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  1. Akan

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    Wise Old Man (CB)
  2. Akan

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    Wise Old Man (CB) Pet Skin: CX-1 Destroyer
  3. Akan

    Patch Feedback

    and where is it falling Hyperchip EXP lvl 3?
  4. Akan

    thank you very much for closing this topic

  5. Akan

    where to write a ticket about changing faction?


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    2. Akan


      asking to see my ticket in the support and supply it for review

      I apologize that once again I appeal to you , but could you re-examine my ticket

      this is my final decision and I am waiting

    3. Yumi


      The ticket will be looked at and accepted/denied once maintenance for SB takes place. Please be patient until then, thanks!

    4. Mar


      Thanks Yumi, Thanks nice staff people of Scarlet Blades.  Yumi stay always nice as you are always.