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  1. Hiiiiii Guys it's me Doper and i'm here again with a sunday event This sunday(26/02/2017) it will be a mix of a word scramble and trivia question it will be 5 questions(and a possible 5 more if both factions are interested). For Fk it will be at 10.16 am (server time) and for Rg 10.46-55(and if needed 11.16) am (server time) if the 5 bonus question for each faction go i will start with Rg for the bonus 5 questions and 5 for the fk after since this time can fluxuate i can't note it down but it will be arround 11-12 am (server time) The event will be hosted by me extinct on fk side and Beaterasuna (my alt) on Rg side. The prizes are equal over all winners. Now since i haven't found any new good prizes. It will be 2 safeguards for every Winner, note you can only win 1 time and on the last question everybody can participate again. Trivia questions will be about anything, like really anything Word Scramble questions will most likely be sb related or common words(if you find any other word that you can form with the letters given(in english) you also get the win). Have fun and enjoy, may the odds ever be in your favour
  2. this will help me allot once i get back from my schoolexcursion i'l make sure to place your name there and use the info you gave here in the rg rank guide Well if you guys don't mind ofcourse
  3. Google chrome thats what i'm usign and ctrl f5 isn't working for me don't know where you can find the version tho
  4. Looks great on the screenshot, could you also make it like the skill simulator black or blue somehow i just get a blue screen when i try to open it with chrome
  5. Welcome, Hope you enjoy your stay
  6. I made a adjusting to lv 59 guide explaining everything there is in 59
  7. Don't forget you can craft them nowadays
  8. Have fun and hope you enjoyed your stay.
  9. Welcome to a new experience arkana But now that it is here you might be wondering, what now and where to start ? This guide will try and explain to you all what is new in this patch and will try to guide you towards a good clean end result. Here is some music to accompany you reading this guide Youtube Music link First of all let's start with the basics and that is where to find all the new stuff. Most of the new "places" and "new npc's" are found in mereholt, bitterstone base. Here are there locations with screenshots. You might also have heard about the new Pvp ground Amara Amara Ah, yes the "new" pvp zone, old veterans might remember this map as viledon. For the moment there is only one way to enter Amara and that is by going to the long range portal at barbiron and there you will see the new destination Amara and a fee of 35s. The following pictures will explain most of the Amara map. There are also four old world bosses back. Be warry these world bosses are extremely strong and you will need some people(atleast two tanks and a medic with some dps). Here are the hp stats on the bosses Helios, Cairn, Behemoth all three have 25 million Hp. Asmodeus has 40 million Hp. all three bosses are unsoloable they do like phreak says "Tons of damage". This is not all yet there have also been some changes to the Pvp system and how that dungeons function. Dungeons and Battlegrounds Now you might be wondering what changed to the dungeons, well first of all you will only be able to enter the new dungeon, if you have a new item called hardmode passcards Now you get these hardmode passcards by doing one of the following - Daily quests Each day you will get three quests that will make you go arround the world and kill certain mobs. These quests will give you one hardmode passcard and the mereholt quest will give you an extra safeguard box. -PvP and bosses Another way to get hardmode passcards is by going to battlegrounds and completing a quest you will automatically get once you enter a bg. This quest is only possible to be done in that bg and you can't get multiple's of them, so make sure you finish it. It rewards you with 1 hardmode passcard and a safeguard box. Also you will get one extra safeguard box if you win the Bg. Bosses(Omega, Ancient giant and asmodeus) will also drop 0-2 hard mode passcards when killed. a second nuclear bunker has been added.(note that it says 40-54 this is just a visual bug) The dungeon itself is called hard mode drasilmarch or for short HD. It is just a revamped and upgraded drasilmarch for the lore loving people here is some backstory to why the arkana's might be returning to drasil. "4 years ago the first time that the arkana armies walked through the swamp called batrachian lakes they were there to kill frog like beings,but they forgot that they were infused with outer world technologies so when the arkana thought they had won the fight against the batrachians not only did they came back alive but they also got stronger but they also supposedly made a machine that could destroy the world well it's up to you, "your name" to save the world now once more from these frogs " although this is a guide I will not spoil too much about what is hidden in the depths of this "new" Dg. That is for you to explore. But here is a guided map in case you get lost. Follow the yellow and then the red parts Now in this HD you will find crafting items. Which will be used to craft your own gear once you have enough, here is a picture of some of the crafting materials Crafting your own gear We have finnaly arrived to the part where you will learn to craft your own gear. First of all you will need to go to HD to get yourself the needed materials. Then you will have to go to the new crafting in npc(Julia) in mereholt (picture at the beggining). Then if you would talk to her you will see this dialog box pop up As you can see I have drawn a yellow circle arround the manual. there you can see what crafting items and how many you need. Crafting an items will take crafting items and a tiny fee of gold also ancient relics and novelty items finnaly have a use, they are used to make lv 55 Hp/Sp tradable pots. Now this should be enough info to get everybody started, GO and make your faction proud. But first... But don't forget
  10. Have a nice stay Greetings from the shadows Doper
  11. Hello and welcome I'm a sb player, extinct , in game The sb community is decent, a tiny bit toxic on a particuliar side. Now you can go with your own build,but there are some people that critize you if you don't go with the best build but those can be ignored. Yes people power level in sb, because that happens in any mmorpg, where it's possible If you are interested in a pvp guild i recomend the free knight ascension/Nightfall and the rg side War/inquisitor guilds Fk are underpopulated atm and rg is the wining faction atm Hope to see you soon in game -Doper
  12. Rank Points(RP) You might be asking why would I daily cap 50,000 rank points. This guide will try to convince you why you should be capping daily, where you can cap and all ranks and how much rank points you need First of all you can get rank points in three ways. The first is killing other players of the opposite faction, players drop Rank poins appropriate to there ranks(so how higher the rank the more you get)the second way is killing rank point mobs located in Viledon or nemesis or ellis(red is for fk yellow for rg) the final way is by farming rank point chips(see image) and selling those. Memory chips drop in all disputed and pvp zones. Now why should you cap daily. First of all so you can show off that you have a certain rank, there are ranks that show up if you enter a zone I.E Spiritwalker (example to come soon) Second it can get you some nifty RP only items like earings and ultimates and mother miracles or a mayor mech etc. As final benefit it can also get you some more hp(max 2.5k hp at the last rank). In the following table I will place the total ammount of rank points needed to rank up for each rank and how many days it would take and your total accumulated RP, after the end of the day. Also numbers are rounded up just for comfort. Btw ther eis some problem with how rp counts so somehow the total rp is bugged out, also i rounded up the numbers just to make it easier. (This final part is still in progress if you have screenshots of missing ranks please upload them to imgur or message them to me thank you ) Recruit 3500 Day 1, 50 000 Follower 15 600 Day 1, 19 100 Novice 30 400 Day 1, 50 000 Cadet 48000 Day 2, 50 000 4th order Neophyte 49 300 Day 3 100 000 3th order Neophyte 51.000 Day 4 150.000 2nd order Neophyte 52,000 Day 5 200.000 1st order Neophyte 57 000 Day 6 250 000 Neophyte Elite 58 000 Day 7 300 000 Veteran Soldier 59 000 Day 8 350 000 Annointed 4th order 60 000 Day 9 400 000 (Somehow it skips annointed 3rd order) Annointed 2nd order 67.000 day 11, 550.000 Annointed 1st order 68 000 Day 13, 650 000 Annointed Elite 69 000 Day 15 650 000 Warrior adept 70 00 Day 17, 750 000 4Th order Agent 73 000 Day 19 850 000 3rd Order Agent 78 000 Day 20 900 000 2nd Order Agent 79 000 day 22 1 000 000 1st order Agent 80 000 Day 24 1 050 000 Elite Agent 81 000 Day 26 1 100 000 Officer 82 000 Day 28 1 200 000 4th Order Operative 95 000 Day 30 1 350 000 3rd Order Operative Picture 2nd Order Operative 990 000 Day 34 1 500 000 1st Order Operative Picture Elite Operative Picture Preceptor Picture Chosen 4th Order Picture Chosen 3rd Order Picture Chosen 2nd Order Picture Chosen 1st Order 129.000 Day 47, 2 700 00 Chosen Elite Picture Venerable Officer Picture 4th Order General Picture 3rd Order General Picture 2nd Order General Picture 1st Order General Picture Senior General Picture Sage Picture 4th Order Adjucator Picture 3rd Order Adjucator Picture 2nd Order Adjucator Picture 1st Order Adjucator Picture Supreme Adjucator Picture Premier Picture Battle-Mistress Picture Battle-Priestess Picture Valkyrie Picture Pedagogue Picture Aethete Picture Vicar Picture Holy visage 2 500 000 Day 140 Total 6 600 000 Spiritwalker Picture Grand Savant Picture Phoenix Picture Dragon Picture Angel Picture Archangel Picture Here are all the symbols in order from lowest being top left and highest being top bottom
  13. Hello Everybody Lately i haven't been really that active on the game or on the forums, although i have read every single post. There are a few reasons to this one of them is more private then the othe, school and life etc But others are more based on the fact that the imbalance and nothing-to-do and the community(certain people, that also xwere problems in asb) that is going down to the sewers (scarlet blade) to blame So i'l lurk the forums for changes or until my private life problems are fixed. Until then <3 -Doper the once great and might forumstalker
  14. Beaterkirito, hangintree beaterasuna in asb NubAtmyleft,waldo,artemis,apollo in vsb from where the names come are quite obv just ask if you don't get them
  15. Welcome hope you have fun here i am doper and i'm a stalker Hi
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