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  1. Since I know the classic server ain't coming anytime soon, if at all, I did decide to give a try on EE VGN once more since a few of my friends come on ever so often. Here's what I think about the current content: I left off at lv105 and I still think the level cap is 120? I'm almost done with the new maps, as well. I appreciate how those maps' dungeons give a lot of gold in 0/10. I was worried that I was going to have to stick to Fae Fields or Viroona for gold farming, but it seems alright. I made about 17k gold just from doing my 0/2's and most of my 0/10's yesterday, and I started at ~100g. So at least making gold via farming hasn't changed much. I think what I'm more concerned about is if I can help my couple catch up in the game, he's lv97 and hasn't played in almost 2-3 years, so there's so much for him to do. I cannot imagine being a completely new player playing on this server without having another friend playing with you or having some knowledge of the game. There is absolutely so much to do right now, and that's not at all a bad thing, it just feels very overwhelming because I have no idea where to start (besides doing GoP xD). While I personally don't mind Awaken Classes, I personally feel like Normal classes were just simpler times, especially if we're just considering 65 cap related content. It was just select class and go, kind of thing. But if you want to get additional stats for your character(s), you will need to level up all of your normal classes, as well as both of their awakens. Gearing shouldn't be that big of a problem as long as you can find people, but it's just a matter of extending out, I suppose. All in all, I don't dislike the current state of VGN's EE. It's just that, as a returning off/on player, it is so much to get back into that I have no idea where to start off besides the obvious things of finish where you left off, maybe some achievements, etc. If the game was limited to 65 cap, it's more of: No awaken classes, armor. Awaken weapons existed, but they weren't too terrible to deal with. I remember how on PlayEden, we all wanted to get these classes. Now I somewhat regret experiencing them, and Gravity Mage (for example) killed my overall experience for them early on. I know Jordan has done several reworks and rebalances to classes (I 100% appreciate that he has done them), but I cannot just simply forget what these classes have done. It feels like it just can't be salvaged. Every class felt like it had a use. I'm not talking about from a PvP aspect. I've had so many of my friends complain about how tanking became obsolete after 65 cap, and that melee felt like ass to play. I can't really add my ten cents about melee, as I never played it, but I wouldn't doubt them. I remember mostly seeing a whole bunch of Mages and Illus on PlayEden (last time I actually remember). The fact that once everyone hits 65, you could just relax and take a break and do something like finishing the rest of your achievements. You could take your time to 65 as well, unless you didn't want to. You don't have to rush content, but that's how it kinda felt for all the years I've been playing. 65 is a quicker level to get to, but if we're talking from a classic experience, I don't think server EXP boost would be a thing, unless on special occasions? Speaking of server boosts, I think there could be minimal, but it doesn't have to be fully maxed. When I played on that other private server (not PlayEden, but the garbage one) it felt like a true grind, and even when I tried to p-level an alt, it took maybe 4 hours just to get it to 30. I didn't take any breaks in between, and I think I used a p-lvl guide from here as reference. A MMO should feel like a grind for not only gear and drops, but for EXP as well. But basically, you just get someone or yourself to p-lvl an alt, without doing MSQ, and I'm not a big fan of that personally. I think we can all agree that Eden's story is "???" but the story quests give pretty decent gold gains at the very least. I guess to make things short, because I still see people saying that "why don't these people who voted yes play Normal Class TW?" and it's a bit irritating to see this pop up. As someone who used to play this game for PvP, I will say that Territory Wars is really shit in terms of design. I remember in Dragomon Hunters, you had to pick what faction you wanted to be on, and while that isn't exactly any better either, I think that would be a bit easier to manage who goes where than letting RNG randomly place. I could be wrong if it is no longer like this, but that is how it was before and I hated getting put on one side with 100000 guilds, or being against those 100000 guilds. Me and my other friends gave up playing in TW and GvG, it felt like a game of numbers and was also ruined by toxicity from fellow guilds. But moving away from that, not everyone plays this game for PvP. I believe it was mentioned here that PvE has a large standing on this server at the moment, and that's a very good thing. People seem to not understand, at the end of the day, Eden is a MMO with PvE/PvP aspects to it, and you need to keep balance to both. The reason why 65 cap is beloved by a lot of us who voted is not only because of nostalgia, but also because it was a true challenge without having to give bosses a whole bunch of HP or one-shot mechanics. As a suggestion, if a 65 cap server existed, you could potentially add onto it with more lv65 dungeons, hard modes, etc. A buddy mentioned to me about doing item level gear, kind of like from FF14, and add those to the new dungeons. There's so many suggestions, but I just wanted to give one. Anyways, that's it from me. I droned on long enough, but I'll just say that I don't really mind playing here, honestly. Nothing wrong with the current server, but if you haven't played in years and you are coming back, you might feel lost unless you have friends/guildmates to help you out. Eden, like any MMO, really does require some kind of social connection if you want to feel motivated to stay here. Peace.
  2. Earlier today, there were ~15 people online (before I uninstalled that server). Now learning the numbers from a friend, it has about ~7 people that aren't hidden that you can search up. There is only one guild town left in that server, and a lot of people asked how to charge back their AP purchases there. I'd expect more people to come to this thread to vote, people are abandoning ship really fast.
  3. I'll give a quick update on the other private server, since I don't want to hijack this thread with bullshit nonsense. Tl;dr the GM is a 17-yr old going to university who has very little time to be able to be around, answer questions, and actually fix issues. He doesn't know how to fix the mail bug that has been plaguing the server for about two weeks. He had friends that basically spawned in items for themselves as well as leveling guild towns and spreading spawned in Eden Crystals throughout the server. Also, when you ask him questions and offer him help, he gives half-ass responses to you, even though you legit want to help this guy out. Bash basically summed it up when I was skimming through his post, VGN didn't allow donations until a few months into the server, but this guy spams his "PayPal fixes" almost every day. The server was nothing but a scam and I feel sorry for people who were suckered into it, like myself. Good thing I didn't donate. Moving on, as I don't want to dwell on this. Since this happened, it seems like a lot of people are just going to either give up or come back to VGN. I still believe a class EE experience ran by VGN wouldn't inherently be a terrible idea. There will always be the concerns of "lack of content" since you are hard-capping at either 65, 75, etc. Even though I've had my personal gripes with a few members of the staff, I would like to advise to people that are very suspicious about VGN that they have proven to be capable of managing a server, despite if you may hate the way it's ran. The team has made obvious "mistakes" and "errors", but they are human too at the end of the day. If they made a classic EE, I would play on the side of my main game with a few friends. I thought I would get to do that on another server just because it was something new and nostalgic, but you see how that has turned out. I can't speak for others, but I won't be too hurt if the staff decides against a classic EE, they have stated multiple times that running another server at the time being isn't in their sights right now. If they do decide to, then by all means, support them. I quit this version of EE because of multiple reasons, mainly because my friends simply moved on from the game, as they found stuff like Awaken Classes and weapons exhausting and made them lose their spark of interest for the game. Anyways, good luck on the main VGN server, and for people who want a classic EE server from VGN, just keep your fingers crossed. Peace.
  4. It's ironic that some Aeria people has hopped onto the other private server to play this version then, huh? My comment at the WoW classic isn't about that, it's more of the fact that people preferred the content at that time rather than the later versions of WoW, which is what I was comparing Eden, too. Hell, legacy servers of other games are a thing just because people became disinterested in the content that came later on in those games. This isn't really anything to hard debate about when people just prefer older content, which is 100% opinionated. Some people will want one thing, others will want another thing. You guys are making assumptions that people will eventually quit this new server when the current server has always been a thing of "logging in for PvP then doing nothing afterwards". Feel free to have your opinion, but this is why the poll is happening, and they won't lose anything if they decide against it. And like I mentioned before, the players who want the legacy server of EE will just stay on the other server if VGN rejects the idea.
  5. But some people are alright with limited content, and it's not like you can't make more content like trials, dungeons, etc at the server's specific level cap. Why do you think a lot of people like WoW Classic for example? They just preferred simpler times and mechanics, as well as earlier content being the main focus.
  6. I think the thread is just people asking if people would like to have a classic version of Eden Eternal, this is just a poll at the end of the day. If VGN doesn't want to do it, then that's fine because the people asking here will just be on the other one until that one dies or whatever. If they do, then they could potentially snag people from the other one, as that server has major bugs right now that has made people already give up on that server. So while I think most of us understand what you are saying, as an ex-GS myself, alongside other GS that I have talked to, people will complain and bitch regardless about the staff not doing shit. But you literally just ignore it, because people will do so regardless and as much as you explain, people won't listen to reason. All you can do is just provide the patch, content, etc. and make people shut up. I think a classic VGN will work as long as you keep the player base satisfied (well, duh), but there are always going to be people that will bitch. The ones that give meaningful criticism/feedback are the ones that should be considered. It shouldn't be hard to do so for VGN, as we know Jordan has worked very hard to get rid of bugs in this version of EE, which is way more than the other PS GM has done. If Jordan/Bash can handle and agree to it, I'm sure a lot of people from the other server would come here. Peace.
  7. Lynn

    Second Server ?

    That would be another server that would have to be paid for, and leveling isn't that hard here. You can get to lv90 in a day if you get power leveled.
  8. I don't know much about NosTale, but there's a lot you can do in Eden. I can explain the basics of the game: - 5 races, Human, Halfkin (human-like midgets), Zumi (mice), Anuran (frogs), and Ursun (bears). They each have their own stat pool for each class, unique look, racial craft, etc. - 21 classes with 20 of them getting an "awakening", which means 2 more professions. Mimic is in its own group, as it gets skills from all of the regular classes. Then you have 5 groups, tanks (yellow), melee (orange), ranged (green), Support (blue), and magic (purple). BTW you can swap classes at any time, unlike in some games where you are restricted to a single class per character. - Legendary achievements that you can gain stat boosts by crafting, commissioning, or hunting boss trophies, etc. Tanks: Warrior, Knight, Templar, Dragon Knight | Melee: Thief, Martial Artist, Blade Dancer, Samurai | Ranged: Hunter, Engineer, Ranger, Inquisitor | Support: Cleric, Bard, Shaman, Sage | Magic: Magician, Illusionist, Warlock, Luminary (FYI, should level up all your classes for stat boost) - PvE and PvP - Has guilds you can join if you want to play for PvE, PvP, or just chill and hang out. - There's a lot more but honestly if you need help with getting into the game, I suggest bookmarking this to help you here in Vendetta EE. Vendetta's EE has a lot of new content, which I suggest taking a look over at the Patch Notes part for EE's forum.
  9. Welcome back to Eden! We have custom content that's not on Aeria and/or on the Taiwanese server. I suggest reading the patch notes in the Eden Eternal section on what we have, since there's a bunch of new stuff. And yeah, this server is pretty active, although at this time it's pretty quiet since most NA timezone people are sleep and EU timezone people are waking up about now.
  10. Random = Party Loot + CP/EXP split evenly. The difference that exp is affected starts at a 9 level difference. Monster-Taunt Exclusive = First person to hit gets all the loot + cp/exp.
  11. In my honest opinion, at first the 120 level cap seemed to be a bit too much as a gap between 100-120, but yeah, you really don't have to rush to get to max level. So that's not really concerning to me, personally. I appreciate the ability to level beyond 100, as it gives you something to do, which was a problem Eden had before (again this is my opinion). Before the custom content, you either PvP or you kind of sat around if you've done all your achievements and go on to p4c. Now it's not like that, and there's 1-95 achievements to do, which I honestly am just an achievement freak so it's nice to go back to crafting. The content that did make me question as to "Why?" was the custom attack prays. Don't get me wrong, some weapons I can see and understand them getting their own pet pray, but for some weapons.... it's really questionable. As long as Jordan adds in the other weapons' prays into the game, which I'm sure he will, then I'll let go of that concern. As for charms, I kinda would like to see either an altar with charms as a special altar (like a dye altar), or replace the alpha costumes in gem altar with charms on a rotation (exp one week, cp the next, awk. cp after that sort of thing). But honestly, I have quite a bit of charms by just logging in and using the Daily Coin turn in.
  12. Try restarting your computer first. Add patcher.exe, _launcher.exe, and launcher.exe to your anti-virus/firewall exceptions (if they are on, they might be possibly preventing the game from opening). Run as administrator always. Check in Task Manager and see if Eden Eternal is running in the background, and close the process and try again. If push comes to shove, reinstalling will end up fixing the issue, but try the above steps first. P.S Glad you're enjoying the guild you're in, and if you're not getting exp, make sure that your party peeps weren't too high of level (difference of 9 levels iirc).
  13. Just a couple of questions. Does this happen in full screen? Might want to change to windowed resolution. Have you updated your graphical driver(s)? Keep your system up-to-date often.
  14. Have you found a guild? You're probably going to want to join one in order to find higher level players. Garden or GamerXGamer is a pretty good guild for players, with lots of people on. Also, 0/10 works or if someone is generous, they can run you in DoS up to 93, but it usually will cost gold so you might want to stick with the first option. However, classes are usually ran in DoS in order to awaken them, 1-80 is usually very cheap to get ran (like, 300g ea). You have a chance of charms from Daily Login, on specific days, and you can turn in login coins for a charm box, too. Good luck!