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  1. Just throwing some thoughts out here, awaken axe for example now having a lv 100 version makes blood knight able to be considered in scenarios where you want to kill a though boss solo with a slash weapon in which you'd either pick zerker or executioner to a greater extend especially with access to it's holy skill. Even with lv 75 awa axe at our disposal bk would not make it to the situation where it would compete with the other 2 classes in what they are doing otherwise. The awaken sword dark blade is actually more interesting to my mdps pala build than the demon soul (I see what you did there) mace as now with all the matk procc items it would be a good thing to partially build towards proccs and switch back to templar's honor after reducing holy res with sword. I get where you wanted to go with the mace but I don't see a hybrid dps paladin being practical in our current situation. Another idea I had is building a bloodknight bear towards using a hammer, maybe it will still work at high hp areas without the +40 % patk from kp. I understand where are you coming from which is why approached this carefully. What I had in mind was either something quirky or something that opens up ways for classes to compete with others in specific aspects (like the example I mentioned in the awa section) but again there is no reason to rush this.
  2. Hello there, I figured after weeks of doing new content it's time to give my overdue feedback. The new zones are nice, not much quirky stuff except for mutant bosses but good enough definitely. Looking at the latest past updates I thought battle maps are probably gonna be the future main way of leveling since only enthusiasts were grinding to lv 110+ anyway so I'm glad we are getting regular content even tho a good portion of the current playerbase can just blitz through that. With current options if you take your time and prefer not running drs you can reach lv 120 just by doing the new multiplayer dgn and rep grind. I was suprised with how much gold you can make with the new dungeons, sure the inflation has already hit prices for various stuff but considering the amount of ec people generated by a past bug and that I have a better time with affording these crazy priced pets I think it leans to the good side overall. The new awaken weapons are some of the most interesting weapons brought out in vendetta, while a good bunch of them have essentially tweaked effects from lv 75 awas they still open up new unconventional ways to improve your performance. The decision to make holy weapons transformable into skill gems greatly compliments this as that also opens up more synergies with the new awaken weapons for some classes. I'd like to ask if you could bring more of these gems in the future (as in rather when you see fit than in the near future) since while the holy weapon concept was a hit or miss indeed now with not being fixed on a weapon holy skills are fine, not every skill being useful in one way or another for every class isn't a big deal imo. Content wise I'm happy with the patch and it makes me look forward to the next stuff you pull out of your sleeve About stability tho I have to say the following: - I'm with the people who tell that the server is lagging more than usual but everything necessary to that has already been said. - I experienced more than the usual amount of alpacas on the new maps like losing 3 - 4 entries out of 12 in palace of dreams when using a gtx 1050 with 2gb vram. After switching to a gtx 1060 with 6 gb vram I switched back and forth from roaming hills to temple arena with 5 clients like 5 times and only experienced 1 alpaca in the end. Maybe it has to do with how much vram you have but I don't know if it's exactly that. Cheers o/
  3. @Jordan You did the right thing, I would have probably done the same if I was in your situation. Thanks for taking your time and effort for this game, I appreciate it.
  4. I‘m just judging classes in terms of usability here, I don‘t try to tell you that you may not have fun designing your classes and how to handle things, especially when I can enjoy all this stuff for paying nothing (sure this server is being kept alive by donors but I don‘t wanna dive too deep into that). However that doesn‘t come without me being biased as I enjoy classes here the way they are not inteded to be played. Paladin for example is meant to be well rounded but you can gear it towards raw dps, sneak to players using smoke bomb, suprise them and lock them down in a roughly 5 second kill window, making it sort of a mdps assasin (I hope awaken mace for pala buffs the dps skills at least to equal strength of lv 95 mace as I already use that one over the lv 100 mace :c) or Holy Blade being meant as a hybrid dps is one of the burstiest classes when it comes to auto hits with also having a dot rounding up it‘s dmg vs players. As for the classes in question I agree with you in terms of Arch-Elementalist and Raksha as they are not very versatile in their usage however Blade Master is very rewarding to master (you see what I did there) as it is one of the top picks for pdps compositions and can do well in 1v1 when not bursted or controlled to death. Glacier Knight is a very well rounded healer, giving your party a good amount of damage reduction and stats increase while being very tanky as well as fast by itself and it has a mass debuff removal similar to the Sage so it‘s not hard for me to see why it‘s so popular. What I‘m trying to say is a good reason for the popularity of classes like GM and GK is that you have access to actually strong abilities and not necessarily because they are easy. I see where you want to get with that and there is a good potential in designing Kage that way but I feel like aside from Water Release it could appreciate some tweaks here and there like Fire Release being damage oriented yet it can‘t make it to the level of Berserker, Mecha Ares, Blade Acrobat, etc as well as only having Humble Meditation as recovery that happens to have use when having duskblaze guitar equipped and autohitting a mob with it. Also Nature‘s Bonus A could have a couple more seconds to make Wind Release fulfill it‘s party role better. At the end of the day it is your thing what you do with your work, all I‘m doing here is giving my 2 cents about it.
  5. I think the problem many of the reworked classes have are that they give less incentive to play them than zerker or gm as they excel when maxed out rather than while being used for progress, I'd like to see one of these being made again someday. Most notable for Kage in my opinion is it's single target control. Water Style: Pool Noodle Disarm has a 7 sec duration and 5 sec cooldown, making it able to be kept up permanently when not removed. Also Nature Release offers a 4 sec mundane and 4 sec stun which makes for a neat opening but due to immunity you want to switch to Water Release if you wan to keep up cc. Each mode has also a recovery skill that all have their own cooldown with 2 being good, one being a double edged sword and one being unfavourable. To balance these traits out Kage has just half decent damage, making it reliant on being with other people to be played efficiently. In contrary to what Fire Release implies to be, Wind Release is the actual PvE release for party play as it functions like a rather stiff AoJ, making targets take more dmg but it only works when there is someone else for the mob to target when going invisible for Mark of Storms. Annihilator is already versatile for breaking elemental BP and can fit in pdps compositions alright. Fire Release pales in comparison to that as it brings nothing to the table for the party aside from it‘s own damage. Lightning Release implies to be the bursty mode but due to the nature of Kage it‘s damage is still unfavourable compared to the mostly used damage classes. It has however a little mass stun and a single target stun that ignores immunity, making it a bit of an annoyance. That being said I‘d like to suggest to optimize Fire Release for solo play or give it a different purpose. Also I had in mind to split the mode change skill into 4 skills similar to arch elementalist in trade for having less recovery to make it possible to run wild with the abilities of the 4 releases, creating combos out of skills from different releases while not having effects that directly enhance each other but I don't think it's likely to happen with this class. I can‘t say much for Lightning and Water Release as Wind Release stood out to me and Fire Release looks meh in my opinion. Overall this class looks rather like a support class to me, helping out with quirky abilities but at best only Water Release and maybe Nature Release are able to hold their own ground. I appreciate the effort that is put into the rework tho, keep up the good work Jordan o/
  6. It's not needed. All the reason why I was discussing with you is because to prove you a point but results surpassed my expectations.
  7. Looking at how other people talked about it in previous threads and that some people agrees with infecttado there is definitely weight in what infect and I say. You are actually the first one I see having consistent success with it. Edit: Nevermind those threads got eaten by auto deletion because they're too old.
  8. @Nipaa There were times when I went into viroona with 5 chars to take advantage of personal drops and when I found out about this glitch I was glad to have some more convenience. However as infecttado said sometimes the board starts acting like a board again when you sell 1 item to it, forcing you to repeat the process. Because of this it didn't take long to make me ignore this bug and use vendors over it just because they are more reliable. Your reply gives me the impression that you didn't use the bug much.
  9. About the cast changes: I noticed on duels how skills sometimes finished casting even though my opponent moved out of range but that's about it. On Tw it is mostly a matter of if I am fast enough to catch my opponent or not, if I'm too slow then I shouldn't bother because the thing I said earlier would just occur once at best and for the rest I'm just out of range to start casting that skill in the first place. Also sorry for the late response.
  10. Honestly I wasn't very active the last couple days. I'll give you feedback next gvg or maybe one of the tws this week. Prior to that change I already used transformations to cut animation delays like alpaca transformation crystal which lets you fire off the skill pretty much the same frame you pressed the button, downside is you lose the buff when hit so you kinda have to spam it. I'm also using the imp transformation as a compromise for cases spamming alpaca crystal just doesn't work. Also stacking movespeed helps. I usually don't chase around people and only go on these who don't move much except when I go for stuns or if the opponent is likely to die in a couple hits / dot ticks.
  11. It's not like playstyles getting buried is uncommon, it happens with any MMO (many times just for the sake of change). As a solo player you gotta switch your main at times. I remember paladin being a nice stun kill combo class I was successful with before shied nerf but I didn't get to it's full potential before nerf :( but I'm doing fine stomping people with hb since there are many that just don't gear, grind lv or get good, I'm just afraid of money team at this point. I didn't see ideas for making arenas genuinely better supported so looks like people here just don't care about that. I'm glad you had fun and theres nothing wrong with that but this is doing guild pvp the wrong way.
  12. As an alternative option you could add like 1 - 2 costumes on each slot that have a low economy price to incentify people to buy better looking costumes if they desire them at some point. The only benefit of this is ofc when people absolutely want the stat boosts as quickly as possible as the gold for said costumes can be farmed pretty quickly. All in all I think both suggestions would either have a small impact on the game or if the pve costumes give a good edge over the current ones people would definitely want them for their benefits (which would force you to add pve costumes on mystery boxes as well which kinda contradicts with the purpose of these).
  13. I disagree. Yes, I was being HB the whole tw. With it's burst you can just wreck people that aren't properly prepared (especially cloth wearers). Sure you gotta rely on the auto hits and the dot but HB is not a garbage class. I experienced the skill bug just in GvG but on a good amount (on crystals almost all the time) which is a real bummer indeed.
  14. I worded it wrong in my previous post, what I meant is making a video playable in a post uploaded on imgur because you can actually upload video files there (no I don't have a youtube channel xd). I mean I played around converting that into a gif file but I got terrible results. also there are plenty people who can oneshot bash ?