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  1. Box Pets: Magic Tania / Robust Tania ✔️01/13/22 Magic Sapphire Star Marisa / Robust Sapphire Star Marisa✔️ Altar Colors: Snow Blue Clothing Color / Snow Blue Headwear Color ✔️01/17/22 Ice Blue Clothing Color / Ice Blue Headwear Color ✔️01/14/22 Pale Blue Clothing Color / Pale Blue Headwear Color ✔️01/13/22
  2. IGN: Gerlokx Item: Ghost Horns (Legendary)
  3. Lv 9- is a few minutes Other Lvs is 2 months @Herakles can say me if I'm wrong
  4. IGN: Gerlokx Requested Items: Ghost Horns (Legendary)
  5. Would it be possible to prevent bosses from canceling the skill animation? It cancels the animation, but does not prevent it from using the skill. It doesn't make sense for the boss to feel the blows received
  6. Is the idea still valid? It would be great to have this option
  7. Old dungeons that have not yet had Trials - Quantum Physics Institute - Iyernafalo - Vortek - Soulmor Falls - Baira's Chamber (Dianack) - Mara Cult Altar - Crooked Vein
  8. The patch is amazing, I loved the new maps/DGN are very beautiful and the songs "Topzera". --------- I found a "mistake" that may not be so important but I will report This buff from WB Faebella is on the debuff bar, which is impossible to see sometimes, I think it should be on the top bar.
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