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  1. Ngl whippers and defenders are the strongest classes on the game right now. And moreover the whippers on the lower level are too strong with their dots. https://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=1&l=11&s=l0l00000112610c81403e901 Try this build out. With tank set/cv jewels (mech up) you can tank defenders without shields
  2. there is no option for "Undead" title.
  3. This should be seen lmao. plus the actual problem is not the skill unbalance. its the attitude towards the players who genuinely thought this was a mess. we got said stuffs like "Skills are working as they were supposed to be." when clearly it wasn't. now in this dire situation everyone is like "Oops! seems like it wasn't working well". how many players are online now. 5? and how many among them who care about the game and want changes? i suggest everyone to check through the posts that was posted after 65 patch came out. or heck go into the game and shout for new suggestions *with no contingency of getting banned if been offensive*. be humble and everyone in the community will help because the ones who play the game loved it so much to move on to another one. as cro said People are not pheasants that they should be treated like one. Pride comes before fall. and right now everything on the edge on the cliff.
  4. i have written down an unbiased personal opinion in this post. but seems like the team is too proud to take a second look at the suggestion coming from a non official. just because people stop complaining about how broken the class balance is doesnt means things are going well. its just that we got tired of nagging every time
  5. Sabin


    its funny how yall SW just jump on opportunity to tell how squishy you are so u deserve more damage. as if giving passive damage and 2 debuffs not enough. plus they got to cleanse themselves on arkana mode. its kinda pathetic to see all of the SW crying here. there is a skill called poisonsmoke. use it and see how tanky you get. i have never seen any SW complain about having fucked up high damage. all you people say is you deserve high damage because of the squishiness, i have not said about removing ghostwalk here. i am just saying ghostwalk to remove the DoT exclusively. listen here: SW are not the only squishy class in the game. CB SE PU are squishy too. but SW is better because they can hide and cant be stunned in escape artist. LOL talk about strategy here. i am not asking enfeebel to beat SW. i am saying to use it to counter SW atk. and you can hit a fully buffed SW. (please dont cry about it too now). there is poisonsmoke thats 15 y in distance for that. about bike : idk how long can you bike. or how far can you bike in a BG. SW kills other DPs class in 3 shots. cant yall see the broken damage here? yes SW need high dps but not this fucking high.
  6. Sabin


    i just thought saitama was lagging. and i noticed at some times he was 2 steps ahead of me in skills and sometimes he sucked so badly. until the day when i noticed he was respawning so quickly and i was right. and boom permanent banned the next day
  7. Sabin


    btw i am just sick of these SW's crying everytime. when i played SW in level 59 i found it so good. but these Aslea and Heaven noobs used to cry a river about how SW has less damage and asking for literally 3500 crit atk. i am trying to help all the SWs to not get fucked by DoT of punsiher and whippers. because all they need is to hit a SW with DoT and wait till it chews SW apart. sames goes with SE. italy is full dot and he killed me so easliy when i was playing dogger Heaven used to bully everyone in 54 cap since they dont have suit and helmet. and when meta changed at level 59 and things got balanced he couldnt do shit and he cried alot in forums. i played Narcissist. i find it OP even with full maxed fade and no passive atk. its just the DE's that are too tanky for SW besides SE's just die in their bubble against SW. (the reason why i want SW to only remove DoT in ghost walk because when i get Exhausted/ Enfeebel skilled by SE/PU i can just use ghost walk to remove those debuffs. and on return they cant sunn me back because of that poison smoke + escape artist.) Anywaysssssss i will reply to this drama in few days. busy in rl
  8. Sabin


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mrA6CPFsRE&t=29s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24_opm8dXBg&t=338s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsTn9lRGC2M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HATdgjxxIY he wasnt lagging.. check description i have broken down the things i found suspicious. and hence he is banned permanently. it needs proof to bann someone. just reporting "hacking" wont do shit
  9. Sabin


    250 DoT reduction is good imo if u notice how DoT damage works. if its 500 or SEs and SWs will literally bully the DoT based players. (things needs testing. & i just gave my opinion on what i think makes things balanced. doing class changes takes alot of time so its better to test with small increments.) permanent shouldshield will fuck duel against other class because right now i can tank DE's fenzy without any buffs. just mech and hero set. and 2 x hp crisis + pots. whippers are balanced right now because DE's , CB and SW's need opening to brust whippers.
  10. Sabin


    well if u die with 25k eva against CB then its probably you who suck in the game lmao. SW can just pierce CB through Guardian shout and when you get iced u can always use ghost walk to remove that debuff. this makes me realise that u dont know much about SW because u are totally wrong. only DOT will remove SW from fade. every other buffs it wont affect your fade. try it with a SE's Exhaust/ subjugate/ hex skills and see if your fade gets removed or not i have never ever said SW's damage should be Nerf. its just that SW is op against some classes and i am trying to address it here u green tomato. u are the one crying here because my suggestions will actually balance the chars you know yourself how easily you slice punishers and unbuffed SEs. eva based SW can be pierced by CB(cant if you use poison smoke. try use some tactics whenever u get iced from next time). but the ch eva based SW cant be stunned at all. every char is 2 set right now so SW should go for ch eva set too if thats that issue.
  11. Sabin


    i didnt login for few days and there are 69 comments on my post lol
  12. Sabin


    well you are only looking at the escape scenario for it. look at it this way: SE PU CB. SW can slice those chars like a Cake. SE Exhaust skill helps SW to tank but if u notice every SW uses ghost walk in their combo right now for Shadow Strike. Exhaust skill gets removed when Sw uses ghost walk. so its like SW never got exhaust skill at all because of ghost walk. same goes to punsiher's enfeebel skill. with that ghost walk for SW combo the enfeebel skill gets removed. same with CB's supressor shout. SW never needed Debuffs. since they do now. Dps class are so vunerable against SW. and SWs are enjoying it but on a balance scale SWs are too high on dps. not to mention the ones that has passive atk. a solution for that could me something like making skyjump be used during concealment without breaking the fade so u can escape slow /traps during ghost walk. as for now dps class are so vunerable against SW. and the ones who counter back has their only debuff cleansed by that ghostwalk skill well when i was playing PU . the main issue was casting enfeebel and missing it on faded SW. and u got it wrong. 100% acc/ch-acc is perfect against invisible SW that are about to charge(most SW charge with both buffs on and it sucks to get missed on the only def buff that a punsiher had so it will be like gamble for punsiher. they have to hit it right by guess to survive or die if missed.). for visible SW punishers can just stunn SW with ease.
  13. Sabin


    Right now CB is the least favorite character for people and here is the things might help the char to get bit better. - Give acc & ch acc buff on rekless shout. (Every char in the game has acc buff in the game. and whippers have in their pulls). CB needs one too. https://imgur.com/a/mhuLbn3 - Add -Ch-eva on ankle atk & shockwave. OR make ankle atk 100% acc like before.(it helps to CC SW because SW are so scary right now with the debuffs.) - Increase the Tick rate on Still Metabolism. (right now its 4100 per tick and approx 6 ticks per skill. let it be 12 ticks and 2050 hp per tick)(total hp gain remains the same but having this will help the issue of getting pierced through the healing as it happens very often.) - Let CB skills be like PU first row. 1 point requirement. (this will help a lot since CBs are forced to use heart piercing for damage ) Some piece of mind:- * for SE -Give SE 200-250 DoT Reduction on inner sight . and increase the def stats by 2% - 5%. (SE gets bullied by DoT enemies. and right now DoT damage preferred by everyone.) * For SW -Remove Cleanse form Ghost Walk from SW. add DoT removal (let the skill only remove the dots because it doesnt makes sense for SW to be able to clean themself while evading all the stunns and atacks since ghost walk is op when maxed. but having only DoT removed will make SW not too op against other classes) - Give 200-250 DoT reduction on miss misery because SW normally have low hp and being bombarded with DoT is kinda unfair for SW. - add atomic slow on poison smoke. (slow + brake skill will help SW to kite / escape tanks and SEs but might be too op against whippers on shield . it needs testing. so idk about this opinion) * for PU - make 100% Acc and Ch-acc on Enfeeble skill. (the whole point of it is to defend against SW that charge with full buff. SW's pierce PU in 3 shots and enfeeble is the only lifeline against SW. ) - give 1 DoT removal on In Plain Sight. (let it be only 1 DoT removal because if there is more than 1 then it will be imbalanced against whippers. ) * for DE - increase fenzy and iron skin duration to 40 secs with 80 Secs CD. (right now DE fenzy recovers faster than punisher's firing squad, its kinda unfair because DE is a tank) and remove -cirt rate / - void from those skills respectively. (this way DE wont be too squishy on fenzy and do lil damage on iron skin.) - nerf CV and Crit atk from iron skin and fenzy respectively and increase debuff duration on clash of titans to 12 secs insteaf of 8. (by doing this overall DE damage wont be affected much. right now the crit atk is too high.) https://imgur.com/a/Y8pbu2t i did 20k damage on uzora with just 1 skill and i dont even have clash of titans skill on my DE. the damage would be more if i had used that skill. with these changes on DE SWs will have chance to go head on with Defenders and Defenders will need to have second thoughts before bursting. * for WH - Whippers are balanced class for now. i personally dont have any issues with them. * for ME - well i have yet to learn about medic but all i can see i shadow projection give all the defence buff at once. it makes my DE so tanky that i wont die easily on that buff. when stacked with iron skin its kinda invincible. idk how its gonna be fixed so no comments on that.
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