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  1. zitorak

    PvP Idea

    This has been done several times, default tw or guilds chosen to face, but the problem is that afterwards the players from the losing side come to complain in the forum. I'm sorry to inform you but the best thing about pvp on the server is long since it died, the only solution is to motivate pve guilds to cheer up pvp.
  2. Thank you ( Merci beaucoup )
  3. @Misty I like the theme ui, where can I get it?
  4. And it should be added that it is not just a large number of players who hit the elites, add their pets in combat mode (they are so op), so it does not last even 5 seconds, and I agree that it must be a reward per hit.
  5. zitorak


    I think your ideas are very good but you should check the awaken forum and the classic on the request of the classic server. That is to say that it points to it, the people who asked for it did it to remember that aeria server from the years 2012 onwards, before they ruined it with the mimic and the awaken classes. In other words, keep it as classic as possible, but no modifications or additions that break the game. Your suggestions would be more for the awaken server that received multiple modifications of aesthetics and design. (Sorry mi bad english)
  6. The delay is common when GS is done in a group, I think it is due to the update of the "character info" window, the solution we use is to leave the group - make GS and ask for a group again, the problem with this is in dgn: c
  7. The materials for crafting 100 gold sets are not in Eternal Points shop, and that was not an impediment to make them.
  8. I agreed to get the bp (which is sometimes not easy to obtain from trials) with medals or ep (or the method that is necessary). One suggestion that would contribute to your idea would be to get the set in dgn but with% 100, if you want a higher% => do trial. If you give everything so easy to obtain, then they will ask for a fortified set +14 (free)
  9. At this point I do not agree, it is like throwing down the effort of those who made trial 75 to get bp, just because people are lazy, will you give him the set ?, it would be better to sell BP through EP, or as they suggested with merit medals.
  10. and I want a green bear
  11. I like the idea, and I add a suggestion, could this tw be done later, or a little earlier? It depends on the schedule that people are most active.
  12. Do you play alone? and when the world boss died disappeared, I understand you, there are boss who use worldly skill and increase damage, and I understand that it is difficult to find a party for trials 95 now, but the new trials can be done with 2 people, a heal and a demon tamer (almost no one uses DT in trials 95), recently use a alt 100 and we ended up quickly khalo with another player (heal)
  13. Not only does it depend on resistance, hp and damage reduction certificates are important.
  14. I made the same suggestion a long time ago, but in the altar thread, the difference is that I asked for stardust 75-80, it would not be necessary to stardust 100-120, crafting 80+ items with essences gives 85% success (excellent%)