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  1. Good suggestions, I like the hidden equipment thing.
  2. Your arguments are well formatted and I agree with your opinions, great job there buddy. ... I only wish people would just stop wanting to min-max on a classic server, though. I played with questionable gears for most of my time in Aeria server back in Cap 60, and it didn't hurt my experience. PVP was still fun and I was still efficient on PVE (this game is really easy when it comes to PVE, no need to min-max for that).
  3. Reikan

    TW Maps

    It's not the game fault that other guilds are smaller. If we were to change the game based on guilds, Jordan would be sitting here and waiting for the next drama to see who is switching sides for the next GvGs Outnumbered? Go recruit more people. Invite friends to help. Quit your guild and give up. There are tons of options. I played on AwakenVGN with a 10 member guild and went to every single TW, having to fight MoneyTeam with 30+ and other guilds. We never bothered asking for "balance" or whatever change in forums, we just went in and played the game. Totems aren't RNG if you cover all the spawning spots and coordinate, and I don't think it should be changed based on how guilds are sorted out.
  4. Reikan

    TW Maps

    1) Totems aren't random and they have fixed spawn points. It's up to the guilds that want control over them to spread around possible spawn points in the correct timers if they want to abuse it as a strategy. 2) I guess you just want to show off on kills? Besides, kill count isn't a reliable power meter. I can always ask a friend to keep logging alts on guilds that are on the other side for free kills. Specially worse if the kills are counted multiple times in the same character. Might not be an issue if it doesn't affect TW results, but would be funny to see a guy with 600+ kills in the scoreboard because he and a friend were bored with the current TW.
  5. Oh, I get it now, sorry. Bad habit of reading quick and not paying full attention to context. Still, Purple weapons only have more ATK because they can reach higher ATK % bonuses. If both weapons are at the same % (let's say ALL weapons are 100%), Golden ones will stil maintain a higher ATK while still having the bonus effects. @Topic Honestly, I'd just leave the game as it is. The server just launched and people are already wanting min-maxed characters in every role of their party. Everyone wants 120% staves and whatnot. That's not how classic experience was, most of the game had people sitting at +6 weapons or low percentage +10 ones. This is not awaken server, it's not meant for min-max with ease.
  6. Purple weapons can have MAX 160%, they don't appear with less than 101%. Also, purple weapons don't have the effect, so a 100% Magic Skeleton is still better than any purple weapon at 160% due to the special effect. Not that it's important, but Purple weapons break too often aswell due to half durability.
  7. Reikan

    Battle Mounts

    You can't use any kind of mount in a normal dungeon, only on battle maps. Also, if you want faster stuff, maybe you could hop in the Awaken VGN server. The purpose of a classic server is a slower progression, not min-max like the Awaken one.
  8. Reikan

    VGN Price

    Nothing would forbid people from other countries to convert into BR money in order for cheaper prices. It has been discussed in another MMORPG that I used to play too, it's kinda tricky to avoid it being exploitable.
  9. Depends on how much gold you can farm per hour in the dungeons. People can still have multiple characters with the same gears (archive system) to do multiple dungeons, but it's time consuming and depending on situation, not worth it. Just a matter of balance.
  10. Reikan

    2 Requests

    If a top guild didn't win today due to RNG, it will give them motivation to be in full force tomorrow, instead of going "full force for the first 3 territories and then going AFK" or "going for the sake of stomping". Also, if you have the ability to keep a 33% rate everyday, it's virtually impossible to miss at least 3 territories every week. Today, if a big guild has 3 territories and I have 5 competent cappers, I can "follow their wind" and win with PVE ONLY. People will still call that bullshit and think it's unfair. Why don't we change it that either you have top points or no one wins? Or maybe remove territory caps because a big guild deserves all 10 territories? This argument can follow on as long as there are 2 sides of the coin.
  11. Reikan

    2 Requests

    Once everyone wants to be in the top, it gives less room for people who want to build something. EEClassic will start now, but people who reach the server late will have to fight a bunch of 30+ dudes with gears, and win against that. Whoever wants to build a guild will have to stick to PVE only until they have roughly equal numbers and gears or maybe more. Until then, it's dead PVP. That's what happens in EEAwaken (Even with increased rates that makes reaching "the top" easier), hence why most of the TWs are stompfests with 1 or 2 guilds hopping in there. I agree with the % for the sake of having smaller guilds with dudes taking part on it, and being happy with their guild names being shout at the world. It helps them grow, and helps the server too.
  12. Reikan


    Venin runs were out there since cap 50 because of bard. People would just sit there and pay for a bard to run for them, also, there was no dungeon cap back then so sitting at Venin was basically the meta. That, or build a bard yourself. Or doing boring Guild Quests. I remember perfectly
  13. Reikan


    Most of the leveling part is alone by questing. You don't need a party for anything, getting to L50~60 can be done literally solo all the time without even reaching another player. If you talk about trials, then the game is not about leveling anymore.
  14. Reikan


    Yes, so people can focus on legendary achievements, helping guildies, doing PVP and other stuff. There are great offline games if you enjoy doing solo PVE and talking with NPCs.
  15. PTSD from having to do this back when there was no single player mode for dungeons. Real nightmare days. Nice suggestion though.