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  1. i understand that you want new trophy for farming hard how ever doing that could inflict: 1- changing all drop system to same rate or trophy 2- set gold and exp rate to -20 3- since its 83+ it cant be in act1 act2 act3 act4 so act5 and higher this idea seem more like new title not new trophy, hunt a 1kkk monster and get it then yea maybe. and how ever what make every idea hard to happen is nostale data bass way too poor to old as dust cant be much changed.
  2. nayxa people now days are never honest, and way more dramatic, many people are just lying and create a fake story to get account back, and i know some people do this all time , so once evidence gathered then the should be banned immediately. don't let them fool you.
  3. -1 starting new character way faster and cheaper. (for pro people)
  4. Sure there is trust in nostale but you hardly could pick one, we are playing with sort of kids.
  5. a time where people use to be more than lovely and more than brothers full of trust supporting family for seal etc etc.
  6. i am sorry but this thread should be in Banter section, and my fav anime is Dragon ball.
  7. i think bushi king , sheep and meteor raids what you mean, it was removed here on Patch v35:
  8. only people who wish new server wanna rush top in easy way, how ever we did disagree many many times about this idea, vendetta is cool this way, if you love to refresh things then seriously just delete your account and make new one. split never was a solution.
  9. where did you read about having act7?
  10. follow what i have told you and you will be fine OR party a low level to hunt for you. the trade requirement are cool and amazing they will never ever change 💓.
  11. i agree with you!!! they all ignore the option and look at dagger type. weapon type dose not matter as long as you gather well options.
  12. before you come with this idea , did you even check how many people cant join fernon? did you know that people in game ask very hard requirements? sader buff , ranger , holy , dg and more and more . you wanna make it harder because you just love hard things? opening a thread about fernon is fine but not to make it harder , it should become easier to join and win the raid. people are losing time and money and trying to get equipment then someone tell them wtf your equipment is sucks go buy something better, how do you feel that time? 100% painful, i am wasting 8 hours a day to buy and upgrade things to be the best and someone tell no your not good enough, at this moment the raid should become easier not harder.