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  1. You can begin to awaken classes when your character level is 80, however the class you want to awaken must be level 80 as well. Awakening classes will allow you to unlock two awakened class per normal class. You must complete the awaken class quests by purchasing the quest scrolls from Temple Ranger Yukari in Aven (X:334, Y:268). Each awaken quest scroll will cost 1k gold. When doing the KNIGHT awaken class, select Vendetta Knight Quest, as Bes' Request (Knight) is known to be bugged. You can find tutorials on how to complete the quests on YouTube simply by typing: Eden Eternal Quest Knight/Awaken Temple Gear will be your best bet as endgame is level 100-120 at the moment. You can probably aim for 95 trials for gears unless you can find people to carry you in 100 trials for gears. Make sure you're completing the Curia Book Fame quests as well as mainline quests.
  2. Due to the low number of participants, exceptions to the time limit of the video was made. 1st place: @Nima 2nd place: @Mariam 3rd place: @Azmy All other participants will receive Event Point x1. Congratulations and thank you to all participants!
  3. For headwear and other costumes in auction house (AH), it's under "Special Equipment" > "Special Gear". If nothing shows up or if you don't see any headwear fashions in that category, it simply means no one has put it up for auction.
  4. You should be able to simply right-click them and gain alpaca coins. They will disappear after being used. You can check how many alpaca coins you have by opening your backpack and clicking on "Special Currency". You can also check how many alpaca coins you have by going to the NPC shop. You can find the NPC at: Tranquil Hill (170, 115) or Highlands (515, 500). Alpaca Copper Tokens = 1 alpaca coin Alpaca Silver Tokens = 10 alpaca coins Alpaca Golden Tokens = 100 alpaca coins Alpaca Coins allow you to purchase Lost City items (white/no bonus effect costumes), dyes, and mimic scrolls.
  5. Eden Eternal VGN Video Promotion What is this event? Players will create a short video to promote an aspect(s) of Eden Eternal VGN. Rules & Requirements Video should range between 1 to 3 minutes. Exceptions will be made. Content must not violate any community network rules. Refer to https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/8915-community-network-rules/ Content must be original and from VGN server only. No plagiarism of any kind. Cannot use old videos even if it's from our server. One video submission per player. Players may use any video editing software available to them. Video must be uploaded and made PUBLIC. (YouTube preferred.) **Please include your in-game name with your video submission. Content and Themes You may want to focus on specific areas of Eden Eternal VGN to promote. Examples: Gates of Pandemonium (GoP) PvP (TW, GvG, GA) Dungeons (Palace of Dreams, Utopian Realm) Dragonside Ridge Dragon Sactuary (DS) Mounts Color Dyes Pets **You are not limited to these topics. Prizes 1st place - Legendary Costume OR Pet of Choice + 1 Event Point + 10,000 VGN Points (Excludes Diamond Altar items, Excludes Fused Pets, Excludes Event Point Rewards) 2nd place - x30 Eden Crystals + 1 Event Point + 5000 VGN Points 3rd place - x15 Eden Crystals + 1 Event Point + 2500 VGN Points The event starts Nov. 14, 2019 and ends Dec. 12, 2019. Please CLICK HERE to submit your video in this thread.
  6. Please provide the link to your video submissions in this thread. Remember to please include your in-game name. Remember to make the video PUBLIC.
  7. Welcome back to the game. Be sure to check out the patches to see what's new.
  8. Welcome to VGN! I hope you have a good time in Eden Eternal.
  9. Hello, I know players have been asking for a guide on the new anniversary furniture. **NPCs specific to anniversary items will disappear after event.** You can find them here: https://tinyurl.com/yxj5lhv8 They have been added towards the bottom of the spreadsheet. The link can also be found on the EE Wiki page, under 'Useful Info'.
  10. Diamond Altar is exclusive and usually only comes around Eden Eternal VGN's anniversary, therefore, once/twice a year. You can refer to today's patch. EE VGN is celebrating it's 4 year anniversary, hence the diamond altar:
  11. Please have HP/MP Pots VI be converted to HP/MP Pots VII via Arcane Box :(
  12. Currently, SFF has a 40% movement speed buff. I'm pretty this is something we can look into adding for the future as Palace of Dreams is a main dungeon players have been farming on a daily basis. Otherwise, players have also been using alts or their friends to provide them with speed buffs.
  13. Seraphic Chestplates (All Different Colors) --Mystery Box? Hand-dyed Schoolgirl Chic Ensemble -- Crystal Altar Mysterious Day Off Combo -- Crystal Altar
  14. If I am understanding your comment correctly, you can combine the weapons if they have the same skill. For example, https://imgur.com/a/YYs1snA In the raw materials, those are the two weapons with the same holy skill you can break to get the holy gem. Of course, you will need three total of the two shown in the box.
  15. Welcome to VGN :) Feel free to ask anything/make suggestions.