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    Everything you just said is laughable, if the classic server doesnt sound appealing to you like you just said then dont reply to the topic. Most of us want and welcome the idea of Classic for the nostalgia of the old days.
  2. multiple colored variations of both mecha dragon punches would be like in my book purple more so than the others specifically
  3. Toast


    with the addition of multiple GoP runs would it possible to add reps to help with the mat farm, just an idea
  4. so to avoid the issue... dont break her then correct? or you mean she isnt just randomly breaking and causing a paca?
  5. dont take me for a fool. i understood perfectly. i pvp'd in mainserver and amwell aware of the need for gearswaping aswell as the other points you made.
  6. id be interested in seeing an Uzuriel from Aura Kingdom pet i dont know what prays and skills could go on it but id like to see one if you could
  7. i see your point and accept it but i just dont see how beneficial pdps tailored set bonuses such as behemoth or berserker set help heavy armor dps paladins(aside for str for block), glacier knight dps and DE, i realize it would have to be reworked but i just wanted to voice this suggestion
  8. i have run utopian realm without the costume on, i have no problems without it, it may have been a coincidence of 4 Alpacas at the same spot i dont know but ill test other spots both with and without fx on
  9. while i know most people just say fort Behemoth or Berserker with mdps forts, i feel a true dedicated set for mdps is in order for them, simply putting mdps forts on a set that has set bonuses for pdps does not fully solve the issue it alleviates some of the problem but isnt a solution to it, please consider this idea
  10. ive worn it in several Utopian Realm runs and have Alpaca'd every time at Amaterasu while wearing it my fx are off, my settings are on low
  11. Yeah i could see the use of that lets hope it can be made into being
  12. not sure if this was resolved but ill say it anyways... i can sell in dungeon in 0/2 of the new ones but not 0/10 version relogging doesnt help.