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  1. Sabin

    change the BG already

    do u even know the range? medic cleanse standing from there can reach almost everyone. and the heals can reach people that are fighting and for us to reach them we have to climb or go arround. and my way of playing is i try to tank out the stunns of the enemies at first thats y i am at the front line all the time. whats your char? let me know when u log into janus and attack me when i stand on top of the tower since you said there is no difference when someone stands on it or not. its that very statement makes your talk mindless. whats your ign? let me know when you gonna log int he janus to proove me wrong. just because whippers can pull doest means everyone can. and CBs cant pull neither did whippers could before the new pull changes. not really. with all the 3 chars i play. medics is my main target. i dont attack medics just to CC them and hope my teamates has wiped others. dont make a bullshit statement just because SW's aoe can stunn to those players. just like you want to say boxes are fine because whippers can pull them anyways. but since you want to stand your ground again i challange to CC me when i stand on the box. and see how miserably you fail. just prove me wrong else your words are bullshit this shows how ignorant you are. i never talked about turnpike. and in time i even asked to swap janus with turnpike because its bigger map and we have alot of movement there. whats your ign? i bet you are some ranged char that can take full advantage out of it because zakatsu has same issues i had in current janus about the boxes being unfair for a BG. however you are fully welcomed to prove me wrong Lan. i am not active much but i would loved to see how the fight goes on when i stand on the box and u stay down in the ground. since there is no difference weather one stands on it or doesnt stands on it
  2. Sabin

    change the BG already

    few moments forward and backwards can make it not possible and i dont think melle players have that much change
  3. Sabin

    change the BG already

    lol really? giving up mobility what a hilarious answer. if u stand at box it takes time to reach you and when we reach the medic the medic can jump down and run away. so? yes but whats sthe point of stunns if atacks are not even possible. janus was not meant to be for higher levels because higher levels have range and more area for aoe. this is why BGs were bigger in size and different as the level went up.
  4. this is exactly what i am trying to point out. LOOT is the driving factor that causes zerg and i dont think there is a solution to this because the balance will get tilted with those double sided players that care loot. if FKs will rise in few months it will be 1 sided zerg again because people will switch side like waves
  5. but you were asking the score oh AK with your FK SW didnt you? why be so defensive ? the x numbers bullshit theory was never necessary in the first place if there were not looters who switch to the winning side
  6. i again didnt read the post u quoted me. instead ask yourself how did you got your first unique wizard earring
  7. i didnt read his post much because there are times he would shout to ask which side is winning and go to the winning side. and now asking for coperation to encourage balance and pvp sounds so funny.
  8. "it will be too difficult to execute because we dont have the source code"
  9. Sabin

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    New Fireworks something like : Happy Birthday, Congrats, NOOB, SEND NUDES
  10. Sabin

    Last Man Posting: [OPEN Final Round]

    Hi my IGN is SABIN. Right now i dont play much because oh wait its more than 5 words already. enough
  11. Sabin


    no amount of gold can get me a level 40 pet with full l2 chips and grafted unique costumes/ untradable spanned gears so rather i will spend a bit of AP item instead of having to redo everything from scratch the cost will be more overtime in the second method it takes more than month to make a pet to level 40 and alot of farming for l2 chips / gears
  12. Sabin


    i think it is same because for all those people that needs chips and other stuffs like pet they have to find an VGN seller in the game. same as if people want to FC they will either look out for a seller or buy their own VGN. and since the things could possibly get mannual at times, trading a mannual service for gold that doesnt helps the one who is giving the service doesnt sounds intresting deal if i was the one doing it. i think the time spent in testing and making an automated FC NPC will be substantial. and not to mention the small bug fixes over time again and again for eternity will take a chunk of the RND time. but rather if you do a survey of how many people wanna FC i think there will be arround 10 people or so. idk how the code things works but i think for that mannual will be way faster and effecient. if there were 100 people that wanna FC everyday then automated might be the way to go but right now i thnk there are 10 or less people that will actual change the side when it opens. VGN never was a wallet driven community probably thats why you guys are trying to do things in game but imo this is the best way to give service in return of VGN and if alot of request pops up for FC then you guys can work to make it automatic.
  13. Sabin


    could make a FC VGN item that people can buy instead of FC with gold. if people spam it for free skill points then that item could be used before mantaiance and vivi could manually swap them (in return of the VGN token). i think people will be fine with spending a little bit more to change the sides because some of the people dont wanna swap because of the pet level/ pet chips or the costumes/ could be ancient spanned gears too. rather than making a whole new char in other side and leveling it up the char and pet. it could be an easy alternative. and i assume since the service isn't free people wont FC often because it needs VGN to change the side and if things be done manually with vivi assistance because of the VGN token it will benifit the both side. since VGN is put into the service people wont spam sides even if it has 7 day cool down ( or could make it a month as cooldown) unless a real drama hits between couple and one of them wants to switch side immediately to kill their ex spouse. Gold can be earned by spamming the dungeon but VGN is a direct route that support the sustainability of the game because things can become manual if the NPC gives skill point glitch
  14. Sabin

    Skills Feedback

    you can ask everyone about what kind of response we got when we said about the damage passive being broken but all we get in reply was " thats how it was supposed to work OR play it as a sort of a new game" i asked alot of times to make a seperate thread about every class where people can comment about the things that are not balances but all i got from norun was "it looks messy but we have everything working on(he refers to the skill feedback thread when i said it will be too messy to put all the bugs / broken skills in 1 thread since there are numerous comments i have about a single char and i play 3 chars). i wrote issues on forums chat and all i got in reply was a solution for that issue like as if i was asking a question. or like always "things are working as it was supposed to work" which clearly isnt its now he spoke up else he was quiet for all this time whenever people complained about the skills. he had a reason didnt he? why didnt he spoke up and took his time explaning and clearing out the direction he was going back then. oh right we are normal players and we dont know anything about how things are done so its better i should stay quiet well lets keep things to myself there are staff i hate but i have nothing to flame about so i am not calling them out on this thread. because i only want things to work well and if it doesnt i am sure things has explanation why things went to that direction or the changes that are possible. all these rage and flame would have been reduced or even stopped if only we were known that things are just getting tested or future changes will be implemented according to the player comment / report. (just like he did in this comment) we dont mind waiting for months like he said things might not changed till mech comes. ok cool we can wait if there is a solution that will give us hope of things getting better. its the suspense of the uncertainty of the timeline that frustrates people. didnt people waited for the new patch regardless of how much time it took? imagine how much QQ would be in the chat or how many people have left because of that if they were uncertain if there will be new patch or not. same thing we dont know if changes are permanent or temperoraly being tested. all we can think of is its not gonna be changed and we have to find a way out arround it which is really expensive to do. i wont mind investing in jewls and gears that will make things a bit better but its the uncertainty of the timeline that makes things tricky. if new changes is coming out in 2-3 months then cool i will make changes according to the new patches but i dont want to change everthing to cope up the new changes just to revert it next week because test changes didnt worked out.
  15. Sabin

    Skills Feedback

    the reason why people including me QQ about the new patch is. firstly when we said things were broken every one of you said "patch is working as it is supposed to work". even went to the point and force us to accept it and play it as a new game. its just that the people of authorities dont wanna admit their shortcomings. OR whatever changes happen is the right one everytime. it is pure arrogance because there are people who have dedicated their whole game play to just only 1 char and figure out the true potential of the char they play and here comes the new patch messing up things. secondly its in the communication. if you gonna change something take our feedbacks too. people will stop QQ if u take time to listen to their comments and note their issues too then people will get comforted that it will get fixed in the future no matter how long it may take.. (maybe you guys do listen to our comments but the dis communication makes really uncertain about weather the issue is heard or not). as arrogant as some of the GS are its really hard to figure out if they are on our side or they just wanna show their power to supress the rest and try to force everyone to obey them. and lime probably you should be thankful for the people who QQ about the game because its those people who are keeping the game alive. things could have gone easier way too but its the thought of ignorance that frustates people(staff claim everything is been heard/ monitored behind the scene so i am not saying you guys ignore everything; just dont quote me some weird professional bullshit of how efficent and hardwork is being put everyday because idc). SB has less people for a long time, making the rest of the active players upset and making them rage quit is a bad move at this stage. and the solution from my side is start communicating about the changes and give us your POV. just dont throw away changes and force us to eat whatever is served in the plate.