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  1. Well that actually depends on the medic, not every medic is a support medic. There has been some medics that actually DPS or DPS, or they focus on something else entirely. Though I do support the self atk buffs being a waste of time for me personally, but I can’t speak for everyone else as I said before. There are medics who have put points into it because they themselves dps. What I don't get, is you saying that having atk and def buffs were harder than before. Medics could have 2 buffs fully,without sacrificing their hp. In 59 cap, and this cap. I could have 3 buffs easily but I would have to sacrifice hp, something that a medic absolutely needs or else we wouldn't even survive a wh. So i’d say getting both attack and defence buffs are harder. I dont know about having the requirement of getting shockjock to able to buff my team, seems kinda unfair if we're going back to being pure support and having to put points into getting that while wasting skill points into other things.
  2. Artillery Syringe and Chain Rapier all versions please 😄
  3. It was fun, thank you for the event
  4. Bai Well the time has come to leave this game and move on to others c: I'll be leaving scarlet blade, cant say for good might like rarely pop in a few times to check things and stuff. Though its like a 10% chance that i'll get on. I'll mostly be on Old School Runescape and try that new game coming out...forget what its called but curse gonna try it out. Anyways thanks for all fun pvp that happened on occasions, to participate in and all the friends i've made. Never gonna forget c; Have fun all!
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