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  1. zitorak

    Normal Class TW Beta Feedback

    First of all, thanks for returning to the normality of the war in the territory, we appreciate the effort you put into it. It is still early to draw conclusions about classes, not having a good pvp. In relation to the reward, it must be individual, that is, only those who participated in said tw (golden items to craftear, coronas, gems lvl 5, some item of racial elaboration, etc). I do not agree to grant 6 territories to a single guild, we know from experience the result of this election.
  2. zitorak

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    Crystal Altar: They could place in first and second row, Corona´s Stardust 75, ty.
  3. zitorak

    The mind isn't longer there

    Strongly agree, 105 level was sufficient; What motivation does it get to level 120? none; What fun is it to spend all day running around? none, I think it would have been better to put rep with a good% exp. In relation to the pvp the new players have not had fun, is my opinion. I am sorry for my bad english.
  4. zitorak

    Elysian Devil Soul

    I was about to suggest the same thing.
  5. zitorak

    PvP potions

    For a potion to heal so much ?, if almost all awaken classes can be heal alone, it would be harder to kill them if you play alone (which most people would ask for that potion), it does not seem like a good idea.
  6. zitorak

    Suggestion about lv100 racial

    There is a gem in the racial elaboration of the human that grants +1 to all resistances, it would be interesting if it could be modified to +2 or +3 (+5 is much I think)
  7. zitorak

    A suggestion to make 3vs3 great again

    First and foremost, what is the reason why 3v3 arenas are made now? Earn points to qualify to gvg. Winning 3v3 sand gives 5 points to the guild ranking, 2 points to the loser (I think it's like that, if I'm wrong to warn me), therefore everyone logs their alts just to get those points and rank alt guilds with the only purpose of winning GvG prize bags. Therefore they should eliminate giving points to the losing group. The arena 3v3 24/7, I do not think a good solution to the PvP, should be as before, the only modification would do is give 1 hour more, thus avoiding players abusing alts in low activity schedules. Sorry for the bad translation, English is not my native language. Greetings.
  8. zitorak

    Skill Annihilator

    I do not think that the modification of a skill affects all the pvp, I am also active in pvp, and no longer used Annihilator in GvG, Tw, not even used in trial groups.
  9. zitorak

    Time Manipulator tweaking

    I agree with jordan, the TM is well balanced, and it is very useful to play both pvp and pve.
  10. zitorak

    Skill Annihilator

    I want to know if the skill of the Annihilator (Rainbow Ammo) can be changed again, to the original state, given that it is not used much in pvp, but it would be very useful in pve. Thanks, greetings.
  11. zitorak

    Dimension Trials - Drop Guide

    He planned to go to every trial and take pictures of each boss to remember who have each set. Thanks Jordan, for saving the work