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[Buying] VGN Card Solutions!

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Since PGC has lost it's most popular buying option(s) and the others are a bit lack luster when compared, I've decided to ask around for suggestions on decent replacements and will be sharing some of them.
Offgamers is a website where you can purchase mint cards and turn them into PGC cards (via PGC's Mint option). They have Sales!
Mint Yep, the original site of the Mint cards. You can buy and sell cards here.
Alipay is a mobile payment app which you can download to purchase cards with (it's a chinese app, it is secured).
Dundle Similar to Offgamers you can purchase Mint cards here.
I recommend using offgamers for ease of access and slightly less hassle than downloading an app and going back and forth with codes.
Please keep in mind when you purchase a Mint card for VGN, Vendetta's website only allows a certain amount of money. Make sure to
reference amounts before you buy so you don't buy a card that vendetta cannot accept on their website.

Thank you to @Jordan for giving me information to some alternatives. 

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I can confirm that the offgamers method of buying a mint card worked for me.

1. went to offgamers / signed up

2. bought a 30$ usd mint card

3. after they verified go to order page and the code will be there 

4. copy it

5. go to pixel gaming website, login, go to purchase, click paymentwall/MINT clicked 30$ usd

6. It will ask for a mint pin and you paste

7. done


(I tried buying a Mint card right from the Mint website but they said they didn't have any for my region (US).

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