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  1. Dynasty Oracle Hat (Legendary) for Crystal Altar ✔️09/17/19 Obsidian, Marble or Golden Mummy Coffin (Legendary) for Crystal Altar Pretty please ❤️
  2. Anything is possible in terms of changing numbers and giving out resources to classes, but let me ask this here - Is it that you guys truly want a "classic" experience, or just want to play the basic classes no matter what? Eden will always be limited by poor gameplay (as stated by Vyzer in many of his comments throughout the forums) and limited PVE content. This server added very unique mechanics such as Arch-Elementalist, Blade Master and stuff like Gates of Pandemoniun / Sanctuary. I understand the urge to play with basic classes since when I joined Vendetta, all I knew about the game was limited to Cap75, from the portuguese server. I wanted to play Warlock, built a character to play it, and guess what - I adapted and played Demon Tamer and Conjurer on PVP, and they're both providing me with as much fun as old Warlock gave me. I know it looks tiring to learn and adapt, but it doesn't take as much time due to Vendetta building up as it grows. Older content is made easier (Lv95 sets, trials, GOP being 0/3 instead of 0/1), newcomers are welcome with good boosts to catch up with veterans. Using Bash's words here: You guys should at least experiment around and see how VGN works, it's a really unique experience I had when it comes to Eden. You'd probably enjoy your stay, regardless of first impressions or opinions biased from players that didn't like it.
  3. Legendary versions for Crystal Altar, please
  4. The topic creator won't understand why it's wrong to ask for MDPS Heavy Armor unless you explain with solid arguments. Let me get this straight: 1: Heavy armors give far higher defense than other ones. Original magic classes wear Cloth or Light armor to balance the fact that they're pure DMG dealers, while Dragon Emperors, Paladins and other heavy armor users are magical bruisers that have more tankiness. 2: Gear Swap (specially into shields) is a core mechanic in PVP. Having access to free STR is a way to cap block easily, which is an advantage when it comes to tankiness. Original magic classes don't have access to that, which makes it harder to reach 50% block. 3: Due to the amount of free status from achievements and perfect resets (which are easy to get in VGN server), Heavy Armor users can reach the cap of all magic status even without a proper magic set. That means if you put enough effort, you can have a functional MDPS Paladin/Dragon Emperor. If we had a pure MDPS set, those classes could invest in more defensive status/gems without drawbacks, and we would have to deal with high burst classes with tons of resistances, DMG reductions and HP bonuses from gems/builds. Limiting how those classes get status is not a way to straight limit their DMG, but balancing how their role affect the game in general.
  5. You're just agreeing with me. There are plenty of people who have about 2 hours per day to play. Being a guild leader, i'm seeing countless of those people complaining about simple stuff like Monster Stones (that takes hours to level up, even if you give up farming gold and doing more productive stuff) Not everyone can sit for a whole week and spend 6hrs+ testing random stuff for nothing. If someone can spread knowledge to help the community growing, why not doing it? At some point, you'll have your gears, and look around to see a dead server because people just decided to leave. Be aware of that.
  6. Creating a gap between a small group of players and the rest of the players will just help killing the server. Most of the community doesn't have time to spend 3hr+ just to figure out some boss mechanics, considering it already has a gear and mechanical threshold, it doesn't make sense to just hide it for everyone. Don't be afraid to lose the event, your party is still the fastest at the moment and I doubt anyone can beat it unless they can gear up with the very DS equipment.
  7. Hello, it's me, Sirocco. I'm writing this topic in order to talk about how our content is developed, and to discuss some ideas around future content. Most of the people is waiting for a new set to come in. Be it a Lv105/110 set, a Lv100 awaken set, or anything in that line, we all know the next content probably involves a new set. Still, it will bring more stats to the game, and it might be paired with a new level cap (125? 130?) to keep our status in check (so we don't have all stats at cap). Also, I know our content developer Jordan likes to gives us multiple options when it comes to set (Lv95 awaken / Lv100 golden), but that's where my topic comes in hand. We don't need to keep adding the same status in the same order as older content. There is room for creativity. Keeping adding new level caps don't sustain the population for a long time. I know we can code stuff to work VS boss only, and we can have some status to trigger on certain maps only. We have lots of unused content, so my topic will be covering lots of stuff regarding new ideas for future sets or even contents in general. My Suggestion: 1) New status: - Tenacity: Lowers amount of time you spend on crowd control (Stuns, Mundane, Fear etc) in %. - Endurance: Lowers DMG taken on PVP maps (Arena, Sakura, GvGs, TWs etc) - Might: Extra DMG VS Boss monsters - Protection: -DMG Taken from Boss monsters 2) New Lv100 PVP set - Based on Arena sets, but activated on GvGs, Sakura and TWs - Base status lowered - Bonus +DMG, -DMG taken and -ACC on targets, like Lv95 awaken sets, but on PVP maps only. - Bonus MoveSPD in PVP maps - Extra gem slots like other PVP sets (6 on chest, 3 on other pieces) 3) Reworking Elysian Gems - Tenacity and Endurance Gems added, only working in PVP maps - Adding a new PVP-only currency to build those gems without relying on RNG only - Adding those currency to 3v3 and 10v10 arenas, both winning and losing team winning some coins - Balancing gems that are considered broken for TWs/GvGs 4) Reworking Arena Enchants - Some of them are extremely broken for GvGs or TW, so balancing them will be needed to have a "pure PVP set" with all gems and enchants being PVP-map only, without ruining PVP experience. 5) New Lv100 Awaken set - Higher base status compared to PVP sets, but no pure +DMG dealt or -DMG taken on bonuses - Might bonus on INT/STR sets - Protection bonus on WIS sets - Elemental Blind VS Boss on AGI sets 6) New Tenacity and Endurance gems (Elysian Gems): - Head Gem: Titan [Lowers duration of Crowd Control by 25%, but lowers DMG dealt and G-Healing -25%] - Head Gem: Berserker [Lowers duration of Crowd Control by 15%, but DMG taken +5%] - Head Gem: Martyr [Lowers duration of Crowd Control by 15%, but DMG dealt -15%] - Body Gem: Iron Skin [DMG Taken on PVP maps -10%, but DMG dealt and G-Healing -5%] - Body Gem: Rock Skin [DMG Taken on PVP maps -5%, but MoveSPD -5%] - Body Gem: Toughness [DMG Taken on PVP maps -5%, but DMG dealt -5%] Conclusion / Insights The idea behind those sets is to gate a bit of how much status we can get, and how we should build towards both PVP and PVE. Not only that, we should be aiming at using already existent content to cut work, and build smart around the game mechanics. A full PVE set would be aiming at Boss DMG (both dealt and taken), and reaching higher (near cap) base status, such as Crit Chance, DMG or EVA/ACC. A full PVP set would be aiming at PVP DMG (both dealt and taken), and focusing on PVP mechanics such as cleansing debuffs, staying less time in CC-locks, and mobility (MoveSPD takes a huge part on PVP) A new PVP currency will bring a new life to arenas. Even if people lose, they will still get an amount of that currency, so people will be queueing up more often. Using honor stars will only force people to POD, and that's not going to help bringing more PVP activity to the server. Reworking some of the Elysian content might bring people there in order to farm for faster gems (if they don't want to buy it with the new currency, they can rely on RNG and try to build it via Elysian). All suggestions are up to discussion, as long as it's for refining the idea and not completely dismiss it. Thanks for reading!
  8. Reikan

    Magic Parry ?

    This is only true for PVE, on PVP both sides of the coin are fairly balanced. What we need on PVE is more survivability on magic classes, due to PDPS almost always having access not only to a higher defense (from Light/heavy armors), but access to lower DMG taken such as Master Fencer and Executioner. We don't have magic counterparts of those aside from Darkness Blade and Demon Summoner, and the percentages are not even close to consider it balanced. DMG output on a MDPS setup is literally the same, maybe higher depending on gears and gameplay.
  9. Reikan

    human berserker

    Yeah, I know it's not easy. There is something else I'm yet to report you about another problematic class. That's the issue with Eden Eternal: As a new cap comes, classes with heavy scaling will outscale the other ones. This is why you nerfed Gravity Manipulator when we got Lv100 sets and awaken weapons, and even being a GM main myself, I agreed with the nerf. That's how Eden works, and this is why I always suggest stuff like smaller patches with small tweaks in overtuned classes/items, or bugfixes / text changes. I know that new dungeons / new content always gives us a boost in playerbase, but it won't last long if the game keeps getting content that it's not completely adjusted. I enjoy your work here more than most of the people, I respect all the work you put on Eden, but I feel like leaving you alone to take care of such a huge game is slowing the game progress and forcing you to be overworked. You shouldn't be answering tickets if your job was meant to tweak/improve the game. We need another EE GM that actually works for the social part of the game, taking care of forum answers, getting feedback (and reporting it to the content makers - you), and attending to tickets.
  10. Reikan

    human berserker

    So it's clear the issue is on the shield, and not the weapon bonuses.
  11. Reikan

    human berserker

    I can dish out 100k+ per hit in a player with a Greatsword and I'm not even berserker main. The DMG is fine, the issue with Bracer is that it gives free DMG and the defensive portion of a shield. For free. It's not just unbalanced, it's straight up one thing outclassing another. This is why it seems "useless". Not about the DMG.
  12. Reikan

    human berserker

    Yes, Anura racials are indeed weaker than they should be, but no matter what you suggest here, it will take a huge amount of time to change. I did work around to play it efficiently, but it's still a long way to pefection. Thing is, the entire issue regarding this post is not related to Human/Anura Berserker, but the Shield itself. It needs a nerf.
  13. Reikan

    human berserker

    Being an Anuran main myself, I can argue that the Axe is absurdly stronger compared to the Greatsword. In fact, Axe users get a godlike amount of lifesteal while us Anuran get nothing. Literally nothing, either we forfeit our racial bonus in favor of block (from Bracer), or we play a weapon that's weaker than both Club (don't even need to compare it to Zumi, just the club itself) and Axe. Still, I don't complain about it on forums due to knowing what I was getting myself into when I made my character. BUT Knuckle Bracer is overtuned. The idea that people won't be able to cap block is perfectly fine, Jordan. You're giving enough DMG to people so they can pair it up with 2HD weapons while still being able to survive. That means they should be using PoDs, pots and maybe further buffs from spouse / other classes, or even block certificates and trophies if they want more survivability. It would add an entire new feature and give us tangible drawbacks when we look at the DMG shield.
  14. Reikan

    human berserker

    The issue you guys are looking at here is Knuckle Bracer, and not Human Berserker. That would imply that Anuran Berserker should also have a buff, and some other classes+races (for bonus) should be wearing shields too. Knuckle Bracer grants access to the most effective defensive stat of the game (block) for literally no drawback. Most of the classes that do use this shield, also pair it up with a high strenght, which nullifies its block debuff. While the Bracer is overtuned, Apocalyptic Defender, in the other hand, is basically used by 2, maybe 4 classes, and considering they're all magic, they all struggle to reach 30%+ block, even without a block debuff. It also gives the player a passive slow, which is hard to deal with, without other classes MoveSPD buffs. Defender is fairly balanced, with concrete strenghts and visible drawbacks of using it. You make it up for DMG diference of a 2HD weapon user, but you don't get free capped defensive stats. My suggestion would be: Removing the +50% DMG on normal attacks to tune the Bracer with Apocalyptic Defender. -35% block instead of -25%. Change the +MoveSPD activation to +ACC to pair it with the Defender. Yes, it's a huge nerf, and yes, most people will not like it, but it's something needed to tune it with 2HD weapon usage. It was made to "bring justice to 1HD weapon users", not ruin the experience to 2HD weapons. Either nerf the Bracer, or give all the 2HD weapons a massive boost to parry, so people can cap it at 70% exactly like all P-DPS are capping block with the bracer. Nerfing is the obvious solution here.
  15. 1: I used high numbers to explain how deep it can be exploited by the players. Vyzer himself said how much he could exploit from it, now you multiply Vyzer by, let's say, 10 players in a big guild. How much gold is added to the server, without any kind of effort or benefit for the players? 2: Was not my suggestion, and I agree it shouldn't be removed. 3: It will cause a drama exactly because people exploit it. Abusers won't ever agree with something that hurts their abuse. As some people from Memory mentioned here, they have less than 100 actual players in the guild, consider you don't need to actually put alts in a "main guild", instead you can/should use a secondary guild or even one of the dead guilds (to maintain guild towns). It solves the salary abuse "feature" perfectly fine, without removing rewards from TW. Also, our community is small, encouraging 200+ people to group in a "winning guild" hurts PVP experience, and in long term, pushes people out of the server. I've thought about this topic for a long time and discussed with guildies countless hours, this is probably the most practical and efficient solution. 4: I understand, but this "we could be doing dungeons" thing is a sort of Joker card in the means that everything that is not a new dungeon can be dismissed by this argument. Having more efficient guild towns and motivation to grow a stable guild is something to earn, and our server needs more motivation to build other guilds, rather than just stacking all the community into 2 zerg guilds (both for Alt abusing, and for the lack of incentive of building a new guild up).