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  1. By dungeons I just meant 0/10 dungeons, I agree trials have enough rewards (at least in the short term of a new patch). Class medal drop is good to compensate for people that cant get them with pvp, but I believe is not enough in terms of gold income since costs keep raising and you keep making the same amount of gold by farming (until new dungeons/areas are released ofc). Regarding ECs I understand your point, adding too many ECs would make them lose their value (thats why I said "rare drop" though) and there isnt a good replacement value wise and yes event rewards could be better than dungeon drops but you guys should be mindful that if its pvp related, and only "top 5" people get them, then its highly likely that the winners of such events will be the players that are already geared (aka: the players that dont need those ec). If you mostly plan to add ECs by events (besides AP/ranking) then, IMO, it should be events that arent pvp/dmg output related, and that they are available for people independant of their time zone. I know this is really hard to do, and thats why I mentioned rare dungeon drops since its something that anyone could do in their free time (independant of time zone and not pvp related), but if the drop is too high then ECs might lose their value as you said, so I understand the issue. Maybe it could be by a dungeon medal system (similar to trial medals and artisan bps, exchange X dgn medals for Y ECs/SS) instead of "rare drops". I also agree with your last point about "pvp loses" being a big activity killer, ive seen people quit after 2 loses (ohno *cof cof*) and thats just sad tbh, but ive heard a lot of "pvp focused" people getting frustrated and quitting because of the "never ending" raise of the cost of items (of stones mostly, which raise because of EC prices) without ways to make up for those raises, so thats a factor as well. In this particular case I believe is a combination of stones being more expensive overtime (without a raising income) + only having 10% success rate (excluding better stones from ranking, which are really few). Its, to say the least, interesting that you could have x30 coral lss and still not be sure that you will get the +10 (or +9) that you want, maybe this could be mitigated if we had a conversion system that turn those x30 stones into x3 (or x2) 75% stones or something like that. So, thinking it this way, I believe server activity could be boosted by raising potential income for f2p (ecs/stones as event rewards/ rare drops from dgns) and/or adding a stone conversion system (x15 10% stones for a 75%, or something along those lines). I guess this should go in suggestion more than discussion, and I deviated to stones at the end im sorry for that (although I believe stones is one of the main issues). Maybe the stone wipe is good enough, we will see.
  2. Hi, I know this has been discussed before but could you add EC as a (rare) drop in dungeons? (NT maybe) Idk if awaken weapons + stone wipe will make server more active or not but the past months or so there has been a low level of activity in the server and im just worried because of it. Business wise the less customers you have the less money you make so this should be important for you. Personally, a lot of people I know have left the server because of it being very expensive + 10% stones being troll (which is another topic for another post) and if you have been watching price trends you would understand their feelings. Imo one of the reasons of this lower activity is that the game is overall really expensive for f2p people, gold wise. Ecs go for 200-220g right now (and will naturally increase) and that just makes everything more expensive since playing altar is the only way to get a lot of the high demand items, affecting their prices along the way. The gold we can farm right now its always a static amount (give or take), while the prices of items keep raising all the time because of inflation and, probably, less people spending AP (since server activity is lower). This is a disincentive to some players that cant afford to buy AP since they are being able to buy less and less things overtime (gold income potential is the same, while costs keep raising with time). Stone prices should lower now because of the wipe and that should help (I appreciate this decision you guys made), however this might cause ec prices to go even higher since people might start hoarding ecs instead of stones now. If you allow ecs to be a rare drop in dgns it would make it so f2p players have a way to not be totally screwed since they would have some access to a high demand item that has a variable value, and considering that dgns have a 10 run limit + rare drop rate it would still keep the incentive to buy AP for spenders since the quantity of xtals u get from buying AP would be way more than what you could get from farming. To avoid any "flooding" maybe you could make it so only lv60+ dungeons have those drops, or something like that + make them NT so they are for personal use. This is just an idea but I believe if you make some high demand items (ec on this case) as rare drops it would incentivate people to keep playing or coming back, that would keep or raise server activity and would increase AP spending, this since (imo) the more people there is the more atractive it is to invest in the game. I understand that with this patch +stone wipe we should first wait and see how everything develops, but it would be nice if you could consider adding changes like this in the future. PS: I hope that when you monitor server activity you are checking different IPs instead of accounts on, since a lot of people have 3+ alts gathering all the time.
  3. (late response, sorry about that) Yes you should always try to kill the illu first, but what when its 3 illus? I havent done much 3v3 lately but when i did spam it it was common to face a team with 2+ illus, in that case they could always do the sleep revive thing since illu was all over the place :v
  4. I mean changing class mid match is good in theory but in practice it just makes illu way stronger than other classes, not even because of its damage or kd but just because of "sleep revive" strat. Illu can consistently sleep everyone and revive their team because of sleep alone, what can you do against it besides buying anti sleep pots? Not much. Are you we expecting everyone to buy anti sleep pots every time theres a illu in a match (spoiler: that will be 95%+ of the time)? A good illu can stall and do this over and over again and imo its just not fair for other classes. What other class can abuse this strat as easily as illu? None. So basically if you arent playing illu you are at disadvantage by default because at any moment they cant hit their panic button and reset any progress the other team made by reviving all their team, is that fair for other classes? In my opinion it is not. Switching to a wrong class by mistake isnt something that will happen often and shouldn't be used as a reason to prevent a bigger problem from getting fixed, plus that mistake is entirely on you so you should be accountable for that, while, on the other hand, illu "sleep revive" is something you cant do anything about it (besides anti sleep pot), its pretty much out of your control. Anyway, at the end of the day i wont miss any sleep if nothing changes about this, but it would be nice if something gets done to illu sleep strat because it can be easily abused, renders other classes even more powerless than they are now and overall makes 3v3 less fun because of it. Ps: illu will still kill you in seconds even if you have capped ice resistance , hp is too low and damage is too high for that to do anything in arena.
  5. @Jordan Regarding class change in 3v3 I would limit it to preparation in between rounds not because of racials but because of the common abuse of: illu uses sleep (when their team is dead)-> change to cleric and revive everyone -> back to illu if they can. This just feels extremely cheap and people have been abusing it a lot imo (at least when ive played there). Maybe you can make it so it takes longer time to leave combat so they cant swap while people are slept but i guess it would be easier to just disable class change when rounds are going on. Also i dont get why debuff removal pots dont work for CC, it should work for sleep at least so we have a way to deal with this cheap tactic. Its just frustrating when you are about to win, theres just an illu with low hp left, but then they just sleep you-> goes cleric, revives everyone and goes illu again and they win it back. Thats just something that only illu class can do (besides human healers and thief i guess) and it adds more unfairness to 3v3 cos the other classes cant do that as consistent as illu does. The easy fix would be to disable class change when rounds are playing, and only allowing it when in the preparation zone in between rounds. Regarding 10v10 (and 3v3 as well) it would be nice to see some new maps, in my case it would be just for new visuals lol, idc much about the terrain but well if you can add some interesting terrain it would be cool and the variety and randomness would make arenas feel fresh. Also thinking about this it would be cool some king of the hill mode (could be a special arena some days of the week), where a party has to keeps a place for a certain amount of time and you have time to preparate to take it back (I believe old tw was kinda like this), i was thinking a 10v10 but with a different win condition.
  6. Shal

    Guild pvp topic 2.0

    So you cant stand different opinions and quit because of it. Ok, bye, dont hit yourself on your way out. Also i havent complained that "they dont add more content", can you tell me where did I say that? You put those words in my mouth. What I did say was that I agreed with the Op and that it would be nice if they add more team oriented pvp.
  7. Shal

    Guild pvp topic 2.0

    You voted against it though. Jordan might come and see the poll and say "na people don't want it" and you would be at fault partially. Also I havent met any "I must win all pvp instance" people, and if there are who cares? Are we gonna stop adding content because some people (who ive never heard about) wont be able to win all of it? Is that really your argument? If i check rankings right now I dont see any person top 1 in all pvp rankings, did they quit already? They can't stand it right? Where are they?
  8. Shal

    Guild pvp topic 2.0

    Dude, lv65 awaken weapons arent a new thing in EE, Gms can probably just move a switch to unlock them. Is not like they have to make them from scratch, they already are in awaken files arent they? I know that jordan has a lot of work, but its not like we are asking for him to add them in next patch, we ask for more pvp which can be added overtime at a decent pace. Also more pvp can be beneficial for the longevity of the game and could be a thing that makes quitters return to the game. Who are those players that complain if they dont win 100% of the pvp? Ive never seen them and since thats part of your argument it would be nice to know your basis. Thats a pretty ridiculous argument for shooting down more content for the game. As a pvp focused player I do miss more organized (team oriented) pvp instances, after TW theres not much to do besides 3v3 which gets old real quick. (1v1 is a joke + not team oriented). Also you are not considering people from different time zones (asians for example) that cant really attend to any pvp, in which TW is at like 3 am, just screw them i guess? Imo after TW theres a big window of time in which u could add other pvp instances.
  9. Shal

    Guild pvp topic 2.0

    The more pvp instances we have the better, seriously. Can the people voting "leave it as it is" give their arguments for not adding more pvp? What do you lose if there is more pvp to do? Imo is a win-win situation, prove me wrong. Also I agree it would be nice to have more pvp instances where you can fight in organized parties, maybe not only guild related but self selected parties as well, maybe 5v5 and 10v10 arenas where you can make a pt of your own. People that just vote "leave it as it is" without giving any argument are just trolls imo. The game doesn't forces you to pvp so I dont see what you can lose by having more instances of it.
  10. In my opinion 10v10 should end sooner only if it's definitely one sided in which coming back is really unlikely and thats why i gave that number. Like the scenario I gave above it isnt that rare that your side can make a come back after regrouping from some wipes. But yeah maybe 40 is too high and it could be a lead of 30 kills instead .
  11. Its already 5 minutes per round thinkingface: @Jordan for victory condition maybe there could be a death counter per round. Like if your side kills 40 people in that round then win the round automatically. Or maybe the game could check the lead of kills per round, like if your side takes a lead of 40 kills then win the round. Not sure if this is possible to implement though. Imo the number of kills should be high though, because its usually hard to regroup when your side starts wiping and so taking a decent lead isnt that rare. However, ive been in a lot of matches where we regroup at last minute and win the round back, so yeah if this can be implemented then the lead count should be quite high in order to allow this kind of scenarios to happen (which are quite funny imo). P.s. after thing back on it I like the lead idea better because it shows the difference between the two teams.
  12. Yes would be cool if we could use drivers to cap pre awakens at 110%, im getting triggered that i cant reach 50k m atk base on mage . As jordan said tho the dmg difference isnt that noticieable, is mostly an aesthetic thing.
  13. I mean thats why OP asked for a fixed base increase, but yeah idk if its good to do that. However what I think could help is reduce the range of aerolite (idea of one person in another post). I would say boosted range aerolite is one of the main issues because the range is insane and interrupts + boost the dmg taken on everyone involved (which is pretty much all the party since the range is huge). I think in the original server it wasnt that much of an issue because the level of knowledge overall was lesser than here (most people know what to do and how to optimize their builds here) + there werent as many people geared up like here (from what i remember). Here in TW you see 2 pts coming to u at once, drop KD and then all dead.
  14. This is actually a really good suggestion imo. The glyph feels too op and allows for constant 1 kd wipes (im mostly talking about tw/gvg but I guess arena also applies) even on capped resistances+ block. By disabling the glyph aoe extension effect illus would now have to think twice before just spamming aero since they will have to find the best landing spot, and this would help by reducing the *1 kd wipes* situation we have right now since it would be harder to disable everyone at the same time. Maybe lowering the range extension would be enough but regardless this could help a lot in making pvp (tw/gvg) feel less 1 kd dead central.
  15. I kinda agree in that damage dealt (mostly magic) is out of hand right now, but this is mostly in TW where a few guilds (1 rlly) stack parties and run together dealing crazy dmg and idk how this could be balanced properly since reducing general dmg could backfire and actually hurt guilds that only have 1 party to fight. Still its pretty annoying having 50 fire/ice/holy + capped block and still dying in 1 kd, it feels kinda like theres not much u can do about that and idk how healthy that is. Now instead of resistances there could be HP increase or KD boosted dmg nerf, maybe lowering KD boost multiplier might be better in this case but idk. Now, what I think adds to this issue is snow storm immobilize, which DOESNT BREAK LIKE IN THE "ORIGINAL CLASSIC" SERVER and prevents you from avoiding dmg by moving away of aoes once hit, and so if you actually survive the KD push now you have to deal with a immobilize and dont u ever expect your healers to PW that when you have 5+ debuffs on you at the same time (gun/broken shell etc) and they will probably get CCd themselves. I would personally like if jordan reverts snow storm to the way it originally worked because right now it adds fuel to this issue and is too OP by itself.