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  1. Na dude, I understand you actually dont have to do anything with this and Im not blaming you or anything like that (dont take it personal ❤️ ) But you actually cant guarantee someone any of the VGN games wont close the next seconds, not to talk about minutes or hours. Just as it happened with Nostale, it may happen with SB or EE aswell. Every single player of SB and EE will feel in kind of ''panic'' after just a little disconnection, making them think the game is gone forever, just as Nostale. Making them think all the time they've spent on the game, all the moneys spent on it, are gone within seconds, like it didnt matter to the VGN staff, making u feel u actually got scammed by them.This is the real worry we talking about. Nobody told us a little bit earlier that its going to closed, and nobody is telling us a reason why its closed. Yes, before u or any VGN staff member mentoins it, we know it wasnt supposed to last forever, and okay, it wouldnt matter even if he told us before the moment it got closed that hes closing it, but we need a real reason why it's closed, yo! We are so sure there is a strong reason behind this, for real. Tell us whats that and that would help a lot, whatever it is.
  2. it doesnt matter if u think or u dont think so bro, nobody thought Nostale is going to get closed either actually Nostale was the most played game and the biggest amout of money came from that game, meaning whole Vendetta might get closed now that they lost probably more than 50% of total income.
  3. all those non-sense replies telling us there is a reason the server is closed lmao! we know it is a reason, noone would throw away a huge amount of money for no reason. we just want to know the reason damnit lmao!
  4. not worth discusing, they will delete this thread soon.
  5. Trade Limit is there for a reason. We all know its hella boring doing all the quests and gaining 1kk rep at low levels, but before suggesting to remove it, you should be giving an idea to ''replace'' the trade limit. Since there's nothing to replace it, it will remain there I guess.
  6. Nostale Vendetta is better because it requires x20 LESS time to level up. so instead of spending 500 hours on leveling, we choose to spend 25, making it possible to get rich and enjoy the game. I dont know what you find funny on mobbing houndred of hours just to archive some high levels, and to do that you need to have some nice amount of gold,good equipments and shit like that meanwhile here you do that within a month. i dont no how people can react to updates and be so fucking dumb and saying all the shit there Make your own game and then we can talk shitty person* >-<
  7. I dont know why they had to do that. Its legit waste of time. Old ones are much better lul
  8. All Values are for the upper rank (S Rank):(translated frome chinese to french to english )Fire resistance : 20%Water resistance : 10%Light resistance : 13%Dark resistance : 10%Permanent passive (Rank S of course) :Experience increased by 12%Defence increased by 10%Skill 1 = FlamesRange : 2 cells,Target : SelectionCooldown : 10 secondsClose range damages increased by 375 (Skill rank x 150)Fire element increased 375 (kill rank x 150)there is 5% chance to put debuff [Fire curse][Fire curse] (rank S)Duration: 20 secondsEvery 2 seconds, target lose XX HP (Player lvl x 5)Fire resistance reduced by 15.All MP lost (???)Skill 2 = FirebreathRange : 2 cells,Target : Selection,Cooldown: 20 secondsClose range damage increased by 250 (Skill rank x 100)Fire element increased by 500 (Skill rank x 200)There is 5% chance to put debuff [Fire armor][Fire Armor]Duration : 10 secondsEvery 2 seconds, target lose XX HP (Player Lv x 9)All damages recieved from fire element are increased by 15%Movment speed reduced by 1.Whene [Fire armor] end, there is 100% chance to put debuff [Melted armor][Melted Armor]Duration : 15 secondsDefence reduced by 15%.Movment speed reduced by 2.There is a probability of 5% to recieve 50% more damage from all attacks.Skill 3 = Fire ArmorRange : 2 champsTarget : TeammatesCooldown: 65s100% chance to get the buff [Fire Armor] (Rank S)[Fire armor] Damages from fire element decreased by 15%.There is 10% of chance to inflct [Burn]
  9. probs worth keeping if it had crit aswell. as it is now, its pretty useless to me.
  10. press P, go to Family>Family Menagment>Rank and Titles and there you change them.
  11. I've heard it drops in act 5.2 (magmaros) and Comet Meadows, not 100% sure tho.