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  1. I think for them to add any game to the server they would need to hire another GM to the game. With it being a game from 2009 I don't think they would be inclined to bring it to Vendetta as there are plenty of players that come back every so often hoping that Bash will back the game he monitored. Not to mention that they would have to get the rights to host the game and they would also want the rights to alter the game as they see fit so that players don't get stuck at end level not doing anything more. Not all games are killed by Aeria games, some games are killed by their developer because the developer refuses to release new content for the game.
  2. @Daddy I think this post belongs more in the general section not the suggestion section due to the nature of the question as it isn't asking for any improvements, just a question about the game in general.
  3. It's not hard to reach lvl 35. However, not all skills for every character is available at 35. If you are looking to see the animation of each skill of each character the question is why? Some skill animations don't show on opponents, unless of course they are supposed to and either the game needs to fix that or the player is cheating. Take fade for the SW, I can see the animation when I use that skill, but other SW's I don't really see the animation for it though I do see them disappear.
  4. If you are farming DGs where you are attacking just the boss no mobs, you want to focus a lot on the solo targets or skills with high dps. If you are mob running with that you want to focus on AOE skills. Atk gear Should be crit atk based with focused on Crit atk randoms and jewels. You can use pvp gear or pve gear as results will be the same when farming pve. You can add crit rate randoms if you want, but for the most part in my farming experience the precision will make up where you lack in it. Weapon - personal choice at 65 is Epsilon or Lota. Theta and eta will give you more ch-atk, though crit atk is better because it increases damage from both physical and ch-atks when they work and you will crit often. Gloves - like Epsilon and Lota will give you more void pierce, while Theta and eta will give you more ch-atk, I use eta because of pvp, but the choice is really your preference. Bangle - Kappa with the 2 atk stats and 4 other stats non-enhanced will give more damage than the one with 2 atk stats and 6 other stats non-enhanced. That doesn't mean don't enhance them, just the stats without the blue values is what you want to count. Armour gear - SW's best def skills are eva/ch-eva so keep that in mind. you want to focus on eva, resistance, and void. Randoms I would use eva with eva jewels. Suit - Theta and eta are good for ch-eva and ch-resist, but terrible on eva and void. While Epsilon and Lota are good for eva and void. I prefer Lota and epsilon for the eva and void. Knee guards - looking at stats, it can be any type will do good. I use eta for pvp and pve, because you get more eva and ch-eva. Epsilon and Lota will give you more void, Def, and HP. So, it's up to you as both will work. Shoes - I use eta as it has higher eva and ch-eva. Theta will give you the same results. Espilon and Lota will give you only slightly higher void and def. Though they have higher crit-eva, but you won't benefit from in in pve since if they can't land a hit they won't land a critical hit either. Accessories - Eva, Ch-atk, and crit atk are best focused in DGs except one where eva doesn't help you neither will ch-eva. Spy/killer full will max your eva, ch-resist, and crit atk, but lacks ch-atk damage. Ghost/wizard full will max your ch-eva and ch-atk, but lacks crit-atk damage, eva, and ch-resist. Personally - Ghost/wizard on everything but rings. Use killer rings. If you run TT and fail a lot use Spy/killer till you get used to running that DG and then use ghost/wizard with killer rings. Skill points to use regardless to DG run type. Some have required skill pts in other skills before you can use them. Passive atk - 20pts Fade - 2pts ghost walk - 3pts (helps remove 2 debuffs when necessary) Shadow strike - 4pts void slash - 4pts Poison Smoke - 6pts escape artist - 1pt miss misery - 2pts precision - 8pts Slaughter - 13pts contortionist - 2pts (required for other skills you need) Skill points to use in DGs with mob runs and any TT runs. Flare - 8pts Shadow dance - 10pts Twilight - 8 pts Double blow - 1pt hack n slash - 1pt fatal thrust - 2pts crippler - 3pts deathblow - 3pts secret charge - 1 or non- that's if you like to use it to quickly get up to the enemy quickly you mostly will be up and personal with them so it's up to you. resergent sting - 4, 3, 2, or no points. If you don't use 1pt in secret charge you can put 4pts in sting. For every pt in secret charge you reduce what you can have. However, if you opt to not use sting or secret charge, put the points in crippler or hack n slash. Skill points to use in DGs boss only runs and no TT runs. Keep in mind Stuns and disables have no effect on bosses only mobs are effected by stuns but not disables. max Hack n slash Optional routes to choose to do with Deathblow - 12pts with 5pts in twilight or 2 pts in flare or crippler, 11pts or crippler 3 pts, shadow dance 3pts, 5pts in sting This is all what I recommend on this character if you want to go other routes with skills that's up to you. Once you have max gear and rank 2 jewels (rare work just as good as unique), then any DG is doable with just about any skill tree build. The shadow walker is the fastest character to get to a boss and start attacking it which can lead to being the fastest DG run character in game. This is done by either walking to the boss in fade, going into mech and using fade, or just biking to the boss and use ghost walk once all the mobs surround you so you can disperse them without having to attack them. The PU can do the same as the SW can with ghost walk. The problem with the PU fade skill and Ghost walk skill with mobs following you is that some mobs in TT will pull you like a ping pong all over the map and waste your time in the DG, the other is that you have to wait for mobs to catch up and that requires you to have high def to not die till they all get there which can result in them killing you before they are all there.
  5. are you going for Mobs or just bosses? SW or PU are your best boss run characters because you can avoid having to take on mobs. SW can easily pass any mob undetected and if it does gather any mob it can disperse them. Built right the SW can farm just as fast if not faster than the PU on boss runs because of their ability to completely avoid mobs while the PU can get stuck in corridors like those in TT/AT where mobs pull you all over the place. If you are doing a complete run pretty much any character that can kill large number of mobs quickly is a good option with the right build. SW and PU here again if you find that you gathered too many mobs at once can disperse them and go back to gathering them slowly. WH and DE can tank large number of mobs. If you are farming world bosses, outside Amara I've taken on any boss with a SW and out DPS'd any character in the game with the exception of some PU's and CB's, but that was also with a previous build not my current build where I maxed my DPS output for farming. A well build SW is pretty much a good all around character for boss and full runs in DGs and we have some pretty fast in DGs boss runs. Mind you though if you go the route of high DPS DG runs on a SW, PvP makes it very vulnerable though great against tanks not so great against other types characters. It can become semi more formidable against characters who are unbuffed.
  6. Just curious if when maintenance is done and the mystery box is updated that there could be a picture or list of the costumes/bikes placed in the mystery box on the maintenance page? If you list the items then have a link to the costume post where we can view the costumes that are in or can go into the mystery box? Also, what if there was a low grade and/or higher grade mystery box, where common items are different quality? Like a low, mid, or high or just a low and high grade. These mystery boxes would be valued differently, but would add some extra special items in them like a bike key, pet expansion slot spanners, or even a face paint? You would keep some common items, but add items that are a bit more special along with the costumes so that somebody might try their luck with spending a bit more.
  7. Since the game is only on one server, the next option is for you to put in your secondary passcode. This passcode is helpful to keep hackers from getting into your account and ruining your life. It does take some time for it to load because you have to run the Anti-cheat system before it loads the game. I don't know if you have the game stored on a HDD or SSD, but it loads rather quickly on a SSD if you have decent RAM and CPU.
  8. That pet skin is a Halloween pet skin and will probably show up sometime in October unless it's in AH now. I think it might be called the Jack Skeleton pet skin.
  9. The thing is that VGN has provided that information though the patch notes if you want to read through them. Asking Daddy about pulling all that information into something we can easily find is what you are asking. It's either asking Daddy to create a spreadsheet or they see if they can get Limeox's stuff updated. There are some things that aren't different on Limeox's stuff and really it's 60+ content that is different from what I know. So, if you want to know about 59 and lower loot, Limeox has that information I believe. If you want 60+, there's patch notes for it.
  10. Limeox doesn't play SB and any update to his stuff would have to be done by those who know him and let him know of changes and that's if they're willing to make those changes. The link below is Daddy's spreadsheets to replace Limeox's links. Though it doesn't have a loot drop spreadsheet, if you ask Daddy nicely maybe he can make one for us. @Daddy
  11. What I have set to windows 7 compatibility C:\Vendetta Gaming Network\Scarlet Blade Vendetta\SB.exe C:\Vendetta Gaming Network\Scarlet Blade Vendetta\SBLauncher.exe C:\Vendetta Gaming Network\Scarlet Blade Vendetta\xigncode\xm.exe And Desktop Shortcut But also what are your computer specs? maybe you have game settings too high?
  12. Just thought I would check on this as it looks really odd with the two different drop types for CP. As for the rest, it's more suggested changes that I would hope bring more life into the BGs. Farming for loot seems to be more of the current players base than pvp as pvp'ing for bosses is at an all time low of not happening if players are even killing bosses in the first place, but I do have suggestions that I think could increase that it's just for a different topic. BG's could just use a bit of revamping.
  13. This might belong in suggestions section or in quality of life post, but I'm tired and posted it here, change location if you want. After entering several BGs at level 65 the Loot on RG side is different than loot on FK side. The question is by how much? Are the drop rates the same? How similar are the drops? And what should they be? Here's what I've noticed FK side gets 500 cp pots in 2nd ark from bikes while RG players benefit from 700 cp pots. That leads me to believe that drop tables are not the same. Now many players will swear that one faction over the other gets better drops or at least more frequent drops of special items. With the differences in CP pots, regardless of how insignificant those CP pots are, the drop tables are different on each side. So, I recommend to do an overhaul on BGs to line up drops more accurate for both sides with their drop tables, check the drop rates, and also re-evaluate what special items drop in BGs and how frequent. Items specifically that I think need adjustments are as follows - lvl 65 specifically. CP pots - changed to 1000 or 800 values pots Unique Earrings - can be removed and placed into DTO dungeon (since players don't frequent that DG and those that need earrings still can farm that DG again.) Unique Costumes - Bunny tux and Nurse outfit can go into DTO all others can go into TT Unique Costumes Hats - All hats(wigs and uni bunny ears too) into TP and 2nd ark Unique Weapon Skins - can go into Amara bosses. Unique Face paints - NB(AI, Head Snatcher, and Abandon) and AK(Vanguard, Towers, Urka, Life support, and Chest) Hexweaves - remove individual 1, 2, and 3 and put in packages pink and Purple, Candies - add to TP and 2nd ark. This could help encourage farmers to enter BGs so they have better luck farming DTO, TT, and DS Coins - Move 1g to guards in TP, add 3g to chests in TP, add 5g to bikes in 2nd ark. That should help people finish coin achievement. Hypo packages - only use one type for the entire game. Lvl 3 hypos say that you just need to be lvl 10 to use and are tradable, not sure if that means a lvl 65 player can give a level 15 player these and be more powerful than those who are using lvl 1 or 2. Not sure if true, but if so either fix this so lower level players can't use them beyond their level or just remove all lvl 1 and 2 hypos in the game and replace with lvl 3. Also, there are 2 different packages floating around with the same lvl 3 hypos, 2nd ark has both types for RG to loot, not sure on FK side wasn't paying attention at the time. Remove 1 of the 2 packages so that only 1 package exist or merge them so that both packages can be stacked together so it doesn't split the stacks into 2 causing increased inventory space issues. Unique Trinkets - Place can be kept in AK I guess, but the DS DG would be a good place for them. Unique 50~59 accessories - can be removed from AK and NB since players can craft them Pass cards - can remove all standard pass cards from BGs lvl 60+ including AK and NB, we can't use them at this level anyway. Replace with Legendary and/or TT pass card replicubues. Rank Points - To get people into BGs and hopefully PvP more, add Rank Point chips, namely 1k. Also, give 500RP from Chests, guards, and Bike when killed. If possible winners get 10k RP and Losers 5k? or 5k and 1k? Something to say hey stop farming RP come play the actual game? Jewels normal - I would like to see more Jewel replicubes in BGs, but instead of the replicubes for individual jewels have the jewel replicube box that stacks so it takes up less space. As a matter of fact, just remove all jewel replicubes from loot drops in BGs and DGs and use the replicube box instead including inside TT. Ancient Jewels replicube Box - Add to all BGs including AK and NB. Like with normal jewels use only the box as loot so players can save bag space. Jewel SG - Not sure if they drop in AK or NB(don't attend much due to time it happens, but have recently a few times) but could drop more on AI since nobody is killing Aba even if one faction outnumbers the other. Reason is that Aba is too difficult to waste time on, often Headsnatcher isn't even killed. In AK they could be placed as loot for Vanguard and Urka. Not sure what else to mention here but BGs could use a bit of a revamping.
  14. Update drops in BGs. Instead of dropping the individual Hexweaves, why not drop the entire package since people don't have unlimited space. Also, instead of 500 and 700 CP pots, why not 800 and 1000 or all just 1000 CP for 60+ BGs.
  15. Well, you can always just add the item merchant up on the top of the ledge in NB and not at the entry area. It does have guards up there even though nobody can actually fly up there to kill somebody.
  16. @VoidIndigo Try switching the game to run in windows 7 compatibility if you are running windows 10
  17. @Vivi and @Daddy Just so you are aware, the link in the help section for the SB common issues for the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable package is no longer available for both the x86 and x64. I believe that this is the new link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26999 Otherwise somebody might want create a file share for the exact files you need. I have them but can't just send them to you here though I can send it over discord.
  18. 71 million, 581 thousand, 909 minutes of NB
  19. multiple Jewel boxes at once rather than 1 at a time. Having it 10x, 50x, 100x, or 255x. would be good.
  20. Maybe it should say Wanted has been posted, all parties show up for a BG. When it comes to the wanteds I have over 300 on both my FK and RG toons or even more. Lost track as I don't use them since they are a pain to use with all those players who use greek letters in their name. I personally don't care if somebody posts a wanted on me, it's their gold. However, I do see that it can be used as a form of harassment when players repeat it over and over again as I've seen them do it while I was in a BG with others. They do it to show how weak my SW is vs the other player in the BG, but it's not hard to kill a SW 1 on 1 since the SW's have no protection in 1 vs 1 unless you call that pathetic 10 seconds of buffs protection. They are also great at giving me a warning when a player is about to attack when they say that my SW was given a wanted. I don't understand the removal of the names when a wanted is placed since you can always tell who got the wanted when they are killed it tells who killed them and who died. If you really want to identify the harasser then you should identify who placed the wanted every time. I do know that there were people that made a joke about the wanteds in seeing how high the wanted can get before that person was killed. Thought it was funny when somebody reached over 1k on labeling a wanted person. The only time wanteds do get annoying though are when a player is in a BG and all you see is player A killed player B over and over again as if it's some grand feat for that player. Would be interesting that if a player puts a bounty on somebody that one gets placed on them at the same time.
  21. Wondering if we could get the Bike snares to be used on players who are on a bike and be used while we are both on or off a bike?
  22. This sounds like the teacher who covered herself in feces and blamed it on one of her students. I wouldn't put it past some players to do this in the game. Though I can pretty much name the player(s) who would put a wanted on me as a means of harassment without even needing to know which of the players in the game are doing it.
  23. There's a reason that Guards were buffed so high in Viledon, Nemesis, Ellis(yes here too), and Amara and that was due to the number of spawn campers attacking players over and over again with hospital groups. Sorry if you remove or nerf guards you ruin the game. Just out of curiosity why are guards to OP in BGs then? I've asked for them to be slightly nerfed, yet nobody is asking for those to get nerfed.
  24. wrong, oh so very wrong. I've been killed and watched people killed repeatedly after respawning without using a pot or anything. Sorry you are just wrong.
  25. In some cases you do have a split second to logout, but lets say you do logout at the spawn because of zerg only log back in during another zerg hospital and keep getting caught in them?
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