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20 hours ago, heaven said:

Ps: By top ranks at fk side, in my mind they are:


    DE: Hera with good build, tanky and high dps.
    SE: Bikini with tanky build, good skill and fuking good ping make him like cheater (he's RG also over builds for SEs)

    ME: Daddy, not so tanky but smart and always anoying with detect buff on their head.(Also, don't see him play FK but is also a GS over builds for MEs)
    SW: there are many good SWs, some use kali bug cheat(removed from the game) that make me hard to rating but i think Luna might be the best with his special mech rotation ( i used to try to learn this combo but often fail at changing mode because of my ping not  good:)) )(Luna is a GS over the builds for SWs though under high pressure to keep SWs under skilled by everybody who isn't a SW)
    WH: Viper. (Haven't seen him in a long time)
    PU: also Viper 's PU.

    CB: Zaktsu, his skill not so well but his build and his play style make him usefull. (Hasn't played since he became an Archangel, which is also no longer the highest rank in the game with the addition of 5 other ranks)


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