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  1. +100 for this they look epic ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  2. i dont agree we dont want this at all.
  3. nostale should get expand in everything, story,maps,mission,raids, its so boring we are doing same thing's over and over, the only thing new all time is (pets, partner card and costume) and that dose not help at all.
  4. this reminds me on the pirate's those respawn in eden eternal, would be fun if we got something like this in nostale a very hard many different boss appear every 1 hour and in different map then you need to rush that map kill them and get rewards. +1
  5. +1 only for more essence. -1 for dragon heart in fc box's -1 for erasing rare shells from box's (there is people still using them 100%)
  6. game forge was running out of people, almost all servers turn empty (15 person online per day). then they added martial artist thinking that will help having people back but suddenly they lost everything. Every action has reaction.
  7. hello everyone last night i found Zenas shoes and things came to my mind out that how dose this shoes work, so i start testing it out: first thing happen when i wear it is : not Trade able anymore (why????) seem an fair. 2ed: the effects only works when monsters or someone hit you it dose not work auto at all. 3rd: its very risky to sum this shoes with another shoes since all this shoes state 0 in every thing. what i think that should make it look perfect is: A-add some % res to it. B-Remove the sleep effect and Luxury Shoes effect and improve the speed from 1 to 2 or 3. C- make it trade able just like all other res (i do feel there will be shoes Bead in future if this stay like that). Thank you
  8. when martial artist started everyone did rush to that class, but after while everyone totally ignore it in official server because the idea was not completely executed, and tell now that class count as low slow and weak for anything like raids etc etc. so its better to wait tell whole idea done, even if that will take some time.
  9. maybe if we got the clock inside the game would things be better 100%.
  10. in Eden eternal you can do that easily, so i hope it could be easy, and i have question here: why speakers are into all chat, family, general, group, whisper, system?
  11. then how about if we could have monthly family rewards? and top 3 or 10 family gets rewards, then rewards go to highest people who collected FXP. or instead giving rewards make NPC with limited items and add points system, you earn the points as long as your family was top of 3 or 10 per month for sure.
  12. you dont log in what called (Online game) to be afk, you Logs to be active. you dont need to play the game if your busy.
  13. Q-1: other things > Food,Snack's,potions, pet loyalty, new boss, instate combat, daily different raids quest(not act5.2 or act6). Q-2: PVE> this is best place where you can chose to dare hard things. Q-3: Events for 12 year we are doing same things, its like nothing new at all, we need something new, make vendetta amazing more than any other server.
  14. are you serious? 100$ for 60k is low? how about you just leave vendetta and go back to official server where the give you 1500 max for 100$? how ever i dont agree with your suggestion, and from what i see you guys wanna own the world just in 1min and this will never happen.
  15. can someone explain how dose gold seller looks like? i am lost trade gold for gold?????? water for water ????