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  1. Well, im already on the highway to hell... so why not Also theres no interesting movies that i havent seen before and you know this isnt a case? Also it involves me reporting to all if there's any bots on the server?
  2. Lets see, he has headshot, spiral arrow and his last. 3 abilities that stun/freeze and flashbang which isnt a stun if not a disarm
  3. Why not make it one way from archer,mage and swordie into MA(who i will remind you all that doesnt have good clv equipment) which makes this more balanced and to do this, you will require to pay a certain amounts of gold?
  4. Well, when i said me its cause in comparison i farm sometimes 24 hours(coffees and more to be awake that long period) and normally i see people farming only 1 to 4 hours, then theres some that farm 7 hours or more Usually i just use it to make a comparison between me and other players, but I wouldn't list a full essay about it Also what could be useful to the people in nostale?? Ah, maybe an joke trophy to release some tilt or anger after a bad day? An necessarily fix for mystical arts ? Or a new Halloween or special raid? Seriously considering it easy, it isnt easy to find something that is new or can be added except the QoL changes(which i suck at honestly) For me it doesnt have to be useful to be implemented, it can be a joke of an weapon or trophy or even an entire new class made just for the purpose of having one? I mean come on, its hard to find any idea that fits perfectly with these people and when you have it then other people starts complaining that its too boring or other things , so instead yeah i do what i see got either a fun part to it or fits the whole community Also i normally make these posts to see if theres anything wrong or it has a balance issue
  5. Well, depends what you like All classes need to smash the keyboard Im a sleepy head, sorry >_<
  6. Emmm, check a npc named Armored Bash in Nosville, they give you a free set of r6 + 6~8 each 20lvs until 80 and then again at lv 90 I believe? Dont complain, marcial artists doesnt get anything execpt from their starting equipment and if you like me who doesnt make money then you are screwed until after dying a lot of times and obtaining the first sp , cant do decent damage also has a trade requirement of lv 93+30 and 2,5m reputation Anything more u wanna "complain" about? Cause theres many who have done sp 4 without doing the requirements at all. Its just an normal grind and have a good time until you get 3kk(which u can legit get in 1 or 2 days of massive farming in maple forest) soo, if its too hard for you then, just get good at the damn game ! with all my respects and love to you
  7. Well, thats why im searching for the "truth" Also im not crying for attention, its just cause theres someone who likes to hide or close my thread because of some reasons ect... nothing more miss vivi ? Also i said its maybe related to these "fake/unfair" bans , also cause its my hobby to hunt bots, i got nothing to do soo i do that Really, I appreciate that you are saying this but im not the same as before Now I search for the answers and yes maybe you guys were right all along about this, but then what should i do without an inspiration as maybe finding something dark or mysterious. TL;DR im bored
  8. Well maybe changing the damage to be random also , most likely to just deal 100 or 1000 per hit Also, theres none who really farms so much like me(maybe other people does it for only 1 hour or at maximum 7+hours if they are determined to make something)
  9. Well my idea is simple, make an trophy that can drop by any mob! But its a very low 0,00000000000000000002% that it has the chance to drop , however(by mobs you mean those in ts and raids ect , no please) its dropped by mobs that are not special maps(ts,pts,rts ,raids you name it) , it will drop in a normal map(only +83 has the chance of drop of this trophy) However , when it comes to stats/effects Theres a slight chance of an extra drop by any monster in a normal map! Theres a 100% chance that u will cast an random skill(even from other sps and such(it converts an skill into another and then an random skill again(only basic attacks))(you can only use basic attacks and buffs) Theres a 100% of doing a random debuff/buff when buffing/debuffing(applied to all buff/debuff skills) Theres a 1% of seeing bash saying that hes a weeb ( i gotcha there ,we all know it !) I would say, yes this is a joke trophy that is done for the most RNG hard players only !!! And yes it sounds stupid, but this might be a bit OP but is balanced with the % of getting it , also is maybe going to be a challenge for many to get hold of this joke Trophy . For not mentioning , that all games has some joke weapons/equipment(EE has an fcking watermelon sword )
  10. I know, but im the kinda person to leave no stone unturned Cause it can happen , not that it isnt impossible. Also i love to see if its real or not cause im a curious one .
  11. Nayxa

    My suggestion

    I would say -/+ 1 cause actually i would say it can be done if we put an Massive Cooldown between classes and it costs like 1kkk then it "would" be "balanced But same issue as the other said , soo yeah
  12. Well, if didnt look Theres a lot of people that have scout, its more because of their high single target combo and a buff that caps criticals. However sp 1 and 2 are still good options though... so your choice of what you feel comfortable with. But theres 8 different options available(not counting the miscellaneous sps, like jaja or pirate) all of them are viable!
  13. UwU ill leave you a note if i see one (i legit know your IGN)
  14. This is the thread where I search for bots on all channels in order to make reports on whats really going on with bots in Nostale I will start from channel 2 and down , then (the less % chance to see a bot(ch 1)) will not be investigated , note that i will only say the amount of total bots each and everyday 16-09-2019 CH 2(14:20-14:54) : 0 CH 3(14:55-15:20) : 0 CH 4 (15:25- 15:51) : 0 CH 5 (15:52-16:12) : 0 CH 6 (16:14-16:30) : 0 CH 7 (16:40 - 17:03) : 0 CH 8 (17:05 - 17:24) : 0 CH 9 (17: 26 - 17:43): 0 Notes Either im blind or the staff team has just cleaned all bots(Good Job btw) but that brings me to this question, if theres no bots(yet to be seen) then why are there people saying that they have been banned "unfairly" by the staff team of botting on the server or just some guy who uses bot that deserve to be banned? Either way , i dont know yet if this is related or not... As its only 1 day of looking for bots , however its uncertain what this will reveal either. To Our Dear and Amazing Staff Team If you just close this or hide it , it would say more about that you dont wanna see the truth . Also i have an copy of it , just in case
  15. It would be kinda useful , specifically for Martial Artist. We dont have so many options or good equipment as none(except me and maybe one or two) plays it
  16. I had a family that used it a lot, none steal from there
  17. Well, thats to prevent those family botting thingy that was around some time ago and also some gold sellers/buyers can use this I would say it will stay like this also because who the fck moves 100 items per day?
  18. This has been suggested before, heres an link to the previous Well, as before +1 and im begging someone whose name(nickname) starts with B
  19. Nayxa

    Server 2

    Another fact is when they did that on official, some servers where half dead then they lost approximately 10% playerbase
  20. Remember, that the MA sp 1 here cant give buffs away! Welcome back btw
  21. I just wanna be sure but whatever, i forgot it....sorry bash >_<
  22. Nayxa

    dont start

    Can you refer to the game?(you can by adding tag or saying it in the thread, just to help the people wanting to help so they can give you better an more accurate solution to your issue ) But given my time here and the vague description i always get , i would say its either Nostale or Eden Eternal(this is something that i saw newly). The solution is to whitelist the thing , heres a small guide on how to do. If it doesnt help, just reply to this thread and if it solves your issue, then i wish you the best in-game!
  23. We dont discuss about bans here on forum, sorry
  24. I dont think it does, its against the blind effect of the mage
  25. I know that but, i think its more straightforward to do a section only for forum problems. So people doesnt go like hey someone closed my thread cause others said something bad, just for sake of the thing Cause (im maybe wrong here) but sometimes people doesnt dare to file a thing into the ticket system , maybe it helps in some cases And yeah maybe im just hearing hoofbeats and thinking of zebras (if you dont know , then its used to describe rare cases of something)