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  1. Sabin

    Skill Changes

    well cant compare with CB buffs. CB will get squished even with the skill metabolism because as i noticed the buffs is not consistent like guardian's shout. while guardians shout has a constant buff for the duration the buff for CB heals works in ticks (thats what i notice since sometimes PU and SE skill brust me in between the heal tick and sometimes they do no damage when the skill is healing). however a 30 / 35 secs buffs with ~10 secs break and no damage nerf is too OP though comparing to a DE tank class or CB's and DE's long CD
  2. Sabin

    Ellis for 60+

    try finding 3-4 dps in amra besides during the major hours.
  3. Sabin

    Ellis for 60+

    same goes to hounds. the hp is too high that its just boring to farm that pig anymore. yea team can burn it quick but loot to work raitio is so little that its not worth
  4. Sabin

    Ellis for 60+

    hauler cant be soloed thats the problem. it needs a party to finish. this is why people leave hauler else who doesnt wants ancient cube
  5. Sabin

    SBV and facebook

    it was created by Killer from RG. he is not banned. later he gave the lead to Alca (previous shitty GM from last SBV) idk who is now
  6. Sabin

    change the BG already

    do u even know the range? medic cleanse standing from there can reach almost everyone. and the heals can reach people that are fighting and for us to reach them we have to climb or go arround. and my way of playing is i try to tank out the stunns of the enemies at first thats y i am at the front line all the time. whats your char? let me know when u log into janus and attack me when i stand on top of the tower since you said there is no difference when someone stands on it or not. its that very statement makes your talk mindless. whats your ign? let me know when you gonna log int he janus to proove me wrong. just because whippers can pull doest means everyone can. and CBs cant pull neither did whippers could before the new pull changes. not really. with all the 3 chars i play. medics is my main target. i dont attack medics just to CC them and hope my teamates has wiped others. dont make a bullshit statement just because SW's aoe can stunn to those players. just like you want to say boxes are fine because whippers can pull them anyways. but since you want to stand your ground again i challange to CC me when i stand on the box. and see how miserably you fail. just prove me wrong else your words are bullshit this shows how ignorant you are. i never talked about turnpike. and in time i even asked to swap janus with turnpike because its bigger map and we have alot of movement there. whats your ign? i bet you are some ranged char that can take full advantage out of it because zakatsu has same issues i had in current janus about the boxes being unfair for a BG. however you are fully welcomed to prove me wrong Lan. i am not active much but i would loved to see how the fight goes on when i stand on the box and u stay down in the ground. since there is no difference weather one stands on it or doesnt stands on it
  7. Sabin

    change the BG already

    few moments forward and backwards can make it not possible and i dont think melle players have that much change
  8. Sabin

    change the BG already

    lol really? giving up mobility what a hilarious answer. if u stand at box it takes time to reach you and when we reach the medic the medic can jump down and run away. so? yes but whats sthe point of stunns if atacks are not even possible. janus was not meant to be for higher levels because higher levels have range and more area for aoe. this is why BGs were bigger in size and different as the level went up.
  9. this is exactly what i am trying to point out. LOOT is the driving factor that causes zerg and i dont think there is a solution to this because the balance will get tilted with those double sided players that care loot. if FKs will rise in few months it will be 1 sided zerg again because people will switch side like waves
  10. but you were asking the score oh AK with your FK SW didnt you? why be so defensive ? the x numbers bullshit theory was never necessary in the first place if there were not looters who switch to the winning side
  11. i again didnt read the post u quoted me. instead ask yourself how did you got your first unique wizard earring
  12. i didnt read his post much because there are times he would shout to ask which side is winning and go to the winning side. and now asking for coperation to encourage balance and pvp sounds so funny.
  13. "it will be too difficult to execute because we dont have the source code"
  14. Sabin

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    New Fireworks something like : Happy Birthday, Congrats, NOOB, SEND NUDES
  15. Sabin

    Last Man Posting: [CLOSED Final Round]

    Hi my IGN is SABIN. Right now i dont play much because oh wait its more than 5 words already. enough