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  1. No the original devs did not make them. I’m not sure if Vivi can do anything, not sure how she even added facepaint since it wasn’t in original sb.
  2. kind of a weird build but if you just want to pve this will give you continious dmg and some tankiness and debuffs to keep mobs from killing you. cater this to your lvl as you see fit. move around things if you want. kept auto atk even tho most people dont have it. its just useful to have for lvling if you have gaps in rotation. https://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=1&l=11&s=a0a1000011a138c8539286007
  3. Hi Everyone, Super excited to be working on the patch! Banana and I have a lot of ideas, but we wanted to see if any of you had something on your mind you would like to be in game. Feel free to post below about anything. Even a type of quest you would like. Your suggestions will be reviewed and discussed among the GS team, but we will be keeping it a surprise for release. Some things for you to help start off: Do you have a favorite NPC or mob, which ones? Is there a specific type of quest you like? Collection, escort, ect. What should we do to help new players? I'm currently working on good free gear per cap. If we were to do more Horde style spawns (zombie/evergreen), how should we incorporate it to the new pvp map? How many bosses should the map have? Kill off Bikini in the game storyline ***** NOT DISCUSSING SKILLS YET
  4. I was talking with Vivi to make the Saturday one a different time. I would love for there to be a better NA//SA time slot. I’m on pacific time zone and ak and bunker have always been shet for me at both times lol
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I think Vivi will be doing this!
  6. drop/reward permanent or just for events?
  7. o. o rip yeh I’m sure she can change it. ALSO Vivi is a 100% open to changing all nb and ak times to any time of day. So if anyone has suggestions post below!
  8. Well fix the exp and I’m sure Vivi will fix that for both of you. Unfortunately we cant till next week.
  9. o. o so just the lvl 49 gigas?
  10. Which mechs and which evergreens
  11. Arkana! I am so confused!! Where did all of our Christmas Trees go?? Do you think Sinclair might know? They must be around here somewhere..... Gosh, I really hope nothing bad has happened to them. Santa will be real mad at me. I even told him Mereholt will be a great and safe place to grow new Evergreen! I think I'm going to get fired!!! Please Help! - Sally
  12. Acc/chacc are the most important. Then you can get defensive ones like crit void, dot reduc, hp, resist. You may or may not want move speed since Wh is slow. Cp chip is necessary. And you can decide from all of these or if you want dps the ch atk or phys attack might help. Fetch, gold, drop rate for loot lol. pet exp for faster pet leveling pet stuff is kinda up to you for like half of the chips. You will need a pet expansion from item mall to max all ur chip slots. And farm drasil hard mode in mere holt for materials to craft r2 chips
  13. The 35s for some reason lost their size increase not sure how. But they were essentially same size as our majors now.
  14. Lol yeah I have mine at 150%. These aren’t my ideas just found them. If it doesn’t work for you then not sure what else. For me full screen for some reason was normal. But I hate full screen I usually do windowed but the top one I think fixed it?
  15. C---...mander! Can y-..- h...r me? We h----e rep.....rts of dan-.......-----us monsters in Me---h----lt. My theory --...... - ....--Lich's un--...ngs-...--- h..----- come out to ----........ We ne----.... to fini--............ ---.... once and for --...... Kill any in--.......ctd being on sight and b---...rn the c--..pse. I a...---gize, our conne--......on to the ..-----r seems to be str--......g, there is a p---....bility that the L-...'s mi.--....s are messing with our fr---....ncy. M-...t me -... Mereholt -..n. - Sinclair
  16. party lag cant be fixed. this issue can only be fixed by reducing the major mech scaling. if thats someothing people want then we can reduce it but one of the main popular features of the majors are their size.
  17. oh yeah i had this issue for awhile. and then another game i play had a fix for it and it helped in both. If you right-click the launcher while totally closed and go to properties, then go to compatibility and then press on "change high dpi settings" it'll open another window and in here on the bottom option check "override high dpi scaling behavior" and select on "scaling performed by:" system(enhanced). Or uncheck it if its marked. This should work. You can also try to change the scale and layout to 100% under display settings on your desktop or change your display resolution.(right click). This issue is a resolution issue and sb is a old game with nob programers.
  18. Oh wow this reminded of an old idea. I’ll see what we can do for next patch.
  19. Yeah I had ultimate plans but kept pushing it off for other content. I wonder if I have time in this patch or just save for after 😬
  20. yeh liveplex said fuk medic for the ult CD cus phoenix song is awful except for being a rnadom immo i use to troll but then i cant rx fury ;/
  21. Oh yeah. Trying to fix the icons on 4 cyberskin and 4 mechs was a headache lol
  22. from where we’re going it’s Gunn’s have to be a blend of both or it won’t work, Altho leaning more on the original versions calculations. Yes there are actually good improvements we will prob have to keep. Something do need buffs /nerfs/fixes from 54 version. I’ll just say it will be a lot easier to fix going back to original sb because the calculation that Luna and I have been trying to fix just have exponentially made it hard to balance. It is not 100% going back because of state of game and content we have. @Joelvtx dots are one of those things it will be stronger than 54s calcs but cheaper than now. Another thing to keep may be certain classes passives. not sure on anything yet tho. I am not able to start anything skill wise until Vivi can finish putting the old version in test. We are working on the rest of the patch tho.
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