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  1. Well I'm just going to put it this way, I've played on Vendetta 2 months and if I really wanted to put just a smidge more effort in than I already have I would probably be at least 110 by now but sadly i'm just 107 it's really not hard i'm just lazy. I understand that people don't like running and it's boring but sometimes a lil time is required to reach that next level. I get your point but it just seems to advocate for not putting time into developing the character.
  2. So far my experience with events on this server have been rather favorable so I'm ok with whatever you guys see fit. My only request is bring back the treasury ?
  3. The thing is I'm sure they have a stream of content coming down the pipeline including a new battlefield dungeon the likes of DD/Vingot/BTS/DoS that will make the process easier. I think what would make pvp a lot better would be if our community all of a sudden got a little friendlier and people didn't down talk others, but additionally people can't really complain about level advantages because if your goal is to pvp you know you have to put forth effort. All leveling is is a bit of a grind and if that's what you want to do then invest the time, if you can't invest the time then people who have invested time will have the advantage that's pretty normal.
  4. Is there a possibility of developing PVE content that isn't just a stat check or super basic mechanics that only require a simple understanding of the specific instance. I know you guys have a lot on your plate I just thought that perhaps implementing something like this might enhance the experience of players outside of changes to pvp.
  5. On the topic of losing population, what can we do to fix that, not to randomly just segue to a different topic but it seemed fitting based on how the conversation turned. I think if we forged a more friendly community it could definitely be beneficial.
  6. This isn't so much an abuse as much as it's a flaw in the scoring system of territory war, I don't think this is something that can feasibly be enforced even if it were to become punishable.
  7. HaelPhael


    The problem with talking about storage space expansion, and I believe Jordan has touched on this before is that if the bags were to expand any farther it would be pretty restrictive for players running at lower resolutions. Additionally if the concern is cost, simply doing 0-2s for a day is enough to buy a 37 slot bag relatively easily so I really don't feel as though bags are the issue. Additionally if you run out of space the bags once again are cheap enough that making alts isn't that taxing.
  8. Character passwords add an extra layer of security to your account, it's kinda ingrained in the game and isn't something they can really forseeably remove I would assume. It's also something an invader of your account cannot change without already having the character password for your character.
  9. Totally fine, thanks for the answer o/
  10. On the topic of mounts, is there a specific reason we don't have battlemounts?
  11. If you still need help with this feel free to pm me in game at any point, my IGN is Alvin. Blade acrobat was the first class i built when coming to vendetta.
  12. Yeah I was thinking like a ratio of like 1 ec to 2-5 warstones or something like that just so that there's no method of abuse
  13. Outside of the current methods of obtaining war stones via polymerizers/gift bags or completing tw/arena quests plus salary rewards, it's kinda easy to hit a wall as far as war stone collection for players that are newer to the server specifically. My suggestion would be, considering how much on vendetta surrounds the arcane box perhaps implementing a non-random less time consuming manner of acquiring war stones. Considering you're able to redeem 10 war stones to obtain an Eden Crystal from the merchant in Aven I had this bright idea. What if you could put an eden crystal in the arcane box and dismantle it to obtain war stones. The ratios could be set however you like but it would allow a more affordable obtainable way for players without vast sums of money and access to VGN to obtain warstones and reasonably obtain cape acheivements without it taking actual forever, while also allowing people to pay for it if they did not want to grind to buy eden crystals from other players. Just a thought.
  14. Forest Dragon star stone for altar please it's an emergency!!! :p