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  1. Frost Knight

    Shop Portable

    It's not needed. All the reason why I was discussing with you is because to prove you a point but results surpassed my expectations.
  2. Frost Knight

    Shop Portable

    Looking at how other people talked about it in previous threads and that some people agrees with infecttado there is definitely weight in what infect and I say. You are actually the first one I see having consistent success with it. Edit: Nevermind those threads got eaten by auto deletion because they're too old.
  3. Frost Knight

    Shop Portable

    @Nipaa There were times when I went into viroona with 5 chars to take advantage of personal drops and when I found out about this glitch I was glad to have some more convenience. However as infecttado said sometimes the board starts acting like a board again when you sell 1 item to it, forcing you to repeat the process. Because of this it didn't take long to make me ignore this bug and use vendors over it just because they are more reliable. Your reply gives me the impression that you didn't use the bug much.
  4. Frost Knight

    R.I.P Tank classes

    About the cast changes: I noticed on duels how skills sometimes finished casting even though my opponent moved out of range but that's about it. On Tw it is mostly a matter of if I am fast enough to catch my opponent or not, if I'm too slow then I shouldn't bother because the thing I said earlier would just occur once at best and for the rest I'm just out of range to start casting that skill in the first place. Also sorry for the late response.
  5. Frost Knight

    R.I.P Tank classes

    Honestly I wasn't very active the last couple days. I'll give you feedback next gvg or maybe one of the tws this week. Prior to that change I already used transformations to cut animation delays like alpaca transformation crystal which lets you fire off the skill pretty much the same frame you pressed the button, downside is you lose the buff when hit so you kinda have to spam it. I'm also using the imp transformation as a compromise for cases spamming alpaca crystal just doesn't work. Also stacking movespeed helps. I usually don't chase around people and only go on these who don't move much except when I go for stuns or if the opponent is likely to die in a couple hits / dot ticks.
  6. Frost Knight

    R.I.P Tank classes

    It's not like playstyles getting buried is uncommon, it happens with any MMO (many times just for the sake of change). As a solo player you gotta switch your main at times. I remember paladin being a nice stun kill combo class I was successful with before shied nerf but I didn't get to it's full potential before nerf :( but I'm doing fine stomping people with hb since there are many that just don't gear, grind lv or get good, I'm just afraid of money team at this point. I didn't see ideas for making arenas genuinely better supported so looks like people here just don't care about that. I'm glad you had fun and theres nothing wrong with that but this is doing guild pvp the wrong way.
  7. Frost Knight

    Item Mall Items

    As an alternative option you could add like 1 - 2 costumes on each slot that have a low economy price to incentify people to buy better looking costumes if they desire them at some point. The only benefit of this is ofc when people absolutely want the stat boosts as quickly as possible as the gold for said costumes can be farmed pretty quickly. All in all I think both suggestions would either have a small impact on the game or if the pve costumes give a good edge over the current ones people would definitely want them for their benefits (which would force you to add pve costumes on mystery boxes as well which kinda contradicts with the purpose of these).
  8. Frost Knight

    Why are level 100 MDPS LA sets garbage?

    I disagree. Yes, I was being HB the whole tw. With it's burst you can just wreck people that aren't properly prepared (especially cloth wearers). Sure you gotta rely on the auto hits and the dot but HB is not a garbage class. I experienced the skill bug just in GvG but on a good amount (on crystals almost all the time) which is a real bummer indeed.
  9. Frost Knight

    New type of Dungeon

    I worded it wrong in my previous post, what I meant is making a video playable in a post uploaded on imgur because you can actually upload video files there (no I don't have a youtube channel xd). I mean I played around converting that into a gif file but I got terrible results. also there are plenty people who can oneshot bash 😅
  10. Frost Knight

    New type of Dungeon Yeah… I was a little disappointed to see Bash being a oneshot boss but hey, it can make a nice little prologue for a future dungeon with an <Angrier GM> Bash, seeking revenge and degrading Thy to being the 1st boss for supporting us 😄 The ongoing theme with the dungeons is that bosses have high hp and without having the people who can put 2 and 2 together you usually sit a good time on the bosses but there are compositions that just wreck bosses with one being applyable to any bp nullifying all the waiting time you have by just stripping down the bosses defences. I mean gop is still fine for kicking some people in the nuts but I'd really like to see one dungeon where you have to pay more attention to the mechanics, have some different ones so other classes e.g. move speed buffers can shine, bosses can't have their def stripped down and don't have a giant amount of hp 🙂 Keep up the good work o/
  11. Frost Knight

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    Eggplant Costume Color
  12. Frost Knight

    A new type of Arena

    Hmm maybe you could look into what types of skill work with capped stats. If the roster is too limited then we'd either go with further compromises or delay this to some point where you find a way to make it work (which can mean a very long time ofc).
  13. Frost Knight

    A new type of Arena

    You did reply what not many ppl did which is a plus in my book I was mostly dueling counting all the games I played in, arena works for me too but I didn't do raid pvp beyond having a small party that tries to dish out what is possible so hence why I said earlier that I'm not entitled to point out that tw does worse now than before when I didn't participate there the way people are meant to but that doesn't matter to me personally. I just brought this so we could enjoy this server in an additional way without making worse what defined the game.
  14. Frost Knight

    A new type of Arena

    True. Is it possible to create a buff that sets a stat to a fixed number? If so we could make the skills that do e.g. damage revolve around fixed numbers and an example buff increase the effect of skill x rather than increasing a stat. With this tho there is still the enchantment achievements which I don't think can be worked around. All things considered at the worst possible scenario the arena should be a place offer a slower paced combat that allows for example "classes" / playstyles that grow with the proper use with their skills, have control abilities that don't have that much of an impact so you have to consider your timing for using these or one that has some above average skills which are behind a longer cooldown so similar considerations to playstyle 2 come in place. Also instead of ee classes that could be vastly countered the battle suits should be able to overthrow each other if well played (like if playstyle 1 and 2 go toe on toe playstyle 2 equals out the advantage from playstyle 1 getting buffed by making 1 benefit less from its buffs and give 2 opportunities to land a couple extra hits). No problem, I mean yeah my post is a literal wall of text, which could be one reason for people barely responding here or they'd rather care about something else, I don't know. Hope you do well in the future o/ All in all I see myself having a good run on this Server :)
  15. Frost Knight

    A new type of Arena

    As an introduction to the idea let's do a quick recap on things (that are on some parts common knowledge): In this game you can switch nearly anytime to whatever class you need for the current situation. With that the skillsets given to the classes are meant to make them fulfill certain tasks which means they were never meant to react to every situation properly by themselves. This compliments scenarios like TW or GvG greatly where counter class x with class y turns into using composition x for task y. I would have said that this neglects 1v1 or 3v3 situations because things like damage, cc and heals are a staple and using something that has a lesser impact just puts you into a disadvantage. The actual case is way worse with the power creep that comes from awaken classes, turning fights like these into snack food. People (like me) don't really like the idea of countering class x with class y or just oneshotting people tho hence why they want to see classes become more or less a jack of all trades (whatever goes with the class philosophy) and rather do damage like fighting someone isn't gonna be like an ordeal of couple seconds unless heals are involved. Jordan already stated over and over again that he doesn't want to mess around too much with classes and they should fit his expectation of what class x should be capable of which is understandable to the extend that he wants continue that X Legends always intended hence why Jordan made classes more impactful on their tasks over actually balancing them. Then we have the reason of normal class tw being solely made for nostalgia, which I personally didn't enjoy because of how I experienced these back in the days when awakened classes weren't there. I also have to bring up that normal classes have no use in current content outside of being used in that one type of TW but this suggestion isn't about changing it. The idea: Make a seperate 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 arena from the current ones with like 4 - 5 battle suits you can choose from that work in a similar fashion like the ones in federal armory trial with a skillset that surpass the depth level of EE classes and go more to depth levels like WoW classes and make players set points into a talent tree to adjust the powers from what suit they have chosen to their needs. The biggest obstacles to that would be the technical adjustments and the thing that this demands a good amount of thought and commitment put into it to actually turn out well (which is what actual balancing with 9+ classes requires anyway). Also of course it won't make people happy who would rather see classes balanced but the idea is that this doesn't get forced upon everyone, it offers a seperate space you can work with "balanced classes" in an unbiased way that doesn't affect the current classes with the goal to offer an experience in fights like 1v1 or in small groups that is superior to using EE classes (yes, this is the situation we ran into that gave me these thoughts). But Sylerx we already have monster arena! Monster arenas work in a random and very casual nature tho without offering much to pay attention to. I mean you could rework monster arena entirely with this idea in mind if that goes without red flags. The idea is to create an environment where you don't kill your opponents in just a couple hits and you work slowly towards victory by using the right skills at the right time, using combos properly and mindgaming your opponents so fights with fewer people can still be enjoyed like high class dessert which what TW is when there is actual competition between multiple guilds (I shouldn't be the one to bring up TW in that manner tho). Maybe you could add stage hazards that don't rely on rng as well to add more depth into the fights and means to give certain suits attacks that work in relation to these. A final note: I saw Jordan posting in another thread that he carries on with what X Legends created with the idea of going with what worked. What I see on that is him leaving out a core aspect of X Legend's philosophy which is adding new layers to things that already existed. Things like GvG, ST, PoD and TK were implemented by X Legends because these were the first of their kind in this game so we had new stuff to experience time by time. Most of this server's custom content for progression is based on previous content which we didn't mind at first since it makes strong gear more accessible but we pretty much already knew what we were dealing with. This isn't supposed to be a complaint, I just want to point things out you can feel free to consider for future decisions. Also this doesn't really go with what I suggested but that is still content you can make use of no matter the current content, level cap or gear if you disable their influence on suggested arena.