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  1. Seria muy sexy ver todo en español uwu
  2. For ME >PVP DEF,CH-RES,SPD,MAX HP,CRIT-EVA,CRIT-VOID,EVA,CH-EVA y RED DOT< (Regeneration ones are extra :v) For SW >EVA,CH-RES,CH-EVA,ACC,CH-ACC,CH-ATK,CRIT-ATK,CRIT. RATE,CRIT-EVA,RED DOT< (They are the only ones I see necessary for SW) No matter the order
  3. Only SW and PU can make Tartarus in less than 15 minutes The others take between 20-25-35-40 minutes Being able to do Tartarus with 2 People would be something better for everyone, it does not harm anyone They should enable the Tartarus Hard Solo but (Duo) it means that it has the same difficulty and drop as the (Solo) the only differences is that it will be able to be done faster Not all of us have children and put it to run TTH or TTC with us :v It is to put another NPC or the same "NPC SOLO" that has the option of "Duo" same difficulty and drop Why run alone if you can go hand in hand with someone else xdxd
  4. I think it's because you already put the code but you forgot, try to reset it (How to reset it?? I have no idea my 2 accounts are from 6 to 1 so I don't forget xdxd)
  5. Ask if they let you get on a tank and take some photos (Banter Section)
  6. If it's your MAIN Arkana, don't bother about that equipment. Focus on getting to lvl 65 and completing the SKILL POINT quests if you are going to spend time spend it on building your MAIN to lvl 65. Once you have finished your main, you can create ALT and leave it at different lvl. Almost all the new ones lose the excitement of playing when they reach lvl 30 all because they want to lvl alone or don't ask in the game. In those low LVL they should give him +12 rare gear to get out fast or do the missions fast. where you should really lose a lot of time is in the last CAP but there are people who don't work on their MAIN and play with ALT it's not really difficult to reach lvl 65 but it should be difficult. I hope that in the NEW CAP the difficulty is HARD so that they only work on their MAIN and the ALTs not so much.
  7. If you want to make gold, first focus on reaching lvl 65 to lvl 65 there are several ways to make gold it all depends on how psyched you are to make gold because all methods are boring :,v
  8. http://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=1&l=11&s=j0j000001126c8000403e97 To tank and see SW, although I don't know if that BUFF detects SW or has to be accompanied by MEDIC BUFF With that you should last longer in the zerg 1 VS 1 If it is better to go with DOT and for defense use CRIT-EVA or CRIT-VOID, WH+SW and SE have CRIT-EVA buffs on their BUFF CB and DE don't benefit from CRIT-EVA only VOID+DEF+CRIT-VOID and CH-DEF on their BUFF Well, CB only has VOID+DEF and CH-DEF doesn't have the CRIT-VOID or CRIT-EVA buff, so CRIT-VOID or CRIT-EVA works, but not quite, since it doesn't have a BUFF to improve that statistics. So to speak, DE WH and CB are the best TANKS in that order, but DE is double sided v: Eye SW and SE are also TANK xdxdxd In massive pvp the DOT also works but only if they are equal to the rival something that is difficult to achieve today I remember that in ASB the WH used to sweep with the MECH doing a lot of damage around it, in cap 29 later I have no idea I played it very little when taking out the unique item I deleted it :v
  9. Test HP+DEF on Passive FULL DISABLE+STUN+PULL waives DOT You won't kill much, but you'll be like sand in the butt :v
  10. They are wrong, it seems to me that Cocktail refers to all the statistics that are for the defense You think he's only talking about the "DEF" statistic but he's not talking about all the statistics that serve for defense "VOID, CRIT-VOID, DEF, CRIT-EVA, CH-DEF and PVP-DEF" It is something OBVIOUS that the "DEF" statistic does not help as it should be good as Pappy says "it is unutil DEF" something that the TANK or SEMI-TANK arkanas use but it does not work :,/ In the CB the BUFF Guardian grants 8k VOID + CH-DEF 1400 and 400 DEF I don't remember well, ask why 400 DEF and not 400 CRIT-VOID or CRIT-EVA? :v Well 400 is nothing but something is something xd
  11. xF4T4Lx

    NB AI

    I don't even play anymore, I just go in to see if I change something in the pvp but it's still just as boring Hopefully there will never be more FKs than the RGs will not want to do pvp :v
  12. I doubt that the WH has more defense than the DE, a CB full ATK can take half of the WH's life with its DEFENSE BUFF On the other hand to the DE against a CB full ATK the CB will only get 10k with the full combo. But DE is 2 in 1 TANK + DPS xd
  13. xF4T4Lx

    NB AI

    see how it does not deny "The AFK thing"😁😁🤭😁😁
  14. xF4T4Lx

    NB AI

    Could they magically make the MOB or GUARD of the AI NB disappear? They pass AFK in AI, on top of that getting the score in their favor, they decide to stay AFK in AI for 5 minutes. They no longer seem users but bots that are programmed (They die all stay afk 5 MINUTES AI .-.) Those of the entrance the GUARD that look like BOT but apparently they are the real users are fine At least 15 minutes before the end of the NB that they disappear, even that the GUARD who are in the Abbadon tunnel disappear Even if the RGs outnumber the FKs, the fks if they are willing to do PVP ZERG or not, the FKs will always focus on you v: The code of the RGs (Sometimes the cowards survive) v: If I know they will not get wet with my perfect English v:
  15. Apparently he died, but anyway that simulator was not quite right
  16. IGN: xF4T4Lx Arkana: CyberBlade I want all the CB custom that exists in the mystery boxes and all the unique custom that can be obtained within the game, if it is not too much trouble :v
  17. SBV, is it me or did they take the Graft NPC away early? They always used to leave it for 1 more week at the end of the EVENT, I only went in for 10 shard and I don't see the NPC (There is a friend who has 100 Shard to change but he committed suicide when he saw that the NPC was not there) 🤣🤣🤣
  18. Let's see at this point it seems to me that if the game dies, it will not be the fault of the user "BUT OF THE GM THAT DOES NOT DO ANYTHING TO KEEP THE SERVER ALIVE ONLY WAITS THAT DONAN DO NOT GIVE ANY SIGN THAT THEY WANT TO CONTINUE .-." Since CAP 59. + came out, they lost people and did nothing ..... The BGs since 2015 SEE the ZERG and DO NOTHING .-. The WHs in the CAP 65 are overrated with a massive PVP and they don't do anything, there is a "CyberBlade" from Arkana that nobody wants to use. and they do nothing to motivate users to use the CB today, see WH, ME, SW, PU and SE. .-. Defender broken in the 1 vs 1 .-. HALLOWEN EVENT WITHOUT COMMENTS ... If you give them a suggestion they will take it into account but for next year ..-. They said that the server would go to "LIVE TEST" something like that, but I don't see GS or GM moving anything .-.
  19. They should mark the Arkana Main with some title or in some way so that they can enter the AK / NB until the last second because the DC happens when the portal closes. before too but worse is when it closes and well the one that uses an ALT to support the other faction that is also marked Or that the BGs are allowed to enter with Main, the RGs outnumber the cats of FKs and the RGs walk with ALT ME and WH Returns the dual log, I lose a lot of gold to pass me gold for glory xd In the end the PORTAL is a SHIT sorry for the word but in reality it is absolute shit First you have to endure the ZERG and in the last minutes DC
  20. Sure? As far as I know the CB "Nekros" and "Meticulous1" are older than my CB and still I am above them :v
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