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  1. It changed because the world clock changes, which happens twice a year in March and in November it's called "daylight saving time" I think
  2. Pennies for your thoughts guys. We can all agree this could be avoided, as I agree that matt's decision is logical. We shouldn't play thinking of it as a job, but to have fun. Although maybe leaving ur buildings without repair, avoid putting up merchants a week before the month maintenance would be just as effective, ranking sniping is a trash move that unfortunately many players do. Maybe playing for rankings stress players out, fighting for those rewards is exhausting as it can be taken away while u decide to go to sleep, work or study, like me who barely have time for. I admit i tried to get first place in Shaman ranking and it was taken from me in one night, the night before the reset. Well, I was expecting it to happen. Sucks that there aren't many players, sucks that people take advantage of it, sucks that someone who barely puts the hours into the game, decides to play and take it, just because it would make him wealthier. So I understand Zae, I know she worked hard for her stuff, but I also think that such actions to avoid ranking sniping is also understandable. so try to have some fun and not think of it as your life.
  3. Is there a thread about the state of EE classic? Any upcoming events, patches, changes that might get new players their attention? Any sort of advertisement, to bring new people to the server?
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