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  1. The Road to Heaven! its not good to have everything in easy way, what kind of challenge is that????every time the game gets harder the more you enjoy rewards after hard work. 🎊🎊🎊
  2. this is right Broken. you would love to focus main quest in start which allow you to be 80+ and use bash weapon pack then quest will be easier.
  3. act6.1 for clvl1 to clvl 30 is way too easy if solo, act6.2 is way to hard and needs high perf card + buffers should be 96+.
  4. well the good thing is bash don't care about rep matter at all , and don't forget its not official server here its vendetta, if you really love ❤️ official life just go there nobody stopping you. 🖐️
  5. Reputation is an achievement. True story they did not add it here, and no matter what any update comes, no rep should be reduced, people who came first to server deserve to be on top.
  6. reputation reset to 0 means everyone will not be able to trade so no thank you.
  7. sometimes rush things fast way ends up with a lot unsolved problems, which why its cool to take things slowly.
  8. yes in 20 year later.
  9. i thought raids were 2 character max ?????
  10. i joined some pirate raids, and i used to go to left side of ship i did not have dragon effects to much, i do think boss buff them. how ever, nostale vendetta is amazing server, best place i ever had fun, but lets please not change much on old things and instead of that think about create new things for game to make it more fun. (dont take it personal or self care when you think about something). Remember Games is not for lazy people. lazy people need popcorns and a movie not online game.
  11. first and seriously i am not a hater at all i am healer~ how ever, if lime remove bad effect this might happen~ 1-increase lime price from 1k to 1mil. 2-increase item time using from 3 sec to 10 sec. (potions in raid) i am sure raid is easy this way all we need is team work and love.
  12. some raids dose not worth to have long time at all, they were made just to have fun.
  13. -its amazing the way you need to have event seal i think all event should be this way +1 . -for events raid i think its enough 1 character per raid because people use 2 character then afk inside and never focus which let team lose.
  14. then just dont do it, afk in town is healthy.
  15. 10 people per raid is good, no need to have alts everywhere. -1
  16. vendetta server is best place where you can really enjoy what you do, you can farm money in many many different ways, exp is amazing, farming is amazing, questing is cool, raiding is cool, time space no level limits and much much things to keep you blind busy.
  17. alot of people???? i am not one of them at all, i spent 15 year in nostale not to back for lvl 1, just to get deeply on story, how ever we have in game score board for low levels. -1
  18. simply yes! for sorry!
  19. gameforg more like Never to beauty never to immortal! forever ugly! (you can feel the hate from game owner)
  20. whats funny more bro is 2 years ago they promise a server merge, look now what happen? 1- delete all server and people accounts, 2- set everyone back to zero. last thing act like nothing happen.
  21. or increase rep rewards from time space at lvl 1 to 55 which helps more, how ever 1mil requirement should not change, run your lazy brain and farm it all.