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  1. Have you read/looked at Life Worshipper like bebe.gerl mentioned? It still has great heals, however, like infecttado mentioned, with end-game content, adjudicator, totem master, and paladin are better healers and preferred. I primarily use Life Worshipper as a support to give the party an extra boost in stats. It still provides heals to the party (but not as much as the other main healing classes mentioned above). Soulchaser's Song with the holy skill is pretty neat as well. May want to check out:
  2. Try: 1. or 2. http://cdn.vendettagn.com/vgn/EEV_Install_v1.rar Also check your firewalls, antivirus, etc.
  3. Hello! These events may be hosted by any GS(es). This forum post is to clarify how these in-game events are typically played. General Rules: Requires you to whisper a GS. Please only whisper the GS who is hosting. /t [GS]MrDoudou /t [GS]Mikitotefu /t [GS]bebegerl /t [GS]warbeast /t [GS]Risama You may only win once per same day in-game event. Alts may not be used for multiple entries. First correct whisper/PM is the winner, unless stated otherwise. Prize is 1 event point, unless stated otherwise. How to Claim Your Point: https://ee.vendettagn.com/event.vgn Common In-Game Events (usually on a rotation) Trivia Word Scramble Treasure Hunt Missing Vowels Spelling Bee Lucky Number Scavenger Hunt Other In-Game Events Hide & Seek What Am I?
  4. A Scarlet Blade Support may be able to better assist you. However, have you checked out:
  5. Celestial Corridor is available to players level 117+ but is recommended for players level 120 to participate. To enter Celestial Corridor, head to Aven (X:430, Y:369). Celestial Corridor contains six dungeons. Each dungeon has mechanics designed to challenge a party of five: Sunday - Leo, Libra, Aquarius Monday - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Tuesday - Aries, Gemini, Aquarius Wednesday - Gemini, Leo, Libra Thursday – CLOSED Friday - Aries, Libra, Sagittarius Saturday - Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius Similar to GoP, you have 3 hours to complete each dungeon before getting kicked out. In order to get an S+, your party must complete the dungeon within 20 minutes. This guide is made possible by Amaris, Judgement, and Hiersen. Thank you DouDou for the boss images. Aries Mechanics: Designate one party member to ‘NPC’. This player must handle the sheep within 20 seconds or else the party will get one shot and wipe. There will be a zone announcement when the sheep spawn. There are four different types of sheep: • The Red Hot Sheep: Get the buff from <Ice Guardian Shepherd> Frosty and hit the sheep. • The Cool Sheep: Get the buff from <Flame Guardian Shepherd> Rory and hit the sheep. • The Windy Sheep: Get the buff from <Lonely Shepherd> Dan and hit the sheep. • The Shocking Sheep: Get the buff from <Earth Guardian Shepherd> Dusty and hit the sheep. During boss battle: At around 75% HP, Aries has a reflect skill called ‘Fire Shield’. The boss will be immune to DMG if the sheep is alive. Avoid the reflect at all cost. Recommended Classes: (Slash) Berserker, Executioner, Blade Master, Totem Master/Paladin Gemini Twins Mechanics: Holy Twin and Dark Twin must be kept away from each other or else they will drain 5% MP per second to all party members. There are different stages. There are four different statues you have to disable when they shoot fire or ice balls. • Statue 1 controls Statue 4 • Statue 2 controls Statue 3 • Statue 3 controls Statue 1 • Statue 4 controls Statue 2 The Dark Twin has a skill called “Enter Darkness”. This is a 2 second debuff that affects you or other party members. When it expires, a purple/black pool will be at your feet. It deals high damage over time, be sure to avoid this. FX must be on to see this. During boss battle: Gemini is immune to Dark DMG. There will be a zone announcement to indicate which element is being used (Fire or Ice). FX must be on to see which statue is activated. Click on the correct statue and prompt to disable it. The fire/ice balls track players and deal high DMG, so do not stand in one spot for too long. Disable the statues as fast as possible. Light Twin can pull you in and stun you at the same time. Holy Twin and Dark Twin must be killed within 30 seconds of each other. Recommended Classes: (Slash) Berserker, Blade Master, Executioner, Assassin, Adjudicator Leo Mechanics: Leo has two clones next to him. They will use the same skills and abilities that Leo uses. You can ignore the clones when they are in their cage. At around 80% HP, Leo will activate his "Pack Leader" skill. It has a 40 second cooldown. When Pack Leader is active, there will be a 20 second countdown that will cause the clones to be let loose. The clones will attack the party and must be taken back to their cages by two different players. If you do not take the clones back to their prison within 15 seconds, the party will wipe. One shot. (The skill does not mention this, but you will die if you do not complete this in a timely fashion.) While the clones are loose, every party member will take 50% HP per second. The clones CANNOT both fit in one prison. You will have to keep them SEPARATE, because if you try to drag them both into the same prison: it will deactivate. During boss battle: Leo is immune to slash DMG. Clones are immune to all DMG. They can be killed with Time Totem, but will respawn immediately. At around 50% HP, Leo will start casting his next skill of importance "Pack Boy". He will be channeling for 5 seconds and cannot take any DMG. However, if you hit him, he will have a DMG amp buff that increases DMG Dealt by 3% for every stack and reduces his damage taken by 2%, stackable 50 times. TIP: Stack it once or twice so you can actually count to 10 after it disappears! After 5 seconds of his charging, you can attack him again until 25 seconds pass and the charging starts up again. Recommended Classes: (Strike) Berserker, Executioner, Assassin, Totem Master/Paladin The benefit of having two different tank classes (berserker & executioner) is that both of these classes can use "Provoke" on their own clone and drag them back to their 'prison'. You can provoke the clones while they are still caged. Libra Mechanics: Talk to <The Scales Spirit Guardian> Luna and obtain a blessing. There are five blessings, one for each party member. Each player needs a different blessing, you cannot take the same blessing as someone else. The blessing will negate Libra's Punishment (Decreases DMG Dealt -30%, G-Healing -30%) There are 4 different elemental pools: Nature, Lightning, Fire, or Ice (FX must be on to see the elements; You will know which elemental pool as well by the fact that they will have Marks shining over them. It looks like the Marks from the class "Trainer".) Libra will announce in zone announcement two elements. Four party members must split 2-2 and go to the two elemental pools. You will have 7 seconds to do this correctly, if the "scales" are not balanced, your party will wipe. The main DPS will stay with the boss in the middle. NOTE: This will activate when Libra is at 90% HP. It will also activate every 45 seconds. During boss battle: If a party member dies, they will need to talk to <The Scales Spirit Guardian> Luna again to obtain their blessing again. This must be done as fast as possible. Reviving with "Revive Here" or with a "Locus Life Leaf" will not reinstate your 'Blessing'. Do not stack on one another. Libra’s skills are linear AOE directed to all players at once. At around 40% HP, Libra will summon dark & holy soldiers that will attack you in a linear path. They will decrease your Holy & Dark resistances by 15 pts. The soldiers cannot be removed/killed. Recommended Classes: (Slash) Berserker, Blade Master, Executioner, Assassin, Totem Master/Adjudicator If your party lacks Holy & Dark resistance, having an adjudicator as your healer may be best. Using "Power Infusion" increases Defense by +10%, All Physical Resistance, Fire, Ice and Lightning Resistance +5 pts, and Nature, Holy, and Dark Resistance +10 pts. Sagittarius Mechanics: Every 35 seconds, Sagittarius will receive the “Rage of the Archer”. When Sagittarius is attacked, DPS members will receive “Holy Bomb” status for 3 seconds. When “Holy Bomb” expires, it will kill all party members within 10 meters. DPS must pay attention to this debuff. “Magic Arrows”: Sagittarius summons turrets at random for 8 seconds, while turrets are active, Sagittarius is immune to damage but will be channeling and cannot attack. During boss battle: Sagittarius is immune to pierce DMG. Flame Protection will usually go to the Executioner since they take more DMG than the rest of the party. Ice Protection will usually go to the healer. The others can be distributed to whoever needs them. TIP: Do not hesitate to swap to a shield when this skill is active. Recommended Classes: (Slash) LW/Paladin/Adjudicator/Totem Master, Berserker, Assassin, Blade Master, Executioner Any damage reduction from any healer is of great help. LW is great especially with Maul T + Eis T and Soul Chaser.   Aquarius Mechanics: Aquarius has a knock back within melee range and will push you if you are too close to her. "My Ice is Fatal": Throughout the fight, the floor will have mounds (if SFX off, only mounds are seen), that will glow and be shiny during her bomb skill. Each player marked with this bomb will have to move out of the circles indicated around the mounds spawned or be KO'd by it. "Targeted Ice Barrage": Around 75-60% HP, Aqua will begin to ice the player with aggro and anyone within range of this attack. TIP: Make sure to tank away from the rest of the party. Shield swapping is recommended while you are frozen to avoid dying while the healer is busy. During boss battle: Aquarius is immune to Ice DMG. Can be killed with Fire (very slow, not recommended) "Purification Wave": AoE that debuffs the party. Around 80-70% HP she will begin summoning a Healing Ice throughout the fire at certain HP intervals, this can be killed with Fire DMG and a Time Totem/Rebellion Totems. Recommended Classes/Party Setup: Meta atm is four Annihilators and a Totem Master; or three Annihilators + Trainer + Totem Master TIP: Smoke bomb to transfer aggro to 1 Annihilator (tank) then the others will use Fire ammo when Healing Ice comes up.
  6. If this is the same player I helped, here is additional information if you experience the issue again in the future: Change the game resolution. 1. Go to the folder Vendetta Gaming Network\Eden Eternal Vendetta (root folder of the installed game) and find the file: client.ini 2. Open this file up with Notepad and you'll see the first few options: [Option] // ¥þ¿Ã¹õ¼Ò¦¡ 0 §_ / 1 ¬O FullScreenMode=0 // ¿Ã¹õ¼e«× ScreenWidth=1768 // ¿Ã¹õ°ª«× ScreenHeight=992 // ¿Ã¹õÀW²v 3. Change the Screenwidth, Screenheight to your desired resolution, or change it to full screen by changing the 0 to 1. Save the file and run the client again, it should now be in a different resolution. Change UI settings in-game. Move all items to the left.
  7. Magic Classes Arch-Elementalist Gravity Manipulator Demon Summoner Time Manipulator Demon Tamer Conjurer Darkness Blade Holy Blade Magic Class Holy Skills
  8. Support Classes Adjudicator Equilibrian Battlefield Poet Life Worshipper Druid Totem Master Holy Sage Angel of Justice Support Holy Skills
  9. Ranged DPS Classes Trainer Devil Hunter Mecha Ares Annihilator Lethal Arrow Celestial Arrow Reaver Rifleteer Ranged DPS Holy Skills
  10. DPS Classes Assassin Kage Asura Rakshasa Blade Acrobat Elegant Dancer Blade Master Master Fencer DPS Holy Skills
  11. View all classes on Google Excel here: https://bit.ly/2UgAflb Defense Classes Berserker Shielder Executioner Glacier Knight Blood Knight Paladin Dragon Soul Dragon Emperor Defense Holy Skills
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