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  1. I hope to see many more that plays devil hunter, since many players opinion is its "garbage,bad ect" but with these buffs, it might make it a lot better. Apart from bugs mentioned above, u did a good job, i cant wait to see more new things in the game! If "casters"could move while casting , that would be insane since they are almost rooted in place, which could make classes like Life Worshipper a bit more safe when casting in a battlefield. Maybe next time do much more with other Mdmg/support classes , but thanks Jordan-sama for making devil hunter a bit better.
  2. Ahhh, that makes a bit more sense But jordan, isnt there anything we could add? I mean maybe a event dungeon/quest that gives a custom trophy with the symbol of nostale vendetta where there could be a text saying : In memory of Bash and Nostale vendetta(since Bash left shortly after the nostale project was shut down)
  3. I remember when nostale was still up, so now that its down why not make a thing like mounts or similar like the other vendetta old games like twin saga kinda thing? But whatever, it could be nice if there was something to remember the nostale vendetta community its not necessary to make but more like a homage to the nostale vendetta server
  4. Lets see, he has headshot, spiral arrow and his last. 3 abilities that stun/freeze and flashbang which isnt a stun if not a disarm
  5. Well, depends what you like All classes need to smash the keyboard Im a sleepy head, sorry >_<
  6. Emmm, check a npc named Armored Bash in Nosville, they give you a free set of r6 + 6~8 each 20lvs until 80 and then again at lv 90 I believe? Dont complain, marcial artists doesnt get anything execpt from their starting equipment and if you like me who doesnt make money then you are screwed until after dying a lot of times and obtaining the first sp , cant do decent damage also has a trade requirement of lv 93+30 and 2,5m reputation Anything more u wanna "complain" about? Cause theres many who have done sp 4 without doing the requirements at all. Its just an normal grind and have a good time until you get 3kk(which u can legit get in 1 or 2 days of massive farming in maple forest) soo, if its too hard for you then, just get good at the damn game ! with all my respects and love to you
  7. Well, if didnt look Theres a lot of people that have scout, its more because of their high single target combo and a buff that caps criticals. However sp 1 and 2 are still good options though... so your choice of what you feel comfortable with. But theres 8 different options available(not counting the miscellaneous sps, like jaja or pirate) all of them are viable!
  8. Nayxa

    Server 2

    Another fact is when they did that on official, some servers where half dead then they lost approximately 10% playerbase
  9. Remember, that the MA sp 1 here cant give buffs away! Welcome back btw
  10. Nayxa

    dont start

    Can you refer to the game?(you can by adding tag or saying it in the thread, just to help the people wanting to help so they can give you better an more accurate solution to your issue ) But given my time here and the vague description i always get , i would say its either Nostale or Eden Eternal(this is something that i saw newly). The solution is to whitelist the thing , heres a small guide on how to do. If it doesnt help, just reply to this thread and if it solves your issue, then i wish you the best in-game!
  11. We dont discuss about bans here on forum, sorry
  12. I dont think it does, its against the blind effect of the mage
  13. I know that but, i think its more straightforward to do a section only for forum problems. So people doesnt go like hey someone closed my thread cause others said something bad, just for sake of the thing Cause (im maybe wrong here) but sometimes people doesnt dare to file a thing into the ticket system , maybe it helps in some cases And yeah maybe im just hearing hoofbeats and thinking of zebras (if you dont know , then its used to describe rare cases of something)
  14. It was a scam, didnt you notice the noob begging for help ? Also you have the responsibility of your own account , next time check forum if theres any reward and think its too good to be true Also this isnt place in the forum if not in ticket system or contacting a staff member via discord ect Also theres an announcement every x min about fake links ?
  15. Hey there guys , i post this here cause there literally no section in ticket system to relate to forum(for example if some sends you inapropiate things or if you think a ban on the forums was not fair or something like that) @Bash you know that i use the Nostale/General to tell you about these things .So why not make it easier to players to report a thing that happened on the forums to them? This is just a suggestion but theres no tropic named Ticket system or Forum suggestions , so i choose banter Maybe im just overeacting but i think theres some issues with the ticket system to some players , just saying
  16. The pvp stats additionally reduce the pve stats, most players have 2 sets (1 to pvp and one to pve) which is due to someone prefer pvp instead of pve and thats how our wonderful nostale "balance " was made! Thats the Short version
  17. You know gameforge, it could have happened. XD
  18. Well, the first thing to become an OP player is to have completed the trade requirements, so you can trade without problems(unless you make another character) Well u might have noticed that theres resistance against 4 elements , if you bought a set of each in the npc named armored bash, you will have more chances to survive and such. Raids arent a big thing when you are lv 84(unless you count draco/glacerus raids, which gives you sp 6/7) , it starts really when u reach clv 25~48. But as i see no reference to which lv up package, theres one each 20 levels i think? (Until 90) which if it doesnt help you much, theres not much that u can do until lv 92 or clv 25. Mages are squishy, until they get to clv and spanks all the other classes BTW , you need to focus all your points in element /attack or hp/mp, those are the most used option last year And please, do look for a LoD family and get their help to level up to lv 88 then go to act 6 and get help to level up to lv 92~93 via missions
  19. They cant do anything as we cant know if its you or another person and it WAS YOUR Responsibility to keep your account safe from scams and bad stuff. The only option is if you try to recover your password which is
  20. You can earn 1~2kk from a ts, im not saying which one cause is my secret
  21. Oh boi, is that one without cooldown(the name change) ? Cause if it is, my boi that they really fcked up in adding a name changer without cd and someone hacks the game..... Also that strong wing effects combined with other hats stats(theres an item I believe?), idk if it will work if i put the stats of sunny beach instead of the tropical hat/costume
  22. Well , seems im going to stay due to some lack/increased properties in my body, this sucks >_< more time in the hospital, but well it isnt so bad but theres not much i can do with boredom Also gave all reputation point now that i can , thanks guys for being here for me
  23. Jeez, nothing is confirmed to be true yet, even so people are already putting aluminium around their heads (that reminds me of a movie that i saw accidentally long ago ) Seriously, if its not on the news or something reliable, its fake .
  24. Update, i need to have some tests before leaving the hospital which will determine if i need to stay some more days or go home. Im dying of boredom, pls help >_<
  25. Its just some YouTubers that wanna make drama, also yes they shutting down the minor defense nostale private servers , which doesnt have so much influence. But some day, in a far far away galaxy the VGN nostale will eventually close