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  1. Dee

    Useless Item

    +1 Delete the item from Act6 loot pool in general or lower the amount it drops ~
  2. Slowly drifting off topic aren't we >.> Let's keep it about Making Fernon Great Again rather than pvp balance issues
  3. Hey hey, welcome to VGN bud. Hope you enjoy your stay here ❤️
  4. That's great then, I've just heard rumors and stuff thus I got a bit paranoid. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Lately I've heard that players have lost their gold using the Lord Cuarry's bank somehow. I'd like to deposit a sum of gold there but I'm quite paranoid of losing my gold as well~ If anyone could enlighten me and elaborate if the bank is 100% safe to use that'd be super nice! Thanks in advance~ ❤️
  6. Agreed, and making the fairy a tad bit more accessible wouldn't be too bad either~
  7. Welcome to VGN! Hope you enjoy your stay ❤️
  8. My turn! This server is definitely not dying. It's actually the most populated one yet, and its playerbase just keeps growing! Disregard what your friends said and give VGN a shot, you won't regret it! It's the most fun Nostale has ever been~
  9. I agree about the monopoly stuff regarding the bosses, people really force their times and try to kill the bosses faster than the others, they even kill them in a weird order channel-wise. And occasionally it can become a really toxic environment when a bunch of players are fighting for that book drop. I believe that there should be more ways to get the books, but not make it a 100% drop from something, I think that there should be some other but yet fun ways to obtain them whilst maintaining their value.
  10. I already kinda miss the original NosVille tho :c
  11. @Horosho Welcome to VGN, hope you enjoy your stay as much as everyone is~ ❤️