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  1. If there was away to create 1 mob from a higher level to place in a lower level area for players that are trying to level to wack at for huge experience on their own? Call it "I'm tired of trying to level" then if they didn't level up after completing all the quests for that level they can go wack at that mob for a high boost to level up to the next level faster. Make it difficult enough that you can't just kill it without the right gear, but easy enough to kill it at the level you are to reach the next.
  2. Similar to how Dragon Valley allows players to meet in the same area but unable to fight each other, what if we did that to Enocia, Mereholt, and Barbarion? Not sure we could do that with Scylia, but maybe? That way people can maybe see new players more often or not feel left out when as a new player? The only down side would be that world bosses wouldn't be restricted to a faction and it could mean that a new player won't get items they might need if it's only one faction that is taking it.
  3. The BG's for lower levels goes as high as level 29 to enter. So, entering a BG any lower than 29 puts you at a disadvantage. Like wise World bosses allow you to be up to 9 level's higher than the boss level. Meaning if the boss is level 18(CX-1) then the highest level player that can have the highest DPS or be in top PT DPS on the boss is at level 27. So, if your plan is to kill the CX-1 then you cannot go past level 27 and thus it is the perfect level to lose experience so that you don't go higher than that and be unable to kill that boss for loot. While lvl 27 is not lvl 29 and a level 27 against a level 29 puts that level 27 at a disadvantage. You are still able to participate in BGs for 15~29(Janus) and you can enter BGs for 20~29(TP). If you don't go past 19 you cannot enter TP and you are at a very great disadvantage against players in Janus being as you will be up against players 10 levels greater than you. So, making it level 27 means that you can enter BGs without a large level gap between players, kill CX-1, and farm gear for rare items before heading off into higher levels.
  4. They don't have a decent test server to test any changes. They can't just go back to level 54 or 59 stats without looking at how gears will effect that and test how well it works. I also suspect that they can't just make little changes, because one small change has big changes to other aspects. Take skills for example, you change skills and what will that do with pvp and pve? Will those skills allow players to complete certain BGs? If so how easy or difficult if at all? Will skill changes make one character better than another, and if you change one character do you need to adjust another? If you need to adjust another character do you need to adjust another and so on? The level 54/59 skills allowed the SW to be forever in fade to where they have no gap between one fade use to the other, so what will that do? Also, with gears being highly different with more stats, how will skills work? Them going back to lvl 54/59 skills the SW had a lot more eva in Miss misery making the SW far more difficult to kill, so what's the plan? do you nerf the SW and make it weak against certain other characters or do you boost other characters and make them stronger than they should be? Needs a test server, which they don't have for all this.
  5. Can one make a portal or use a portal that shows up at different given times to a map for given players? example is the blood portal in Viledon/Amara that spawns only at given times. Can the one in Amara be used to teleport players to a different map? Also, can one make a map where it kicks players out after an x amount of time has passed? Example is suer and the DL both kick players out after 8 hours, can a map be created to kick players out in less time? like let's say after 15min, 30min, or 1hr? Can Mobs or other creatures or things be made to spawn in said map for a given period of time and disappear after a given period of time? Example was last years Christmas event where mobs spawned for 30min and then stopped after 30min. Another example is the escort quest in Nemesis. Also, can one disable or remove portals out of that map? That way players who enter can't just leave and if they DC or force log they spawn back into that BG map after they return, and have to sit there for the full x amount of time before they can leave the map? Though the problem would be making it so that players can't use any teleport skills so they can't just self teleport out. But if you could that would definitely be punishment enough for players to spawn back in and can't do jack till the map kicks them out and a debuff wouldn't be needed because they can't go anywhere. But that they can attempt to enter back in before it was technically over to continue their fight? Then for that BG the goal would be to fight over these mobs for rewards also from fighting each other for a given time period you can collect dog tags that you can turn in for a reward. Mind you these dog tag rewards have to be turned in specifically in that BG map and no where else. While true that pvp outside the BG allows a player to get dog tags, if you want the BG reward from them you have to enter that map and you cannot leave that map till the map kicks you out. Also, what if we took existing maps and basically created barriers so that you are only allowed to follow certain paths. Like let's say you take Nemesis, you spawn into the map but you have barriers that prevent you from passing anywhere in that map and you have 3 choices to the center to take From each base and you are not allowed to travel outside that center area because again barriers are blocking you from leaving that area other than to return back to the base. With this being an unofficial BG, meaning you aren't putting it in the BG slot so official BGs aren't disrupted, but create an alternate BG that acts like a BG, but isn't a BG. The disadvantage of this BG however that people might complain about would be making both sides balanced so that there isn't uneven sides. Now if the factions come to an agreement about fairness and making it a turn based entrance where if one side has more people then as one person dies another on the sideline can then enter or rotate the group that enters and you can't re-enter till everybody on your side is dead. But that would have to be held to a faction agreement and an honor system. That is unless there's away that one could resolve this issue of making it more balanced? However, NB and AK tends balance out by players willing to do this. I just have a hard time wanting to personally logout of one faction to another because it takes me several minutes to do so because dual logging was removed from the game. Which again have more than one character in that map should also be forbidden. Another thing to correct would be RP loss for entering this unofficial BG to not occur. Just a thought?
  6. They want to create a character for farming. Personally Medics are the worst at farming and choosing to do any farming in a PT I think is dumb because the time it takes to actually get a good pt together, if you can get one together. I can cycle through a minimum of 2 runs of any DG at 65 before a PT will actually start their first run. I also hate how doing any DG with a medic because it means more difficult, more time to finish, and less loot for everybody. That's how poorly loot is in Team runs in DGs for farming. If their goal is specifically for farming, I recommend either a PU or SW. As a SW I can complete TT hard mode in under 15min and normal in about the same time as it's getting to each boss that takes up my time over killing them. The PU and SE can be quicker if you use MMs, but I could do the same with MMs as well, I just don't like wasting MMs for farming. I also don't recommend a medic and farm DGs in dungeons because often the loot I want ends up in many of my cases going other people. So I would rather farm alone and not feel cheated for wasting my time to join a party that takes an hour or more to get together only for less loot than having spent the hour farming. Did I mention how I hate getting a party together? Because we are always waiting on somebody and once everybody is together there's still another wait for people to actually be ready. It also takes so long to get people together that there's no point in even getting buffs and I also hate how easy it is for my character to die from bosses in a party. It's like saying sure let me just join your party wait for an hour+ before going in, get less loot, and die often. Too much effort and time for so little reward that I'm good at going alone and pretty much having a ME for it would be a complete waste of time for farming.
  7. So, maybe something like this? where start times are 1hr and 30min apart. When there's NB there's about an 1hr and 30min from the last BG before NB starts and then 1hr and 30min after NB for the next BG and no BG lands at the same time as NB? 1st BG 2nd BG 1st NB 1st BG 2nd BG reg start finish reg start finish reg start finish reg start finish <29 10:24 10:30 10:45 11:54 0:00 0:15 2:00 3:24 3:30 3:45 4:54 5:00 5:15 30~39 10:40 10:46 11:01 0:10 0:16 0:31 3:40 3:46 4:01 5:10 5:16 5:31 40~49 10:56 11:02 11:17 0:26 0:32 0:47 3:56 4:02 4:17 5:26 5:32 5:47 50~59 11:12 11:18 11:33 0:42 0:48 1:03 2:30 4:12 4:18 4:33 5:42 5:48 6:03 60~65 11:28 11:34 11:49 0:58 1:04 1:19 4:28 4:34 4:49 5:58 6:04 6:19
  8. So, starting the clock when I spawn into the DG and ending it with the death of the final boss my time is at 13:37. Can you do better? I know I can.
  9. I don't recommend power leveling(aka the quick way) if you haven't obtain the gear for that character at the level you are leveling up too so I don't like explaining how it's done. You can ask others in game if you want, but it is pointless to level up a character to a level if they are just using gear too low for their level. Mobs at higher levels need higher level gear and higher level players don't benefit from attacking lower level mobs. So, it's always good have a character at the level with the gear for that level, before you level another character to the same level. That way the one with the gear can farm gear for the other character instead of having a character that can't farm and thus not able to get gear it needs to farm.
  10. Oh, in that case there's a couple of options of leveling a character, there's a quick way and a long way. Quick way uses a method that can turn weeks of leveling into hours. The long way is leveling like you do normally. As for the best partners for leveling together I'm not familiar enough with other characters to have a preference though it really doesn't matter as you will get there at the same time if leveling together. However, you might want to look at having a DPS character paired with a Medic so that your farming can go quicker because the ME is the slowest character at farming, especially if you skill and gear the ME as a support ME instead of a DPS. You would have to get with another Medic player to know how to skill the ME for dps though I have an idea how to skill the ME as a support for pve.
  11. If you are going to add any other character into the mix here's how you would do it then. Make sure the SW is geared and has ghost walk as a skill. Your team of players will stay behind a bit to ensure that they are not gathering mobs while the SW launches head on into the DG gathering all the mobs they can. Once all the mobs are locked onto the SW then the other players can follow behind. When everybody makes it to a specific location in the map the SW waits till all mobs show up and are attacking him. They must all be there and then the SW can use ghost walk to get rid of the mobs. The PU can do the same thing, but the SW I think has a better chance of survival. Only in DS will this method not work for any player that can't move around in fade/concealed. The PU can fade but has to stay in place. If you are looking at teams of 3, then any team of 3 will do as long as you have at least a PU or SW in the team.
  12. Well, having 2 SW's can clear a DG pretty quick without gathering mobs. 1 SW and 1 PU can do some quick work in a DG if the PU can do some quick work on Bosses too. I wouldn't recommend a SW and ME in all cases, but the ME can help prevent the SW from dying, though a good DPS team can do the same if you both watch your HP and use the correct buffs. The other classes can tank bosses, but by way of completing DGs the quickest you are looking at either 2 SW's or 1 SW and 1 PU. Just know that bosses are harder as a team though loot is a bit better.
  13. I don't recommend SkyJump for farming because I've never needed it since it doesn't do damage. I did recommend maxing out Precision. You can Use twilight explosion if you want too, but it means taking away damage from other skills. You would probably need a skill reset since you have 1 pt in your auto attack that does very little damage. But it's up to you if you want to create 2 SW's and have 1 for farming and one for showing off skill moves.
  14. Well, there are level 65 world bosses that Drop NT, but you can also get them with RP and another items. Or you can just spend money to get AP to buy them.
  15. You plan on using it to farm, correct? What level are you going to farm in? Mind you that any dungeon or world boss you kill you cannot be more than 9 levels above level of the boss for you to get any loot. Meaning if the boss is stated as being level 29 you can be level 38 to get loot, but you cannot be level 39. Also, any DG below level 55 I would do what is called PT Solo, this is where you party with another play but enter and farm the dungeon alone. It takes longer to do that but you get far more from it. If you gear and skill yourself properly you can farm it pretty quick. With that your skill tree, I would do the following. start maxing your damage mastery passive attack on your passive tab. Then have 1 pt in escape artist, 2 pts in miss missery, and then 6 pts in precision. 2pts in fade, 2 pts in Contortionist, 1 pt in ghost walk. first column on the left it's okay to have the auto attack skill for now, but I would have the following skill pts going down. 0,1, 1, 2, 3, 1. Because you have the 1 pt in the cat fight skill, I would leave it as be with skill pts going down at 1,1,1,2,3,0. As you level up you want to increase slaughter and hack n slash. But also add pts into flare, and either death blow or Crippler if you want to use them. When you are at the level you want to be at for farming let me know and I can give you a suggestion for that level. Mind you this is a suggestion and you really need to use good care in learning your character when you farm so that you can limit mistakes and maximize your damage without being too weak to defend from boss attacks.
  16. @q2ewq2we@Daddy I am noticing that there's a lot of posts coming in the suggestion section of the forum instead of the general sections. Unless it's an actual suggestion to improve the game it should be made in a different section. The News - is for GM's/GS's to release information about the game, the general public shouldn't post here. Events - Unless you are making an event that you are hosting and following through with it, then GM's/GS's should be the only ones to post here. Which Daddy can we have a summer event? General Discussion - great for topics like this where people can post inquires and topics to discuss in general. It can be from what is the best character for farming, best over all character, people can discuss how useful skills are, which DGs are good for farming. Guides and Tutorials - This is your basic SB specific help section. We discuss gears for characters, Skill trees builds for characters, where to find certain items, how to farm certain DGs, basically it's your how to section. If you need help on how to do something this is a good place to look or post questions on how to if it hasn't been covered. This is also a good place to post a video of a particular BG run that you get stuck at not completing or show how to complete it with a particular character. Often people can make a post for a time run in a BG where they show their time to complete a BG so people try to beat that time or learn how to complete that BG faster. Suggestions - this is a good place for making a suggested change to the game or for different items to add to the weekly AP gift boxes that you buy with AP. Mind you that the weekly boxes has it's own post thread and should use that rather than creating your own for that item. But you can suggest in game changes to help improve the game or ask for an event to be created if you feel that it could help increase player activity. Which again Daddy about that summer event? Community - For posting that you are looking to buy or sell a particular item. You can post that you are looking for a guild or that your guild is looking for members in a particular faction. You can ask for help leveling a character or help to get a character de-exp. Just so you know de-exp is where you have your character die by in game mobs so that it loses exp to keep it from leveling up. There are many players that wish to not level up certain characters so that it can be used in lower tier groups for one reason or another, often to pvp over bosses in a particular pvp map that higher level characters can't enter. It's not uncommon for players to have a character at each game level group. However, the community post can often be placed in General Discussions as well if you are sharing videos of your recent pvp battle that took place. Forum Chat Box - It's always good to use the forum Chat if you are looking for quick answers or just want to talk. Mind you that the chat can get reset or it takes awhile for somebody to respond that your question can go unanswered or cleared that a post might be the best place for it. If you look at the bottom of the main forum page you can see who is online and if they play a particular game you want to ask them about. Though again many people are often afk and just there because they have the webpage open just not active. Never use the chat box to discuss tickets or discipline actions taken on you or others. Just don't flame on people in any post and probably report posts or comments that are offensive where they attack you verbally or threaten you.
  17. I think for them to add any game to the server they would need to hire another GM to the game. With it being a game from 2009 I don't think they would be inclined to bring it to Vendetta as there are plenty of players that come back every so often hoping that Bash will back the game he monitored. Not to mention that they would have to get the rights to host the game and they would also want the rights to alter the game as they see fit so that players don't get stuck at end level not doing anything more. Not all games are killed by Aeria games, some games are killed by their developer because the developer refuses to release new content for the game.
  18. @Daddy I think this post belongs more in the general section not the suggestion section due to the nature of the question as it isn't asking for any improvements, just a question about the game in general.
  19. It's not hard to reach lvl 35. However, not all skills for every character is available at 35. If you are looking to see the animation of each skill of each character the question is why? Some skill animations don't show on opponents, unless of course they are supposed to and either the game needs to fix that or the player is cheating. Take fade for the SW, I can see the animation when I use that skill, but other SW's I don't really see the animation for it though I do see them disappear.
  20. If you are farming DGs where you are attacking just the boss no mobs, you want to focus a lot on the solo targets or skills with high dps. If you are mob running with that you want to focus on AOE skills. Atk gear Should be crit atk based with focused on Crit atk randoms and jewels. You can use pvp gear or pve gear as results will be the same when farming pve. You can add crit rate randoms if you want, but for the most part in my farming experience the precision will make up where you lack in it. Weapon - personal choice at 65 is Epsilon or Lota. Theta and eta will give you more ch-atk, though crit atk is better because it increases damage from both physical and ch-atks when they work and you will crit often. Gloves - like Epsilon and Lota will give you more void pierce, while Theta and eta will give you more ch-atk, I use eta because of pvp, but the choice is really your preference. Bangle - Kappa with the 2 atk stats and 4 other stats non-enhanced will give more damage than the one with 2 atk stats and 6 other stats non-enhanced. That doesn't mean don't enhance them, just the stats without the blue values is what you want to count. Armour gear - SW's best def skills are eva/ch-eva so keep that in mind. you want to focus on eva, resistance, and void. Randoms I would use eva with eva jewels. Suit - Theta and eta are good for ch-eva and ch-resist, but terrible on eva and void. While Epsilon and Lota are good for eva and void. I prefer Lota and epsilon for the eva and void. Knee guards - looking at stats, it can be any type will do good. I use eta for pvp and pve, because you get more eva and ch-eva. Epsilon and Lota will give you more void, Def, and HP. So, it's up to you as both will work. Shoes - I use eta as it has higher eva and ch-eva. Theta will give you the same results. Espilon and Lota will give you only slightly higher void and def. Though they have higher crit-eva, but you won't benefit from in in pve since if they can't land a hit they won't land a critical hit either. Accessories - Eva, Ch-atk, and crit atk are best focused in DGs except one where eva doesn't help you neither will ch-eva. Spy/killer full will max your eva, ch-resist, and crit atk, but lacks ch-atk damage. Ghost/wizard full will max your ch-eva and ch-atk, but lacks crit-atk damage, eva, and ch-resist. Personally - Ghost/wizard on everything but rings. Use killer rings. If you run TT and fail a lot use Spy/killer till you get used to running that DG and then use ghost/wizard with killer rings. Skill points to use regardless to DG run type. Some have required skill pts in other skills before you can use them. Passive atk - 20pts Fade - 2pts ghost walk - 3pts (helps remove 2 debuffs when necessary) Shadow strike - 4pts void slash - 4pts Poison Smoke - 6pts escape artist - 1pt miss misery - 2pts precision - 8pts Slaughter - 13pts contortionist - 2pts (required for other skills you need) Skill points to use in DGs with mob runs and any TT runs. Flare - 8pts Shadow dance - 10pts Twilight - 8 pts Double blow - 1pt hack n slash - 1pt fatal thrust - 2pts crippler - 3pts deathblow - 3pts secret charge - 1 or non- that's if you like to use it to quickly get up to the enemy quickly you mostly will be up and personal with them so it's up to you. resergent sting - 4, 3, 2, or no points. If you don't use 1pt in secret charge you can put 4pts in sting. For every pt in secret charge you reduce what you can have. However, if you opt to not use sting or secret charge, put the points in crippler or hack n slash. Skill points to use in DGs boss only runs and no TT runs. Keep in mind Stuns and disables have no effect on bosses only mobs are effected by stuns but not disables. max Hack n slash Optional routes to choose to do with Deathblow - 12pts with 5pts in twilight or 2 pts in flare or crippler, 11pts or crippler 3 pts, shadow dance 3pts, 5pts in sting This is all what I recommend on this character if you want to go other routes with skills that's up to you. Once you have max gear and rank 2 jewels (rare work just as good as unique), then any DG is doable with just about any skill tree build. The shadow walker is the fastest character to get to a boss and start attacking it which can lead to being the fastest DG run character in game. This is done by either walking to the boss in fade, going into mech and using fade, or just biking to the boss and use ghost walk once all the mobs surround you so you can disperse them without having to attack them. The PU can do the same as the SW can with ghost walk. The problem with the PU fade skill and Ghost walk skill with mobs following you is that some mobs in TT will pull you like a ping pong all over the map and waste your time in the DG, the other is that you have to wait for mobs to catch up and that requires you to have high def to not die till they all get there which can result in them killing you before they are all there.
  21. are you going for Mobs or just bosses? SW or PU are your best boss run characters because you can avoid having to take on mobs. SW can easily pass any mob undetected and if it does gather any mob it can disperse them. Built right the SW can farm just as fast if not faster than the PU on boss runs because of their ability to completely avoid mobs while the PU can get stuck in corridors like those in TT/AT where mobs pull you all over the place. If you are doing a complete run pretty much any character that can kill large number of mobs quickly is a good option with the right build. SW and PU here again if you find that you gathered too many mobs at once can disperse them and go back to gathering them slowly. WH and DE can tank large number of mobs. If you are farming world bosses, outside Amara I've taken on any boss with a SW and out DPS'd any character in the game with the exception of some PU's and CB's, but that was also with a previous build not my current build where I maxed my DPS output for farming. A well build SW is pretty much a good all around character for boss and full runs in DGs and we have some pretty fast in DGs boss runs. Mind you though if you go the route of high DPS DG runs on a SW, PvP makes it very vulnerable though great against tanks not so great against other types characters. It can become semi more formidable against characters who are unbuffed.
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