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  1. Fmohican

    S-Increased Damage to Large Monsters

    @Swae you can use search function check this thread
  2. Fmohican

    Comfortable Perfection

    for me too 😛
  3. Fmohican

    Sp Points Wk

    that is best option 100 attack rest element also check that
  4. Fmohican

    General Bazar changes

    Also add 5 sec between search or your database will go crazy
  5. Fmohican

    Damage To Large Monsters

    after all, what decision should you make? @Bash
  6. Fmohican

    Miniland , More Item Slots

    you are rich
  7. Fmohican

    Youtuber? This is your section! NosTale The most of stream are without voice, only with music (copyright free), but can be in English / Romanian. Also i stream on both sites, YouTube and Twitch
  8. Fmohican

    Damage To Large Monsters

    Thanks for quick and prompt answer. If I'm not asking for too much, could you please post here the decision that you will take together with your staff, whether it's a positive, a negative or a modified one? If you need more details about this idea please contact me through pm, I can give you detailed explanations if needed.
  9. Fmohican

    Damage To Large Monsters

    @Bash with all the esteem and respect for your work, could you please put in the next update this particular change at shell? So that it would apply for boss raids too? From my point of view, I see nothing bad in this change, and it's not something that would unbalanced the game, it's just something that would help the raids go a little faster. In this way, we can give the players with weaker equipment a chance to do the new raids. As you know very well, raid leaders always verify your equipped shell before accepting you in their raid team. In the case you observe the opposite of this feature, you can disable it immediately in the next weekly update. To be honest, in my opinion, it's worth to give it a try. (again, sorry for duble post, i want to make it clear)
  10. Fmohican

    Damage To Large Monsters

    There are three kind of players - PvP players - PvE players - Both of above, If the Bash is going to S Damage to all Monsters (include Boss's), he comes in helping the players who like PvE. So any players can make two different set of items, one for pvp, one for pve
  11. Fmohican

    Damage To Large Monsters

    S-Damage are applyed to both, Player & Environment (aka Monsters) That should be called S Damage to Monsters, or as i said, to apply at boss raids.
  12. Fmohican

    Damage To Large Monsters

    On the first hand, thanks for fast anwser. On the other hand, as far as I can remember, the main idea was that option "S-Damage to Large Monster" to be applied for boss raids or for pve or to be converted into an option that would increase the damage to all monster (despite their category) To not "damage" PVP balance (FC, Arena, etc...)
  13. Fmohican

    Damage To Large Monsters

    @Bash Any news on this? (sorry for double post)
  14. Fmohican

    beware of your accounts

    Now, he got an paid .com domain, but they are freehosted :) The speaker message look like : The fake site look like :