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  1. Uhn... I have played more to the WH and as far as I know, the WH depends more on the ATKs per chakra than on the normal ATKs, in their gravity skills they reduce defense, ATK power (Crit. Rate and Crit-ATK) and chakra resistance so you need Ch-ACC, Ch-ATK or Crit. Rate.
  2. I have a question!... Does the "VOID" statistic apart from reducing normal damage also reduces damage per chakra?. Meooow!!!. Cute kitty the who reads it!... X3, XD
  3. Filomeow!... Filomeow meow-❤️!...

    I love you!... I love you!... I love you!... I love you!...


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    2. u66a5t9cuqdw
  4. Uhn, it's a shame it can't be done, it would have been very interesting!.
  5. As well as the articles called: Elementary Hexweave that add 2 random stat to the items, there should be one to change the stat but only to the rare items for example, the weapon that a boss drops me... Gammachic Scourge: Min. ATK, Max ATK, ACC, Ch-ACC and Crit. Rate, true!. With the item that I am imagining, it would help me to change the stats of my weapon the way I want including the rest of the rare items... Gammachic Scourge: Min. ATK, Max ATK, ACC, Max Ch-ATK and Crit. Rate. Gammachic Gloves: Min. ATK, Max ATK, DEF, Ch-ACC and Min. Ch-ATK. Gammachic Shoes: EVA, VOID, Ch-EVA and Move SPD. Gammachic Kneep: DEF, VOID, Ch-EVA and Max HP%. Gammachic Suit: DEF, VOID, Ch-EVA and Max HP. Gammachic Helmet: DEF, VOID, Ch-EVA and Max CP. And it shouldn't be that hard to get those items as well as the jewelry!.
  6. Meow meow-X( !... I already knew what GoddessSand wrote, i want it is they to enjoy Lv. 17 as well as Lv. 27, search for items, take advantage of the Battle (Janu) and go to dungeons Lvs. 10 and 19!. Hi Filomeow-X), A cat hug for you!.
  7. This could be something interesting, my suggestion is that... Instead of the level to lose EXP being level 27 it should be more like level 17! ... Is would take advantage of looking for items, parts of the suit level 10 and 19, go to the battle between fractions and see if or check if one manages to defeat the boss of Enocia CX-1 Destroyer!.
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