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  1. Look, Ik the rules, I know what vivi is saying, but the fact that a GS can be this misinformed is atrocious, they are staff members and I expect staff members to know the rules of this game they handle. I dont know, vyzy wyzy, it seems to me the staff are way in over their heads and abusing their power, im not coming back, bunch of people even more childish than I am.
  2. oh I perfectly understand wat your saying, but since neither of us seem to be listening to each other and you are pretending otherwise, I suggest you close this thread. I have seen enough.
  3. wow so even vivi thinks legions can help with ranking abuse, well I guess they sorta do cause crafting achieves/rankings? well, do your job and ban doudou and miko and mari and everyone else who has fantasy dragon, I will wait.
  4. I didnt ask to be listened to, this is asinine, Ik the rules, since when were legions bannable? he ( im not telling u for privacy protection, even tho i really distrust his capacity to process things) think legions r bannable, and hes a staff member....christ...how did this even happen? wasnt there a test to determine if GS knew things in this game?
  5. So apparently some GS have said that legions are considered elites and therefore afk-ing legions for enchant achieve is bannable? Im so confused....I get that their full name are "Legion Elites", but I thought there was a consensus that elites r the rare monsters, and armor chest farms r just legions. wats next? banning afk in aven cause "roger chests asdsadsad blahblahblah", "oh u can sit at designated spawn spots where he casts aoe and use ref enchant to get atk status and therefore chest from him....." that kind of BS? ban all fantasy dragon owners? and yes im just here to complain (even tho I alrdy know the rules), because I really am shocked at what people need to be smoking to say that legions give ccm and r therefore bannable, and I dont give a crap if u guys use "an MS term", dont forget this is VGN and a staff member is supposed to know this! Oh btw, I didnt mention ur name here, but just to give a sample..."quit following me thru portal or I will kick you", yikes, didnt know you can follow somebody thru portal, one you have not even added as friend. i have not mentioned the staff name but frankly this is ridiculous.
  6. At this point, the only people who care about AE are people who already play it, and those that dont still wont care. When the skillset was originally released I do not know if it was meant to be a niche class, but it sure is now. The one single person I have seen playing this class consistently/recently is Losque, so it doesnt matter what some GS or some fancy schmancy guy say about AE or how good it already is, most of them dont even play it frequently. I have certain suspicions that the shield+ 1h combo works better for most of these 2h classes that dont have wepon lock, simply because of shield dmg bonus, and on running in dos testing it out over a short period of a few hrs I can say there has been a definite increase in tankiness/dmg, so if there are going to be QoL changes there may even need to be a wepon lock.
  7. even mages can use basic atk, but no1 would say mage basic atks r any good. even tho this is a more drastic example, the point is not all classes can use basic atks that well.
  8. yea it really isnt, altho considering how necktwister and lockdown slice dont have a good hitbox, sometimes its best to leave it to basic atk to actually hit something, and in this instance the pdps shield + ring proc is helpful to a certain degree (maybe for capping too?), but not by much. This situation doesnt happen that much anyway, but I have found myself more lucky on final hits with basic atks (ofc after the dash) than necktwister sometimes, slice has the least hitbox and takes too long to animate (unless ur in transformed buff mode like alpaca crystal or popz's puss in boots). on the other hand, how many trainers and anhi have u really seen around TW anyway? so its just mainly melee pdps, and melee pdps alrdy have the shield....so i dont really understand the point of the ring, at least with the asmo necklace there is a clear distinction and cerber necklace has anti matk buff to make sure no mdps abuse, should the ring description just be altered so ppl dont get confused?
  9. not all melee, rather all pdps that rely on atk spd and basic atks, like trainer, CA, asura, assasin, executioner, and zerker just to name a few. Ultimately it doesnt matter that much, but not working for skills is taking many points off the appeal of the ring.
  10. how about, lowering the rate down to 8% from 25%, make it work for all atks, and give it a matk-50% debuff?
  11. Indeed, it is strange that we would need a proc "lock", when, even though the effect is powerful, is only half as long as other items. I thought the duration was enough of a set back and the new items were meant to be stronger than the old ones.
  12. plz dont tell me the cerber necklace is also only basic atk, there alrdy an effect for that in the set.
  13. Considering the latest need for coronas, could we perhaps get a corona altar the next maint? im sure some ppl would find this helpful. just some tweaks like putting coronas of different levels into the slots of prime costumes and such...
  14. Can I ask the GM to close this thread before it gets unnecessarily toxic? I think you have all seen most of the arguments and evidence provided, the only thing left is deliberation.
  15. ok chill, most of us are really here just to talk and so far its been pretty civil. this is a tentative issue and we dont get final say anyway. afking itself is almost always negative to the server life, hence the thread. if u look at it realistically, its actually very hard to ban ppl just for afk gold farming, because u cant detect them as ezily like monster kill rankings, so I dont think banning is an issue, its whether we want to install a punishment or not. on the other hand, we did install a punishment for elite farmnig and that didnt really seem to damage the server, so I doubt implementing a less harsh punishment on afk gold will be as bad as it might turn out to be. I ask that u (plural) consider as many aspects possible regarding this issue, we should be able to come to an agreement. PS. I still dont give a single fuck if its implemented or not, im cool with ppl afking for gold