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  1. Sabin

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    Love Cat lingrie
  2. Sabin

    Skills Feedback

    rely on mech to kill enemies. that way u can go passive concealment too since its gonna be unfair if a SW can kill in just arkana mode
  3. Sabin

    dear fk

    heaven gather people and initiate pvp in amara thats gonna be better than just waiting for janus
  4. Sabin

    Skills Feedback

    did my quote jsut got deleted? here i will give u reasons 1) the void debuff in fenzy is too much to handle rather give the dot damage back instead of the void nerf. 2) the crit rate nerf. defender already has low base damage and ripping off those 1k crit rate is so much. ( the crit atk got 3500 increased but its a joke played on by nerfing the crit rate.) i dont see the point of doubling the crit atk if u gonna remove the crit rate. 3) de iron skin gives 6500 crit rate decrease it wasnt like that before. 4) the skill points are really low. the level of the skills are increased but not enough skill poiints to assist and use those skills. for instance DE ch shiled needs 4 points which needed only 2 . the main skills level are maxed like sudden howling(CB) / flare for SW(i swear i remember that was 4 points for max sunn value and it used to max at 5. but now its 8 points for 3.6 secs stunn. )/ fade needs to be capped at level 7 which used to be at 3. i can give alot of example and example from a single char itself of the 3 chars i play to backup the point of having less skill points. i am not asking for too much skill points. i am just saying is the ratio of skill points are less than what it used to be before patch. please make new thread for each classes that will be more focused and less messy.
  5. Sabin

    dear fk

    the ones that QQ about rg Boycotting are still active and playing.
  6. i am open about it. i dont like him so what?
  7. geez now u guys want to control our words here too?
  8. and about the gear the ones that were active got their gear fast. u cant blame gears the reason of leaving ?
  9. dude i have not atacked u in RP. i let everyone farm. and how about that time when i was dueling with worldboss and u decide to mess up? and as i said stay arround even when there i 15 fks things will get balanced out and it will be eequal fair pvp. how long did u stayed after the 15 fks showed up?
  10. dude i said small pvp. i cant control mass pvps. but the thing is when its bosses times there is 80% rgs in amara where did all those rgs go when there is just pvp no bosses?? bycotting BGs and loosing every bosses in every hour. blame that the reason for jumping on 2 rgs since people feel bullied because of that and as i said how long did u and katie stayed after 15 fks showed up?
  11. the thing is in giving up. we always try to make things equal. (the time when i am in small pvp) just because u saw 8 ppl u guys will leave the ground. u just have to stay a bit things will settle and be fair
  12. what do u look for in game heaven? u used to cry about SW being too underpowered because u couldnt kill enemies in their buffs. or u couldnt 1 shot medics. then u take a vacation from game for months. and now after u come back u wanna change everything as u wanted where as there are people who play the game as it is and have been playing like this for years. and about pvp situation. its so funny to see an RG wanting to change the pvp situation. there is no god damn RG in amara most part of the day. and when there is its not an equal fight at all. u guys come in packs to kill 1-2 ppl farming rp then run away to the cave if things get heated. u cant just come out of nowhere and suggest a change when most of the people are fine with it.
  13. Sabin

    Patch 97 Feedback

    i agree that farming exp for that long time is so dumb. one cannot solo farm exp if someone wants to because the mobs will kill back and the rate of exp that way will be too low. u guys know the server has less people. sometimes its better to not mess up everything and take an easy route
  14. Sabin

    New old player

    there is no pvp at level 29
  15. yes need ancient spanner drop rate more. with the amount of players in the game its hard to get 1