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  1. Hello hello. I've been wondering quite some things on the game, some being completely illogical, while some other might just be bug or whatever. Let's start . 1st. The BloodKnight human passive is the only one that had been updated. I looked further onto it & found that on the v61 patchnote of the game (20 february 2020) : I mean, alright, but what about zumi & anuran passive then, that BOTH are related to mace? One being cast speed (utterly trash for a bk) & the other being p-atk & m-atk with mace (not bad, but bk can't use a mace for skills soooo... yeah. useless) 2nd. The rainbow ammo KP effect on annihilator (damage +5%) is effective even if you don't select an ammo. bug? intended? 3rd. Why the fk is there even a cast speed kp on the Holy Blade & Darkness Blade KP tree? for fire bomb (?) 4th, that one is more "balance" related, but... why does the greatsword "Mad Defender" even exist, since axe is 10000% better (& better than all weap in game currently, excep maybe weap that have lifesteal or healing effect in general) Those are just random questions i was wondering while playing the game, but the 1st one is the one i'm actually the most curious about. I'll just reply / update this topic if i ever notice i forgot a question. That being said, have a nice day o/
  2. Hello o/ Here for a request for box pet once again (gotta get the collection going) I would like if possible to get : - Dragon Flame Valkyria (Box)✔️09/30/21 With if possible the Brave Thicket Jelly Rabbit (or any green quality pet with fearless soul) on gem altar the same week ✔️09/30/21 Legendary / Summer Koharu
  3. Hello 😄 Box : Robust/Magic Alluring Isolde ✔️09/16/21 Robust/Magic Ethereal Vow Novija✔️09/23/21 Robust/Magic Ghostblade Ren (or actually any sword prayer pet) ty ✔️09/09/21 😛
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