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  1. All colors of the Nighthawk Costume: Mistress of Seduction i think it was called? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/558575134689067018/686031854704394284/unknown.png Facepaint: Mad Clown Face Thank you.
  2. I'd have to say DE, because of healing chakra, i almost never die in dungeons/pve. Also cyberblade has pretty good def/healing skills, good dps in dungeons/pve also.
  3.  ❤️ 💜 💚 💗 💛 🧡

  4. Qipao hat/suit all colors, Thank you
  5. I'd like to request: 50 Shades of Red/Black Vespine Pet skins in all Colors Thank you 🙏
  6. I would like to request Pirate v1, Empress, Thank you ?
  7. 1. It's getting hot in here, let's take off all our gears! 2. I really do enjoy being your slave... 3. The weak make me sick...
  8. I would like to request Freeknight jumpsuit, Thank you ?
  9. 1. It's getting hot in here..., let's take off all our gears! 2. Hey stop trying so hard, you're making yourself look bad. 3. The weak make me sick....
  10. Qipao DE head piece, v1, v4 - kimono DE
  11. Rapidfires, skeletal dragon,
  12. Magnum v3, Rapidfires, Valkyrie Bikes, Thank you.
  13. Skeletal Dragon, Rapidfire, Debby
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