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  1. You've done it!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE?????????? On the part of FK, you have accepted 2 SE into the team, which is against the rules! and I believe that if there was not enough player with the right character, you just had to remove 1 player from the other side, and there were those who participated in the previous fight! that would be more fair!!! That's what I meant!!!!
  2. That's what I meant! -->>> Each team must include 1 of each class (your team will have either a DE or a CB and we will try to match your team with an opposing team of the same classes) but you didn't see fit to do it!
  3. Akan CB FK -->> viewer to want to say, only that if you set the rules, then they must be observed, if there is not enough participant, then just ask someone on the other side to leave the group of participants, especially since there were those who participated more than once, and not add the same character that is already in the group
  4. IGN: Akan Elite Commander Stormchaser
  5. Bikes : Elite Commander Stormchaser Legendary Commander Stormchaser
  6. I don't want any organism or any relationship clarification here either. I am also interested in the explanations in the rules and would like to find out them, since there is no rule on which I am forgotten and would like an answer. I can stay near the guards as much as I like, at least sit near them. Any character can get and kill an opponent who was near the guards, the main thing is to use the skills correctly, that's what I sought from the players and some were successful in this. But I was accused of AFK, accused of taking away the experience of others when I let them prove themselves and not stand and watch.
  7. is the use of guards now considered AFK?
  8. These guards were always used throughout all the servers of this game, and suddenly the rule was taken from the air and decided that it was forbidden! on what basis? if players cannot use their skills correctly to fight to the opponent, and why I became the extreme! there is no rule that prohibits their use!!!! if this became a ban, then remove all guards from all PVP cards and BG cards, if you decide that it is prohibited! it's not a mess, it's not a mistake, but why is my account banned?
  9. 1) Gold 2) as usual unique color silver 3) as usual rare Mech blue
  10. it would be nice, as well as at the level of 40-49 Mech Major lvl 45
  11. For these questions I was blacklisted in a chat at the forum........ LOL
  12. Can 't read or know how to pin, these are your problems
  13. don't look at what it says for a specific game. they are the same for both
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