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  1. zitorak

    Trial 111

    I understand, thanks for the reply .
  2. zitorak

    Trial 111

    Trials 111 I would like trials that can only be done with normal classes (only), with mechanics like Triales 70 (basel border), that you need magic and physical classes to kill monsters, enable certain areas only when all the monsters, bosses with reflection, stun, knockdown, poison. I know I'm asking too much, but it's a way to revive normal classes. The reward, I don't know, powders and essences that you must collect to create accessories and trophies, something similar to abyss. Thanks for reading (sorry for my bad English, it is not my native language)
  3. Some tips to do the trials: Potion of 4T, they're still there and I don't see almost anyone making and collecting potions. Have all the resistances to 50 minimum or use potion of 4t of resistances, jordan created a set of rings and necklace to be used in pve. Good amount of HP, if you don't have it, use 4 yellow certificates and the martial artist's hp, adjudicator's buff, use of dk's damage reduction certificate. If they are going to heal with HS, you must use damage reduction aura and not the hp / mp recovery aura, reduction trophies. Regarding CCM, TA is a good option now, you ask for a party inside, there are always people in this dungeon and they can help you, utopia rep, pod, things you already know. Last tip, do not be discouraged, remember that we are returning after a pandemic, many returned to work, study ... we are from different places with different time zones, the player base is not the highest but there is always someone willing to help (sorry for my bad english)
  4. Druid (the awakened class of the shaman) It is very useful for the dgn, good attack and instant cure
  5. Look on the screen for the sign (!), Deactivate "Level choice", and look for the quest "L60. Request assistance from the temple knights"
  6. The problem that I observed in 3vs3 arena was, the arena map is so small, that the first player who throws stun fear knockdown wins the round, so my idea would be a bigger map and different respawn areas for all players.
  7. On the ice map, where you have to take the totem, in the classic server this mechanic is very useful, in the awaken server it is not, my idea is, example: the red team has the 4 crystals taken, the totem comes out and It is taken by the blue team, the player who has the shura buff gives all the blue team players 50m around an attack buff and damage reduction. That is, the players who go with the totem can easily take the crystals, but the duration of the shura should be lowered.
  8. GvG Reduce the number of players to 30, increase resistance and HP of crystals, decrease the consumption of crystals (there are gvg that end in 3 minutes, they do not give the opposing team time to react because they have lost the 5 crystals) TW This is more difficult because it depends on which guilds are on each side, a serious idea on the totem map (shura in tw awak is useless), grant an aura (buff) of 50m, granting allies protection and attack to be able to retake the crystals. On the whale map, let her break the 1 hit crystal, have reflection, and instant kill. 3v3 10v10 I like the idea of changing the map, with random respawn, pet off, no charms, less time per round, the idea of a mini tw fascinated me, maybe an attack / defend the crystal in x time mode, the team that made faster wins. TA We only use it to collect trophies, an idea, for each victory you get 1 fragment, collecting 20 fragments you get a charm to update the trophy of choice to lvl100 with a small improvement in statistics. MBA Maybe implement the classic thing (I don't play this arena) EI I never saw this mode as pvp, they only played it for the rewards. The rewards must be, not tradeable, furniture and pets I like the idea, titles. Sorry for my bad english. Gl Hf
  9. zitorak

    PvP Idea

    This has been done several times, default tw or guilds chosen to face, but the problem is that afterwards the players from the losing side come to complain in the forum. I'm sorry to inform you but the best thing about pvp on the server is long since it died, the only solution is to motivate pve guilds to cheer up pvp.
  10. @Misty I like the theme ui, where can I get it?
  11. And it should be added that it is not just a large number of players who hit the elites, add their pets in combat mode (they are so op), so it does not last even 5 seconds, and I agree that it must be a reward per hit.
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