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  1. Lv 9- is a few minutes Other Lvs is 2 months @Herakles can say me if I'm wrong
  2. Crystal Altar Mysterious Sorceress' Apprentice Threads (Legendary) Mysterious Peach Banshee Costume (Legendary) Celestial Phoenix Warrior (Legendary) ✔️05/11/21 Badge of Honor Dark Red Clothing Color/ Dark Red Headwear Color ✔️05/08/21
  3. Altar Star Stone Forest Goddess Star Stone ✔️04/20/21
  4. Crystal Altar Costumes: Mysterious Crystal Earring (Legendary) ✔️02/27/21 Mysterious Valiant Warrior's Armor (Legendary)✔️03/06/21 Blazing Demon Drake Wing (Legendary)✔️04/01/21 Star Stone: Sassy Idol Star Stone ✔️03/04/21 Sprite's Newgrowth Star Stone ✔️03/09/21 Beryl Blues Star Stone ✔️02/27/21 Forest Dragon Star Stone ✔️03/06/21 Forest Goddess Star Stone ✔️03/19/21 Jade Sprite Star Gem✔️03/20/21 Luna Rock: Lively Spirit Luna Rock ✔️02/27/21
  5. Costume Cherry Blossom Dagger ✔️01/14/21 Blazeblight Cestus (Red) ✔️01/14/21 Mysterious Everday Uniform Dress (Legendary) ✔️01/14/21
  6. IGN: Gerlokx Requested Items: Ghost Horns (Legendary)
  7. Crystal Altar Luna Rock Flame Soul Luna Rock✔️12/15/20 Scarlet Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️12/12/20 Pristine Spirit Luna Rock ✔️12/10/20 Deep Violet Dolphin Luna Rock ✔️01/02/21 Star Stone Poprock Idol Star Stone✔️12/15/20 Golden Idol Star Stone ✔️12/10/20 Ocean's Malachite Dream Star Stone ✔️01/02/21 Jamberry Jazz Star Stone ✔️01/05/21 Pet Winged Goddess ✔️12/23/20 Humble Goddess ✔️12/23/20
  8. Crystal Altar Luna Rock Golden Bubble Luna Rock ✔️12/03/20 Gleaming Blossom Luna Rock ✔️12/01/20 Goldfleece Sheep Luna Rock ✔️11/28/20 Star Stone Sacred Zodiac Star Stone ✔️12/03/20 Amber E-Field Star Stone ✔️11/28/20 Ocean's Sunlit Dream Star Stone ✔️12/01/20 Mounts Sacred Dragon Warrior (Legendary) ✔️12/03/20
  9. Luna Rock Amethyst Star Luna Rock ✔️09/24/20 White Bubble Luna Rock ✔️09/29/20 Golden Bubble Luna Rock ✔️10/06/20 Azure Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️09/26/20 Star Stone Verdant Butterfly Star Stone ✔️09/24/20 Gilded Fire Star Stone ✔️09/29/20 Sacred Zodiac Star Stone ✔️10/06/20 Golden Dragon Star Stone ✔️09/26/20 Color Ash Gray Clothing Color / Ash Gray Headwear Color ✔️09/24/20 Plum Clothing Color / Plum Headwear Color ✔️09/29/20 Head Gear Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin (Legendary) ✔️09/29/20 Mysterious Royal Knig
  10. Would it be possible to prevent bosses from canceling the skill animation? It cancels the animation, but does not prevent it from using the skill. It doesn't make sense for the boss to feel the blows received
  11. Is the idea still valid? It would be great to have this option
  12. Altar Cuckoo for Coconaut Chocolate (Legendary) ✔️06/04/20 Box Broken Crystal Wing ✔️08/06/20 Void Crystal Wing ✔️08/06/20
  13. Altar: Delicate Alpaca Bandage (Legendary) ✔️07/09/20 Mysterious High School Garb (Legendary) ✔️05/23/20
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