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  1. TheHealersGod


    hello guys i was doing some different raid today like ibra,spider,etc etc, then some team members were outside because maybe doing lever or afk tell boss hp 10%. so i thought what if we could add teleport all raid team members once boss room door open, just like draco raid or glace raid. this option can kill afk abuse and could also support people who is doing levers and away from boss room. best of luck all
  2. TheHealersGod

    The Stalkers

    hello guys i was mobbing in act6 hell gate 4 then it happen that person appear around he kill the boss then afk at place where monster can attack him, how ever this person were killed by monsters, the person thinking i killed him or lured monsters at him when i did not. then he started to kill every mob i lure, i though maybe he want the channel. i change from channel 6 to 3, he follow me again and do the same thing, what i should do? i have lost half time of my boa .
  3. TheHealersGod

    Do something against price fixing

    adding tax means everyone will start hate the server, which will change nostale totally. i do think that its normal that when people increase price increase. if you stop afk all time and work hard i am sure you will be able to offer anything in server.
  4. TheHealersGod

    Make shops not possible

    not every person will start the game are able to charge VGN points to get medal. not every person will offer the fee as start. not all item is good to be listed in bazzar. i do find it selfish to close shops, afk or not afk it called private shop area which means they have the right to afk.
  5. TheHealersGod

    Laurena Gemstone

    you know 100 gem is something not easy? and how ever people cant use more than 2 character in raid. having the solution in games make people love it more and more. If owner did not support the gamer then gamer will look for another game.
  6. TheHealersGod

    Which channel is it?

    or use 1 speaker it will show the channel you on. (people are soo lazy thinks they are in heaven)
  7. TheHealersGod

    Mute information!

    i wish to see you muted in forum because you jump in every thread for no since.
  8. TheHealersGod

    rainbow battle as a team

    this will end up with an fair team, or alt using, pro No.
  9. TheHealersGod

    Spawnkill raibow battle

    i think @GaaraSS wanted to say: if i am frozen just kick me out of rainbow battle like i lost already. i am sure rule's was clear when they set this up, its matter of luck to fight strong or weak person, i can say good luck . weak equipment is not anyone fault, work harder you kill harder
  10. TheHealersGod

    Laurena Gemstone

    my point is not the seal or power at all, my point about the Gemstone from raid, we use (15x gemstone) to trade it for sp8 in official server. but here there is no use for gemstone thats all.
  11. TheHealersGod

    BattlePass in VGN (Suggestion

    no for battle pass, yes for hard mission with nice rewards.
  12. TheHealersGod

    Make Frozen Crown Great Again!

    and why should every player spend his life in old place like act4? you know really life and games are the same. if there is brand new phone 2018 and old phone brand of 1992, which phone people will pick? people will always move on to the new things.
  13. TheHealersGod

    Laurena Gemstone

    hello guys, i was doing some of laurena's raids and i got some gems, that i wanted to trade but i did not find anything at Sarakael, so i thought what if we could have that sp making options on Armored Bash, or find something new to use Laurena gemstone, something like: -Trade 1 gem for 1 cleansing powder. - Trade 1 gem for 1 Laurena seal.
  14. TheHealersGod

    Complete LoD times

    now can you update this thread please? since lods change again....
  15. TheHealersGod

    Some Sp that need an rework

    i agree here.