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  1. yeah, it looks like we're sabotaging ourselves to not have pvp, you're right you're very smart, congratulations.
  2. 5 days in a row? broken rng or game manipulation?
  3. it's not a question of being the main guild or not, we just want balance, if you understand that word around here
  4. Are you kidding me? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, at least you have good taste in jokes.
  5. this guild lasted for the simple reason that it didn't have players in the game, because as far as I remember... when pvp was real pvp, we didn't even hear about garden but, congratulations, what you achieve in pvp in years we can in days . and while the victory at gvg... it's because there's no way to fall on the same team, so it's probably going to be that for quite some time.
  6. clear maybe but, not specific, failing to do something you know is right to please a minority... for fear of being judged? Congratulations, beautiful staff, continue keeping the game rotten as it is that amazing things will happen like other edens. Talking between the leaders is out of the question for the simple fact that whoever is on top using the game's flaws will never agree to repair the flaw and follow, because they know they will fail, like they fail, good luck with the minority and the game. . Kindly send your regards to Thy, By IG - tsc.
  7. what's the use of other guilds entering TW without gear or players, if there's no way to go against the garden... well modest part so far, why the devastation they took was great, I even wanted to ask so in shock?
  8. Not to mention Jordan just explained why and didn't say the final word on everything, knowing he's not even participating in the discussion at hand.
  9. spoke spoke and said nothing congratulations, I don't insult anything or anyone I just say what happens in the game, and you know what's funny? 3 players from the garden 0 staff, conversation among those who think LF Staff here
  10. empty arguments without nexus, forged excuses full of flaws, win TW not easy without any dispute, if we really were more numerous there would be no game for you from Sunday to Sunday.
  11. and I already said man, the final voice is the staff you don't ask for anything, don't worry and give more excuses to be refuted
  12. Why don't they show the end of gvg? and the TW that had 2 pt + cap against our guild that only has 1 pt main and 1 cap?, they didn't come in today because they knew they wouldn't have pvp.
  13. one player's actions don't condemn the whole guild, so you have to solve those problems that are wrong and not solved by players who make things difficult like... you. The issue here is not to get something we want or not, but to do it right, as any thinking being said, will you know it's wrong, you can't win fair? try to be good... if you say guild pve but enter pvp in weight... when they lose they retreat to their corners and stay silent, they avoid talking between pt and even sell items, when they win they talk a lot shit, can't you see there's something wrong with that? Does your inability outweigh your desire to be good at the game and do something that's right?
  14. I said it's not up to you to decide, it's up to the staff
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