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  1. Hello, Please consider the following: Before Patch V100, character and class experience worked differently than it does now it seems to me. So what i'm going to tell you is what all the players including me did before patch V100. There may be changes, such as going up much more than before. Take it as a reference. 1.-Keep doing quest/books maps 'till lvl 90/91, if u get stucked on lvl 90/91, doing quest at shaxia basin map till lv 94. 2.-keep doing quest/books maps 'till lvl 104, do reps at Crystal Utopia till lvl 105 and continue leveling. 3.-I think you will go up to level 120/125 when changes patch v100. i do guides but spanish, you can take it as a reference if help u. YT Channel: Ignacio Instinct. get new weapons lv 115 like as Axe of Oblivion even is only 100% base weapon dmg, It is something very important to start doing pve. Regards.
  2. Hello, -Robust Royal Blade Naga ✔️
  3. Hello, Magic Sapphire Star Marisa✔️ Robust Mei ✔️ Lost Ghostblade Ren ✔️ Steel Maiden Azusa✔️ Regards.
  4. Hello, Mysterious Aviator Shades (Legendary)✔️ Royal Spirit Fox Hairdo✔️ Moon's Paternity Hairdo✔️
  5. Hello, Mysterious Aviator Shades (Legendary) Royal Spirit Fox Hairdo Moon's Paternity Hairdo
  6. Mystery Box: Robust Ghostblade Ren / Magic Ghostblade Ren (Pets) ✔️04/28/22
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