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  1. My suggestion is to go level up while it is hot. Levelling for 60++ requires team and boosters for fastest results. You are going to spent forever to grind alone when most of players already reached lv. 65. For BG, it is not bad at all in my opinion. I was two and half years not playing when I back to the game. You can imagine how rusty I am. I don't even understand my own skills and must going through reading all the descriptions again. When I join my first BG, I was total on Kappas and Ghost accesorries. My jewels are mixed of rank 1 and 2, all rares. Among all of my gears, it is only one that has expanded slot, which is my weapon. The result is not bad at all. I still managed to kill lv. 65s, even got many multiple kills (total 8 kills and 2 deaths.) It is all coming back to your pvp skills and experience. Kappas are not bad at all although yes on the paper it looks underwhelmed. For those who used to play opportunistic killing undergeared players might find the BG very challenging. For those who loves pvp and used to fight opponents of their par will find it extremely fun. The only challenge you will cope is when you are on RG side. It is so hard to get a slot in BG due to low participant from the FK side.
  2. The size is too big and unappealing in my opinion. It will looks much better at the size of the Arkana character. Please also put some pet skins which are mechanical. For example: Vulcan, Widow Maker, caergate mobs, and also the plants in Ellis. Additionally, why don't make an Item as "tamer" consumables. It has success chance and the captured mob will be converted into a pet skin. The idea is might be like a "3D image builder script", it works the way exactly like how transformer copy a target and then the target form become their identity.
  3. Dear VGN Team, By this thread I would like to bring one matter to your attention. It is about a flaw that exists since Aeria age, since the first day SB launched. Royal Guard graft items that sold in vending machines at the club did not present the correct color as it suppose to be. As we all know Free Knights graft items presents the color of the faction; dark tone on the metal with bold blazing red accent. However, the Royal Guard's which suppose to be light tone on the metal with bold blazing yellow accent (as seen on the thumbnail icon) presenting common rare item version of gray tone on the metal with blue accent instead. I really understand that fixing this issue is not as simple as turning over the hand, there are so much other issues that being sorted out according to the priorities. This post is intended to be a request to put the issue on Developer's task list. Thank you for your kind support. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
  4. Wow. Nice info. Thankssss. I will start to dig in from now on.
  5. Hi Guys, I just back few seconds ago after away (dead) for 2 years. My last online was around August 2016. Today, January 16, 2019 I just back to the game. The first thing I must settle is submit a ticket for I forgot my 2nd pass. (Really really really have no clue at all)... I would say... See you all of you in game soon! Cheers! So what was the development while I am dead? Get me to a damn guild!!!
  6. Hi guys, I just returned from bann by request to VGN. My last online was somewhere around August 2016. Today, January 16, 2019. I just back to see the SB again. Glad to see you guys still keep the community intact. FYI, My last level was 59 with Kappa Gears. I am a Cyber Blade, my IGN is WaltzAureus, and I am a Royal Guard. By this post, I would like to ask for some help: Where can I find info about the latest gear update? Do SB has Wiki now? How is the player composition; is it consists of old time player or is it majority consists of new players? If there is any active guild would accept me, I would love to join. Thank you in advance. Every answer is greatly appreciated.