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  1. you seem like flaming the matter arround. just close this thread, nostale vend will never be back.
  2. Dear Gamers there was a time where i did really quit nostale official without return and i deleted everything that time, but one friend told me about vendetta server and it cool and much things of that, i did come to this server and i had alot of fun more than the long 12 year on official. vendetta became my new home, everytime i create my self a reason make me play longer and longer. after nos vendetta close that means its time to give this home a real thanks and big heart 💓
  3. is nostale se got english people?
  4. you better all stop thinking about game called nostale, dont you get enough? they are no trust anymore.
  5. well all hard work fly away, how ever send in private which game will you go this will be thankful
  6. sorry for your losing items MKSinner but you should send ticket to support team.
  7. this is because gameforge own same games which its easier for them to just copy they character from there and just change some set, and even they have that they still creepy low on animation.
  8. you cant sell anything tell you finish act1 scen6 1mil rep and level 83.
  9. i would agree that this needs improvement, i mean its vendetta super fast pro server, but sp3 quest still like 2004. +1
  10. they copy vendetta in many levels, then say we are original sad story 😆
  11. i am sorry but this thread should be in Banter section, and my fav anime is Dragon ball.
  12. only people who wish new server wanna rush top in easy way, how ever we did disagree many many times about this idea, vendetta is cool this way, if you love to refresh things then seriously just delete your account and make new one. split never was a solution.