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  1. A few years ago, i was hospitalized due to issues with my kidneys, Wolfie took the time to come see me. Went out for drinks with my mom, sister and brother-in-law after. Really appreciated that. He made it to see me before closest friends.
  2. 100% agree with Sand. Some form of advertisement for the game would be a be a decent start. As Sand said, its sexy, this can be used to attract a ton of people to the game. I understand that may cost a fair chunk of cash but this might work out. Its up to you guys to decide if its worth it or not. I wanna assume the people who weren't happy about changes that were made were less than those who were happy about it. Regardless, and I guess its easy for me to say this, you shouldn't give a shit. you're doing what you can. Whatever little or large it is, quite a few of us will appreciate it and those who don't at the start, will either start to like the changes or fall in line and accept. Also there's absolutely no need for more Sages. Maybe if the player base doubles, then that'll make some sense but for now it cant work. I got back to the game around 6months ago and was weird seeing less than half the player base I saw when I left all those years ago. Hope there's a way and the intention to bring in an influx of new players. Truly believe this is what we need, at least for now.
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