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  1. So there's a chance that maybe someday it will be added? it would be nice if it would be implemented.
  2. idk if this is possible but, can we have like an item or pet datachip that will take the exp of the arcana and save it in the datachip and there will be an option that transfer the saved exp to the new arcana user. then you can sell them to ah or trade it. this helps both the players that don't want to lvl up and the players that wants to lvl up. i think i've already suggested this can we have bot players in the lower lvls battlegrounds. especially lvls that don't have a lot of players now. it would help just entering the battlegrounds even if there's no players on the other faction this is a personal one for me. can we have the dual(multiple account) login pls
  3. Is there any items for headgear, mask, gloves and shoes costumes? because i haven't seen any or i don't recognize them being used in game
  4. Thanks for the event and you guys made it a whole week but the clustered lvl 39 evergreens in the FK side is a problem. i can't 1 v 12 https://imgur.com/1XYHOLo
  5. Dear Admins Can I make a small request. Can we (the people who wants to level up) have a day or 2 of the event monsters with the original exp drop? It can be a small extension after the last day of the event, so that it wont interfere with the others who wants the event but don't want exp. The infected evergreens and the everfrost crystal will do just fine, but there's a small hitch when it comes to the lvl 39 FK side evergreens that are clustered together. Of course there's no more event drops, because the event is already over. Hopefully you guys will reconsider. Thanks
  6. IGN: Devastate I wish for: Red Glory Bike Thanks
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