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  1. I don't know much about NosTale, but there's a lot you can do in Eden. I can explain the basics of the game: - 5 races, Human, Halfkin (human-like midgets), Zumi (mice), Anuran (frogs), and Ursun (bears). They each have their own stat pool for each class, unique look, racial craft, etc. - 21 classes with 20 of them getting an "awakening", which means 2 more professions. Mimic is in its own group, as it gets skills from all of the regular classes. Then you have 5 groups, tanks (yellow), melee (orange), ranged (green), Support (blue), and magic (purple). BTW you can swap classes at any time, unlike in some games where you are restricted to a single class per character. - Legendary achievements that you can gain stat boosts by crafting, commissioning, or hunting boss trophies, etc. Tanks: Warrior, Knight, Templar, Dragon Knight | Melee: Thief, Martial Artist, Blade Dancer, Samurai | Ranged: Hunter, Engineer, Ranger, Inquisitor | Support: Cleric, Bard, Shaman, Sage | Magic: Magician, Illusionist, Warlock, Luminary (FYI, should level up all your classes for stat boost) - PvE and PvP - Has guilds you can join if you want to play for PvE, PvP, or just chill and hang out. - There's a lot more but honestly if you need help with getting into the game, I suggest bookmarking this to help you here in Vendetta EE. Vendetta's EE has a lot of new content, which I suggest taking a look over at the Patch Notes part for EE's forum.
  2. Welcome back to Eden! We have custom content that's not on Aeria and/or on the Taiwanese server. I suggest reading the patch notes in the Eden Eternal section on what we have, since there's a bunch of new stuff. And yeah, this server is pretty active, although at this time it's pretty quiet since most NA timezone people are sleep and EU timezone people are waking up about now.
  3. Welcome to Vendetta EE, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. If you need help/questions feel free to message me in-game on Lynn/Fantasia, or a message on forums. ❤️
  4. Bash: I think most of the original players from PlayEden (or even Aeria) can, without a doubt, thank you for bringing back a private server for Eden that has actual updates, as well as no P2W. A lot of us thought that another private server of EE was just an abstractly idea. Well, until you decided to host one for us. I know that you're a dedicated and a hard-working GM, and you probably didn't need to be told even this. So without a doubt, thank you for these amazing years of Eden Eternal Vendetta. I wonder what else is there to expect from you and your staff! Vivi: Always there with Bash, like a right-hand woman. Making altars, some cool-looking dye colors, and adding new colored weapons. I remembered when it was a mythical idea to even recolor some of those weapons, but you always were determined. One of the most creative people I've met, so keep at it! Jordan: Oh yes, the 'lil Zumi guy. I'm not a fan of rats, but I'll have a pass for you. Ever since you got GM, you've introduced a lot of cool concepts and content into Eden Eternal. So for you, I will give you some chocolate, and I promise it's not secret rat poison. But for real, good job and keep it up. Thy: Hey Thy, long time no see. Thank you for your work as a GM! Hope to see you around more often, maybe we can take a picture together riding on alpacas. Cheers, and I hope you're doing well. GSs: The unsung heroes, or heroines. Thanks for keeping the peace, and even though you guys absorb the brunt of peoples' rage, there are others that appreciate the helpfulness, kindness of hosting events, and overall activeness y'all have. So thanks! Happy 3rd Anniversary, Eden Eternal!
  5. So is this two options? Either write a poem w/ the 5 words or write 5 paragraphs about the staff?
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