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  1. Hello! It's been a loooooong time since I was here. Was lurking for awhile and just kinda dipped. Now I'm back and ready to play again. Little intro: My name is Ten and I do some graphics and I draw! Might pick up Nostale and Eden Eternal. :^)
  2. There are times where when I'm drawing the pose I just go "wait didn't I draw this already" and I go check the previous pages and see a pose similar to it so I just change the new one a bit. It counts as a new pose even if it's just the arm that moved or if it's drawn in a different angle. LOL nono it's fine. :--D
  3. Haha it starts to hurt at around 500 if you're doing the 1000 in a few days (work for it's supposed to be spread on the 7 weeks before midterms but most of us cram the 1000 like a week before it LOL) but you'll eventually get used to it. You can draw any kind of pose as long as it's a human and it's a full-body. I personally used dance videos as reference for mine. Pausing the video every time they move LOL
  4. Well it is very, very tedious. For example, I have one class that requires us to draw 100 different poses per week which totals to around 700 when we reach midterms plus a separate 1000 as midterm project. In another class, we make small traditional animations for the animation principles where in it's required to have at least 30 frames each, around 50/100 for midterms and finals, then we're supposed to take a picture of each drawing and arrange it on the PC, so most animation students carry a lot of animation paper during 1st/2nd yr. Very tedious, but it's fun, imo, if you really enjoy drawing since you'll be suffering with like-minded people and the improvement results are quite visible after every term.
  5. Well they originally wanted me to take Accounting or Vet Med. I was supposed to take Vet Med in the end but my Mom didn't like the university so she just opted to my 3rd choice which was Game Design & Dev. A year into GDD, I shifted to Animation. :--) Mmmm. I would personally recommend the new Wacom MobileStudio Pro tho over the Cintiq if you go out quite a lot or if you travel since MSP is a standalone which means you don't need to connect it to a PC/Laptop unlike the Cintiq but this is just my own personal preference since I like to bring my Laptop + Cintiq with me all the time and they're heavy af. LOL
  6. Haha I'm Asian too, luckily my parents are very supportive. The cracked Sai I had was from Tumblr. I've read a lot of journal entries in dA about Sai not properly working with Cintiq unless you buy an actual license for it and keep it up-to-date. I do plan on buying the license soon though.
  7. Do I draw? I do. I'm currently in college (BA in Animation). I'll be starting my thesis next year, and hopefully graduating in a year and a half. :--) I'm generally focusing on 2D Anim while I'm studying but plan on self-improving in 3D after graduating. I don't really want to post actual artworks but you can see some of my doodles/sketches here. I've been busy with one of my classes lately that I don't have much time to draw for myself. My medium is digital with some very small traditional on the side. I use a Cintiq 13HD + Clip Studio Paint (mainly because a cracked SAI doesn't work well with the Cintiq).
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