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  1. Hey hey, welcome to VGN bud. Hope you enjoy your stay here ❤️
  2. That's great then, I've just heard rumors and stuff thus I got a bit paranoid. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Lately I've heard that players have lost their gold using the Lord Cuarry's bank somehow. I'd like to deposit a sum of gold there but I'm quite paranoid of losing my gold as well~ If anyone could enlighten me and elaborate if the bank is 100% safe to use that'd be super nice! Thanks in advance~ ❤️
  4. Welcome to VGN! Hope you enjoy your stay ❤️
  5. My turn! This server is definitely not dying. It's actually the most populated one yet, and its playerbase just keeps growing! Disregard what your friends said and give VGN a shot, you won't regret it! It's the most fun Nostale has ever been~
  6. @Horosho Welcome to VGN, hope you enjoy your stay as much as everyone is~ ❤️
  7. Welcome to Nostale VGN. We're glad to have you here! Hope you have a lot of fun with the people you're about to meet~
  8. Yea, same issue here
  9. I've noticed that the Ibrahim's bag no longer drops players trophy pieces like they're supposed to. This raised a suspicion for me, making me think the bags no longer drop the trohpy itself, is that true ? And do the chests of oblivion that you open with a golden key still provide the player with a chance of getting the trophy ?
  10. @iteamit If you happen to find yourself at shortage of gold, be sure to watch out for the raids under Act5.2, such as Cuby, Ginseng, Dark Castra etc... Keep an eye out for Giant Black Spider and Massive Slade raids too as their respective boxes sell for pretty handy amounts of gold!
  11. Since Korean Nostale has a privilege to get all these fun updates a lot sooner than everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for updates over there. Ya never know, they may just increase the champion level cap to 99
  12. I would like to see certain swordie specialists get hit rate buffs, or a base hit rate buff to swordie in general