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  1. Sure. This is a Lenovo 320 with an AMD A12-9700p, 8GB RAM using Windows 10 Home. This is for personal use (there is only one user in this laptop) and used with a home/office network. My firewall is handled by Bitdefender Total Security solution.
  2. I'm still facing the issue so I'll try with this client. Thank you so much for the link
  3. Hello, VGN community I wanted to ask you all if there has been any known issue about the game not updating before first use? I stopped gaming for some time as I was busy with irl stuff and as I got a new computer for my new studies I wanted to prepare this to be able to play again anytime soon but I get a 0/0 kb/s speed on the update download (right in the pkg\pkg388.pkg file). It was funny as I worried my internet may be the issue but then I started downloading the Visual Studio 2017 Suite for a project and it says my current download speed is about 571 kb/s (meaning for me a 800 mb download in a few minutes). I checked the firewall setup and the game is already on my exception list so... any ideas on what may be happening? May be a temporary issue? Everything has been working great, even for Windows Update, Software installs with network installers and so. OS: Windows 10. Thanks in advance for any useful information.