's not easy. There is something else I'm yet to report you about another problematic class. That's the issue with Eden Eternal: As a new cap comes, classes with heavy scaling will outscale the other ones. This is why you nerfed Gravity Manipulator when we got Lv100 sets and awaken weapons, and even being a GM main myself, I agreed with the nerf. That's how Eden works, and this is why I always suggest stuff like smaller patches with small tweaks in overtuned classes/items, or bugfixes / text changes. I know that new dungeons / new content always gives us a boost in playerbase, but it won't last long if the game keeps getting content that it's not completely adjusted. I enjoy your work here more than most of the people, I respect all the work you put on Eden, but I feel like leaving you alone to take care of such a huge game is slowing the game progress and forcing you to be overworked. You shouldn't be answering tickets if your job was meant to tweak/improve the game. We need another EE GM that actually works for the social part of the game, taking care of forum answers, getting feedback (and reporting it to the content makers - you), and attending to tickets.
  3. Reikan

    human berserker

    So it's clear the issue is on the shield, and not the weapon bonuses.
  4. Reikan

    human berserker

    I can dish out 100k+ per hit in a player with a Greatsword and I'm not even berserker main. The DMG is fine, the issue with Bracer is that it gives free DMG and the defensive portion of a shield. For free. It's not just unbalanced, it's straight up one thing outclassing another. This is why it seems "useless". Not about the DMG.
  5. Reikan

    human berserker

    Yes, Anura racials are indeed weaker than they should be, but no matter what you suggest here, it will take a huge amount of time to change. I did work around to play it efficiently, but it's still a long way to pefection. Thing is, the entire issue regarding this post is not related to Human/Anura Berserker, but the Shield itself. It needs a nerf.
  6. Reikan

    human berserker

    Being an Anuran main myself, I can argue that the Axe is absurdly stronger compared to the Greatsword. In fact, Axe users get a godlike amount of lifesteal while us Anuran get nothing. Literally nothing, either we forfeit our racial bonus in favor of block (from Bracer), or we play a weapon that's weaker than both Club (don't even need to compare it to Zumi, just the club itself) and Axe. Still, I don't complain about it on forums due to knowing what I was getting myself into when I made my character. BUT Knuckle Bracer is overtuned. The idea that people won't be able to cap block is perfectly fine, Jordan. You're giving enough DMG to people so they can pair it up with 2HD weapons while still being able to survive. That means they should be using PoDs, pots and maybe further buffs from spouse / other classes, or even block certificates and trophies if they want more survivability. It would add an entire new feature and give us tangible drawbacks when we look at the DMG shield.
  7. Reikan

    human berserker

    The issue you guys are looking at here is Knuckle Bracer, and not Human Berserker. That would imply that Anuran Berserker should also have a buff, and some other classes+races (for bonus) should be wearing shields too. Knuckle Bracer grants access to the most effective defensive stat of the game (block) for literally no drawback. Most of the classes that do use this shield, also pair it up with a high strenght, which nullifies its block debuff. While the Bracer is overtuned, Apocalyptic Defender, in the other hand, is basically used by 2, maybe 4 classes, and considering they're all magic, they all struggle to reach 30%+ block, even without a block debuff. It also gives the player a passive slow, which is hard to deal with, without other classes MoveSPD buffs. Defender is fairly balanced, with concrete strenghts and visible drawbacks of using it. You make it up for DMG diference of a 2HD weapon user, but you don't get free capped defensive stats. My suggestion would be: Removing the +50% DMG on normal attacks to tune the Bracer with Apocalyptic Defender. -35% block instead of -25%. Change the +MoveSPD activation to +ACC to pair it with the Defender. Yes, it's a huge nerf, and yes, most people will not like it, but it's something needed to tune it with 2HD weapon usage. It was made to "bring justice to 1HD weapon users", not ruin the experience to 2HD weapons. Either nerf the Bracer, or give all the 2HD weapons a massive boost to parry, so people can cap it at 70% exactly like all P-DPS are capping block with the bracer. Nerfing is the obvious solution here.
  8. 1: I used high numbers to explain how deep it can be exploited by the players. Vyzer himself said how much he could exploit from it, now you multiply Vyzer by, let's say, 10 players in a big guild. How much gold is added to the server, without any kind of effort or benefit for the players? 2: Was not my suggestion, and I agree it shouldn't be removed. 3: It will cause a drama exactly because people exploit it. Abusers won't ever agree with something that hurts their abuse. As some people from Memory mentioned here, they have less than 100 actual players in the guild, consider you don't need to actually put alts in a "main guild", instead you can/should use a secondary guild or even one of the dead guilds (to maintain guild towns). It solves the salary abuse "feature" perfectly fine, without removing rewards from TW. Also, our community is small, encouraging 200+ people to group in a "winning guild" hurts PVP experience, and in long term, pushes people out of the server. I've thought about this topic for a long time and discussed with guildies countless hours, this is probably the most practical and efficient solution. 4: I understand, but this "we could be doing dungeons" thing is a sort of Joker card in the means that everything that is not a new dungeon can be dismissed by this argument. Having more efficient guild towns and motivation to grow a stable guild is something to earn, and our server needs more motivation to build other guilds, rather than just stacking all the community into 2 zerg guilds (both for Alt abusing, and for the lack of incentive of building a new guild up).
  9. @Vyzer Thanks for your input. As I said in one of my comments, I don't think the gold is an issue, we already have other PVPs with different rewards (NCTW for buffs, GvG for boxes etc), so I think gold is a good motivation to do PVP, but alt abusing is an issue. I've been caring about server health since I joined Vendetta. Back then, I reported people AFKing on alts in every high level map for free gold overnight. It caused a mass inflation on the server and, in long term, it ruins the experience for newcomers. Everyone understands that dealing with high prices is not an issue if you have a decent character and game experience, but for people who are new on the server (or even EE itself), it's just a huge wall to see that prices are so high for fairly essential stuff gameplay-wise. About ECs: If people stop buying boxes / playing ECs, things like Safety Stones for +11 and above will rise in prices, which is not an issue for me because I'm able to farm my gold back, but how does it affect the gameplay of a new player that has to fortify his first set? This is also something that should be reported to the staff, we need variation in boxes and altars in order to have new stuff rolling, and people spending VGN again. We have plenty of old stuff that has yet to find a legendary version, and that could be added to the game for more variety and to have an actual value for ECs and Legendaries. We have a small community. As time passes by, and inflation is ignored, more people will be able to hoard and shift the way how market works. It's a recipe for disaster, considering how deep it affects the game for people who are not in the "select group" of those who can abuse the system. All means of gold generating should be supervisioned in order to avoid a massive backfire in the future.
  10. Gearing classes up isn't an excuse to allow something not intended to happen. The game wasn't designed for 10~20 players hoarding a 350p salary count. It causes inflation. I could justify ANY glitch with your excuse, even the gold glitch that RUINED main server. "I did that because I had many classes to gear up!" Stop using that excuse. Sim, mas qual o motivo de permitir 300 alts em uma guild? lol That's a rule in Memory, which doesn't forbid other guilds to abuse the system. If Memory has 100 members, why exactly is the member cap an issue? We've been doing that for a couple of months, considering my guild is new on the server, and is made of new players that are gearing up together @Topic in general It seems that many people feel like i'm attacking Memory on this topic. It's something that I discussed countless times with guildies, and it's not something that will hurt Memory itself (it seems that they are not abusing alts), so why exactly are we getting so many Memory comments against it? If the suggestion is against alt abusers only, but you people come in here saying it will ruin PVP (due to the lack of motivation), then it seems that some of you guys are actually motivated by abusing alts. Controversial, at most.
  11. The salary was intended to be that amount for each player, the community found out how to exploit it for their benefit, I didn't even suggest to remove the gold, just to fix it so there is no abuse. Explain to me why is it bad? We already have NCTW and GvG with other rewards, I don't think gold on the reward is an issue, it's just easy to exploit and that is the issue. I agree that we don't need gold from salary, but it doesn't hurt the economy if it gets harder to exploit.
  12. Main server doesn't get updates for years, if you like things that never change, you can leave and join them. Change is good.
  13. 30 minutes is fair, since it doesn't change PVP itself, just the moments to re-group for rebuffs. Good suggestion.
  14. That is a good point that I didn't see. Maybe any change to that system to prevent such a huge loss for the server?
  15. You're showing me that the 100 member cap is viable, as I'm sure there might be an alt or another just for some reason (and not abusing). See, if no one abuses alts, 100 member cap is the ideal choice, and it would help avoiding such exploits to happen. Easy, huh? Hi Popz, and thanks for the input. Well, the fact that people are already abusing something isn't an excuse to allow it to happen forever, right? As for guilds with 100+ alts, that's a good point. Maybe giving the players a week to sort between players and ALTs, using the Guild Order system? Example: People on 3 highest rankings in each guild have a guaranteed stay unless that number excceeds 100, then everyone else gets an automatic kick, including excceeding people on those 3 higher ranks. That would give time for guild leaders to sort between players and alts, and wouldn't give the staff work to worry about. It's up to the guild leaders who to keep inside, honestly. I agree that the community is to blame about how they play PVP nowadays, but the fact that people go for numbers shouldn't be an excuse to allow such exploits to be open. If the member cap in PVP maps is 50, why allow more than 100 inside a guild? Even if you have 100 actual people in a guild, no one is obligated to put their alts in a guild, and 100 is already a really high number count for Eden standards.