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  1. Dee

    Useless Item

    +1 Delete the item from Act6 loot pool in general or lower the amount it drops ~
  2. Dee

    Make Fernon Great Again

    Slowly drifting off topic aren't we >.> Let's keep it about Making Fernon Great Again rather than pvp balance issues
  3. Dee

    Hay all :)

    Hey hey, welcome to VGN bud. Hope you enjoy your stay here ❤️
  4. Dee

    Lord Cuarry's Bank

    That's great then, I've just heard rumors and stuff thus I got a bit paranoid. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Lately I've heard that players have lost their gold using the Lord Cuarry's bank somehow. I'd like to deposit a sum of gold there but I'm quite paranoid of losing my gold as well~ If anyone could enlighten me and elaborate if the bank is 100% safe to use that'd be super nice! Thanks in advance~ ❤️
  6. Dee

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    Agreed, and making the fairy a tad bit more accessible wouldn't be too bad either~
  7. Dee


    Welcome to VGN! Hope you enjoy your stay ❤️
  8. Dee

    future of the server?

    My turn! This server is definitely not dying. It's actually the most populated one yet, and its playerbase just keeps growing! Disregard what your friends said and give VGN a shot, you won't regret it! It's the most fun Nostale has ever been~
  9. Dee

    Passive stats/ magic book

    I agree about the monopoly stuff regarding the bosses, people really force their times and try to kill the bosses faster than the others, they even kill them in a weird order channel-wise. And occasionally it can become a really toxic environment when a bunch of players are fighting for that book drop. I believe that there should be more ways to get the books, but not make it a 100% drop from something, I think that there should be some other but yet fun ways to obtain them whilst maintaining their value.
  10. Dee

    11 Years of Sunlight. THATS ENOUGH!

    I already kinda miss the original NosVille tho :c
  11. Dee

    More Options for family head/Deputy

    Awesome idea, agreed!
  12. Dee

    Introduction :D

    @Horosho Welcome to VGN, hope you enjoy your stay as much as everyone is~ ❤️
  13. Dee

    Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ