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  1. its weird how the game was working all fine before and i dcd just now. and it shows me the black screen again. last time it got fixed because i re downloaded the game. now its showing me the same black screen again
  2. man everything is alright with my pc.
  3. bro i have been trying to login for like 8 hrs. its not working for me haha
  4. ah. it happens to me too. i thought it was only me.
  5. my personal suggestion to fix the launcher where people can open multiple accounts from a single launcher. if there will be 1 account per launcher/ pc then there will be less people swapping sides. for example EmilySear: she would just go to the winning side all the time. for the fact she will have her account afk near the portal. there are instances where a fight could be won with just a little bit more teamwork but instead people will just swap to the winning side (it makes the other side handicapped). emily is just an example. but there are alot of people who just switch to the winning side. this wont balance the game but atleast it wont handicap the sides as it takes a while to login.
  6. i agree on medic buffs. they are too op right now. and well my value on purge is that its too op for a tank class that can literally tank entire parties. they can just re add the skill in the future after the player base increases for a game that have this little player base that skill is too strong
  7. hey man maybe u havent fought with defenders in this new patch. DE got damage boost right now that made them so op. idk how many defenders do actually know how to play the class. but the ones who know it take advantage of that skill. not only cleaning the debuffs it will boost their hp/ resistance/ void/ def/ reflect. defenders dont need that skill since she depends on the tankiness for pvp. that skill will just reset every Debuff from defenders and make them immortal in small scale pvp or one on 1
  8. "Purge" is a skill that will cleanse defenders and make them tanky for 6 secs. it heals to some extent too. let me give my opinion on why this skill should be removed from the game to balance the character punisher VS DE: punishers only way to survive for now is by using enfeeble skill. and DE are so tanky that punishers cannot kill them in 1 combo. however DEs can kill them without using mech at all. all they have to do is Purge clean themself and fenzy them out. VS SW: Same as punisherr SWs Depend on debuffs to kill their enemies. but De is tanky enough to tank those debuffs. well since De doesnt needs mech to kill SW all they have to do is wait 10 secs and fenzy. VS whippers: whippers sheilds duration are nerfed and there is a 15 secs window of vunerability during that time. i depend on my DOT alot for enemies. but agaist DEs it can just clean it out including all the debuffs the char gives to her. and in here too De just have to wait till the sheilds go off. since any kid of atk wont do a scratch on her. Vs Senteniels. Senteniels are so Squishy lately. against SE slows DE can easily take them out of the situation by cleaning them self. and same rotation to fenzy brust. VS CB: CB is only one of the chars that can par against De on 1 on 1 right now so no comemnts on that. VS medics.: welll De can smush medics easily.(its hard to kill eva/ ch eva based medic tho). but on average it can kil meics too. I am currently Defener myself. and since i started playing DE i find it so unfair since the winner is always decided before even the match has started. DE was so bad at crowd control back then. but with the Gash imobilize skill its decent. it doesnt needs cleanse in comparision to their tankiness.. Please take a survey with the players who are not a DE to see how messed up Defenders are. since i have been playing DE for a while i have a feeling that removing of this purge skill will fix Defenders peroid. SABI (FK) Level 65 DE.
  9. well u cannot compare that analogy with this level cap. Drasilmarsh was the only good dungeon we had back then. but right now that dungeon doesnt offers much nice stuffs either so people lost intrest farming there.
  10. i have level 55 punisher. and u can try the dungeon yourself. the drop rates for Drasimarrsh mats level 65 and level 55-59 is same.
  11. well i agree on that. we get like 2 rocks per 5 runs. its hard to get geared up at that rate
  12. Sabin

    Skill Changes

    well cant compare with CB buffs. CB will get squished even with the skill metabolism because as i noticed the buffs is not consistent like guardian's shout. while guardians shout has a constant buff for the duration the buff for CB heals works in ticks (thats what i notice since sometimes PU and SE skill brust me in between the heal tick and sometimes they do no damage when the skill is healing). however a 30 / 35 secs buffs with ~10 secs break and no damage nerf is too OP though comparing to a DE tank class or CB's and DE's long CD
  13. Sabin

    Ellis for 60+

    try finding 3-4 dps in amra besides during the major hours.