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  1. Hello thanks for taking your time for answer. First about class medals, I have no complains, because I can get them in DGN as you say, but sadly not solo because I need an illu or cleric medal and I am very frail at the moment, I can not get my armor from the elite boxes , but I am working on it. About honor stars, I have some when I played Arena in lvl 60, it was difficult sometimes but I win some matches. I get the idea of an alt account, but idk I wanted to work and play with my actual character, the thing I like about EE is that I dont need other character to experiment the different classes, but maybe you are right and btw I cant find trophy enchants so I guess I have to made them myself with other account and use him for arena too, if that is ok with the rules, I can try that. About Elysian I have no idea what it is and I dont know the schedule either, I will try to ask in game. Anyway I just wanted a little help with honor stars because I have some saved. And about stones, yes the only way to get them now is in altar it would help to have another way to get the regular ones, maybe in pve. Hello Gammy, the problem that I have is that nobody is selling them right now and I think maybe they have a low %,I have not played altar in a long time (I dont like to gambling with my money, I prefer selling EC than using them). and when I played altar I didnt get anything useful, Idk if the % has changed, maybe I will try it. I am ok with the little amount, anything helps. Yes I didn't remember that, I thought they were always 5. In conclusion we need some changes, maybe temporary ones, or a small ones, it doesn't have to "break the balance" but I dont think we are in good balance either.
  2. Hello, I just want to say that in order to feel motivated you need to find a good guild, I know there are not a lot right now, but talking with people and doing small things like collecting keys o hunting elites is fun with people. I work too and I only can play 2-3h a day and ofc the weekends, but I like to take my time and collect things, I am enjoying the game, but I also find some issues: - There are not a lot of players to do arena and they have very good gear so when they play it is difficult to win, and for that reason it is difficult to get honor stars, I know it a pvp currency but in this situation we need a temporary help like a way to get them in pve or an event or bonus, for example for the anniversary it would be great to have some honor stars and then just work to improve the gear. I want to note that I dont mean to give a lot of honor stars, I think 300 is ok (like in the welcome pack) so you can have 1 piece more of golden gear. -We need a better % in fotification system or a way to fuse or improve stones. - Have a better % in altar for coronas, it is difficult to find them right now. - More trials runs, I think 5 is very little, maybe we can get 2 or 3 more runs.
  3. I am happy to read that you want to continue with this project and planning events for this game. I like the changes about stones. I am enjoying the game so far. Ty
  4. Hello, First I want to say I really enjoy EE and I am grateful that an EE Classic server still exist. I have played in classic since the begining and It was like the old times, I have a blast doing DGN, buying stuff in markets, crafting, etc. I remember when we camp in Veningfang, good memories. I have taken a rest from the game because work and stuff, but I wanted to play again. I played in other server looking for people and the classic experience, but it was too easy, in some way you (the team) were right before when you said that working for something is more rewarding, so I decided to download classic again... It was kinda sad, my guild does not exist anymore, Aven is empty, the AH has no items. I have spend some hours going to different locations in the map to remeber the good times, doing some DGN and killing some bears in Highland. I found good people who answer my questions, but it was not the same, I understand the game is kinda old, and maybe players are old too and it is difficult for attract new players, but I am really worried for this server. I mean I dont know the exact numbers and I dont have the authority or the knowledge to give some advice, but please dont let this server die. As I said before I have played in the other server (no vendetta), but It was very easy , for example I did a "trial" with the class drop system just for one boss and we got the drop, for me that was boring, I remeber doing trials a lot of times to get that special item, that ring or that trophy. But the other server has some good things too like PoD and fortification stones with better %, I dont want to start a discussion about fortification, just saying things that I found useful for me as a player, as I said before, you guys have the knowledge of the state of this server and also the experience. Anyway I just want to comment this. Thanks
  5. Just add 75% and 100% stones not just for that rich ppl rankings, that is all and the game will be fixed, and stop the mrpg nonsense, or just keep the low % stones with a player base that not study or work and have plenty of time to farm , farm, farm, or just recharge $$$ (I hope they are enough for the server and your income, if that is the case good for you guys), this was an Aeria EE simulator, fun at the beggining and really boring and unfair after a time ~
  6. It is a PVP alternative, because it seems a PvE one is not well received by the GM, and you want the class medals/honor, right?
  7. I remember when I played in Aeria that arenas were very fun until lvl 60, because it was the skills and the strategy, not the gear, but when you reach lvl 60 (the cap) a lot of players will have very good equipment (aeria point buyers) and that was not fun anymore and you see the same people everyday and the majority of player not. Sometimes I see a message in peer asking for queue in arenas, maybe there are people who dont enjoy them for that reason, I dont know if it is possible to make an arena where the gear does not have a big impact and when you are ready you go to the real arena. There are games with this system, instances where the gear is off so it does not matter your +10 eq and you wont one shot anyone, but of course the rewards wont be the same, you will get less honor stars and class medals.
  8. Maybe let people who needs the HF or other reward reach the rank, in case you have everything ( a lot of gold ) and you dont need anything else, or be greedy and sell your HF for 2.4K and close this thread.
  9. yes I understand :c maybe in the future
  10. I think the idea is to make the "wis" grimoires useful, for example "witchcraft collection" dropped in Century trial, I know that there are other weapons now like mace, but it would be interesting to see that forgotten grimoires in action.
  11. Yes but there are grimoires with wiss and g-healing bonus, they could be use by a second cleric on party who will attack mobs or boss and he will heal when the first one dies.
  12. I think that option is good for new players and people who need a guide. Remember we are community after all.
  13. Oks, I understand that, but I have seen other cases not just me, a guy was in a trial and in the final boss he click in revive and it was over for him, and he was doing the all the 0/5 with us. I hope we could find a solution (maybe a delay time, not a lot, just a little), for my part when I see I am going to die, I just stop and die pacefully and then click revive here.
  14. Hello, please remove or add a confirmation for revive button, it is annoying in trials, you died while you try to run and then you click the revive button and you are out.
  15. Yes, my friend I am doing all that, I ask in peer, in my guild, etc. but guess what? I am not the only MDPS in eden or in my guild, so everyone wants that staff, and they wont sell it, I have to ask as a favor for my guild to run with me for the staff, because they want it too. I am gaining that special coin (I run Balta, Shale, Tasos) to buy the BP, because the BP didnt drop in my runs so what is your point again? just insult and not saying anything relevant. If you read carefully I am doing that trial every day, I only see the staff one time and got it, but no BP, maybe you have a 120% wep, so good for you I guess. You are the selfish person here, because you dont think in others and the stuff we have to do everyday because the game is trolling us.
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