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  1. IGN: WiIdYeasts I wish to get a Rainbow Tux (PU; locked) because not enough rainbow yet. Thank you.
  2. This will work with me, you can close the thread.
  3. I've heard some one said "You smell so good that I would hang you up in my car as an air refresher". ._. I wouldn't suggest to use this one though, you might end up being laid on the ground by cops with guns sticked to your head. D:
  4. Oh, then I remember incorrect, I thought I had read that most files with old server have been lost/deleted after the last shutdown. Then if it's possible to add them, some people might be very happy.
  5. I heard some one wanted 50 shades of red costume, like it was on previous server I guess? I remember I saw pictures of multiple acid colour variations of these. Is it possible to do? They have been lost but probably updating stripes won't be such a big mess as with other costumes.
  6. Possible risk of no sales on a second market comes on mind. If it will turn up only few spenders will buy them, It can give additional advantage to them and will give even harder times to those who just entered lv30 map and/or can't donate and trying to play there. Which can possibly lead to a bunch of people to just leave over the time and reduce population affecting the game overall.
  7. Yes, the next one requires 6 million. Updated document with Dragon info now.
  8. Several things are debateable but I will correct only the one I'm 100% sure about. 200 speed limit is fair for mech and your bike, you can't exceed that limit no matter what buffs, skills and gears you use (not counting GM powers and exploits of any kind). But your character's speed isn't limited by the number of 200. It can go beyound that with in game things themselves. Look at my signature... if some one supply me with 2 skill resets I can try and see if it will be pissible to get 279. With lv3 speed chip it is probably 280+.
  9. Yes, quests have a time gap of a 3-5 seconds between announce and the actual completion, so as long as you fast and lucky enough, you have a chance to get in time to the quest's active area where you will be counted as a successful participant. And, well, pots are pots, I don't mind them. Just having too many as a reward myself.
  10. Here you can see spawn time of all Ellis repeatable quests: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwaYbjhomLI5cDk0cGEtOVlPRnM. That should help to track all of them in a more convenient way and participate more often so you all to get more chances to obtain such a rare and valuable ancient jewel spanners (if you do, send them to me, plox ). The list consists of two sections: 1st for FK and the 2nd one for RG respectively. Both of them, in their turn, have two time segregations: GMT+3 (my own) and the actual server time, so you can easily track what is the right time for your time zone from this one. For example, for me server is 2 hours back. You can check your lockal time on this site: http://time.is/. If you see any error or inaccuracy there, please let me know so i will check it and fix. Thanks a lot Drakkar for helping to fulfill the missing portion of the late night and early morning hours. (P.S. I'm serious, if you do get the spaner, send it to me. )
  11. Updated the list with Grand Savant info. Crazy numbers going on there.
  12. Great! Completed for the current available onces. I was right on most of those which I already had that they might be slightly shifted forward from their original positions. By the way, there is little miscorrelation with two. Phoenix -> Dragon in your list http://limeox.info/app/scarlet_rp/index.html and Dragon -> Phoenix in the bonus stats. Not sure which should be first... I think the last one should be correct?
  13. Cool, I was wondering if I can get those from game files but didn't have time to dig and find which one has those. Yes, Holy Visage is the same +700, as previous ones starting from Battle-Priestess. And the Spiritwalker is correct, it is +900. I also tried to complete internal names of the bonuses and line them with the specific ranks when they are received. Still don't have full list.
  14. Updated icons to the original ones and total RP numbers plus added two bonus stats.
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