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  1. Thank you, I used this configuration and I am able to log in to the game normally everytime (before this, It was randomly between the second and fourth try). I reinstalled my drivers and everything and tried a new driver setup to get into guild town as I wanted to gather some mats for my enchants and well, after a few times trying different things to get there I tried with my human in the same account and the fun fact is that the problem is only happening when I try to enter guild town with my halfkin (main character). Is there any log to check? I don't know, maybe to just discard the possibility of a missing configuration, bug or something? I'll be trying to get some previous drivers for my Radeon graphics card. Thank you so much for your comments, your help is greatly appreciated. Update: I took off all my costumes, restored all settings to default and put my gear to archive and I was able to get in.
  2. I have an issue when trying to get into guild town (it has happened for about two days now). The problem is that the game freezes when getting into guild town, my char loads and if I'm in party it sounds like I've already landed on map, but the char won't move and I can't get to see chat or some elements loaded and working. I'm trying to check for a solution to the problem and I reinstalled the game this morning (because before I did a complete reinstall I couldn't even get into the game as it froze on map landing). Have you ever heard of something like this before? I have and APU AMD A12-9800 (Radeon 7 Graphics) and the OS is Windows 10 Pro, but the game is running in compatibility mode as Windows 7. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on what might be causing the problem.
  3. I'm sorry if I'm opening a forgotten thread but I'm reading the forum (to get in touch with whats happening and being done with this amazing game) and read about these possible new awaken sets and I was wondering, will they be the upgrade to the lvl 100 armors available now or will there be a whole new release of armors before we get this new awakening? I also read the part where you explained it was more a vague idea than a fact, but I can't help but being curious about your thoughts in this topic. I'd be really thankful with any comment you may give about this, Mr. @Jordan
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