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  1. ❤️Hey , you guys can call me Alex, or Akatsuki❤️ Anything you prefer is fine. I'm fairly new to the private server world and am mostly drawn to it after seeing how close staff tend to be with players in terms of relations and communication, also understanding what it is that players want and not putting every single thing behind a pay wall. That, in my opinion, tends to make the game more interesting and fun for everyone. I've only been here for like a few minutes to be honest, mostly because of a childhood game of mine, 'Eden Eternal'. I had quit way back then, but then decided to pick it up again recently. First I went back to Aeria due to not knowing that there were other servers out there. A few minutes in and I lost interest right away, something just never felt right (Mostly just the community dying out). After giving up on the Aeria servers, I decided to go in search of a Private server because well, I had already been introduced to them for games like SoulWorker and also because Private servers tend to have more of a player-base than official servers, or even if they aren't that much more than that of the Official servers, it is much easier to find people willing to help or just hang with. So, I guess that's my introduction. Hope to see you guys in game or around the forums sometime soon o/ ~❤️~