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  1. right after maint tobe exact ..and its became habits now always dced each 1st run and the next run doing well until 16 run but only drop bad stuff never binding stone ..I tried again the story the same ..I wonder if the first run actually stone drop but ashame mother always dced me at 1st run here newest 1st run dced SS few minutes ago so annoying . and I just change my char name still the badluck drop and dced haunting me , btw bg and AK only drop lvl 40+ earrings / necklace and rings which is weaker than the craft one ..sigh ..more than 18 run almost whole days running dmhm zero binding stone drop frustrating I tried very very hard still zero result ..oh well I guess the binding stone drop rate will make me suffer few more month without proper rings I wanted and RG will be happy yet the 1st run dced very helpfull wow makes my pain complete >.< RIP me forever ..thx
  2. k thx spherical for the explanation how ever I just try dmhm few minutes ago and the result dced right when ogung halfway to death ..and actually ever since I reinstall game it never happen but now it just happen I wonder if probably the stone drop if I didnt disconected ..who knows ? and heres the screen shot
  3. I agreed with michellez and GoddessSand idea ..also its kinda weird if they are equally 100% drop chance cos yesterday I got 2x power binding drop in 1 run and sadly I dont need it will be stuck up on inventory since its Not Tradeable , 3 days inarow only power bindings drop never binding drop which I really need rings for pvp , I love pvp and been pvpeing without rings for almost a month since the rings I need doesnt drop on replicubes that is tank and chemist rings .. soo 100% equal I dont think so since it keep drop me twice powerbinding only ...sorry but thats the truth .. next time I'll take SS when its drop offence just telling my recently gain from DMHM and all always been power binding x2
  4. problem after the last maint patching

    ok I did what you said vivi and it works nomore dced thank you and I also agree with Michellez any chance for me to get my 14 hmdm passcard back that been wasted by disconected before ? honestly its a big lost for me since they are not easy to collect since only few rgs register on BGs , thank you in advance
  5. hi guys , anyone got troubles after the last maintenance patching ? well I kept got DCed on DMHM sometime at the start and on the Caurtizier boss boom mother disconected you happens alot after the last maint patching consuming my DMHM passcard for nothing x.x 1 out of 5 passcard only 1 run succeed the rest wasted by DCed ..if anyone else have the same issue or other issue since the last maint patch ..feel free to write it down and hope GM will read and respond to fix our problems :3 thx
  6. help RTP patch jamed at 6 out of 13

    I 've read and did all that but still not working x.x it still stuck and eventually my laptop get overheat and shutdown itself since the fan spin faster and no progress on the patch download x.x ..I remember during instalation system said file broken on verifying files process and it gave me two option which is stop or continue and I chose continue ... also the rar client size I get not 3.3 giga but 3.2giga it normal ? since I lost 100mega on the download process ? is there any manual patch link ? pls help tell me how to solve this so I can play the game
  7. pls help my RTP path download suddenly not moving at 6 out of 13 and I've tried to close it and reopen the SB launcher to continue downloading RTP-D patch it make my laptop shutdown by it self ..tried over and over again and it keep shutting down my laptop after having tiny moving the pink line ? pls help it because file broken when I download the rar pack ? cos 5 out of 13 run very smooth and became trouble at 6 out of 13