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NT 30D Codes in Dungeons  

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  1. 1. Do you want 30d dungeon codes?

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I'd like to suggest as so many have before to add warehouse and backpack codes to dungeons, when players codes run out they get highly demotivated to play and not everyone can afford buying ap all the time.


With all that said, i maybe wrong but i believe that many people leave the game due to lack of being able to get space to put things which in return lowers the playerbase and prevents people from doing pretty much anything on a single character making people have to rely on multiple characters which really dulls character and class advancement in understanding more about that specific class for those who are free to play or can't afford the codes due to real life issues such as covid-19.

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permanent codes are refused.
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*cough* *cough* exploit mail system for extra space *cough* *cough*

TA = needs two extra backpacks. But no need for those extra if ya only pick valuables.

DMHM = needs no extra backpack. Just bring mech, legendary passcards, mereholt transmitter, rapid pots, and cp pots. Leave out all the rest. All loot from the said dunjun will fit in the default permanent inventory.

DTO = needs all three backpacks for full runs. Will only need extra one for boss runs.

DS = needs two backpacks for full runs. Will only need extra one for boss runs.

TTNMS = needs one extra backpack. But dun run this dg. It's not worth it.

TTHMS = no need for extra backpack. Just bring mech, pots and cyberclusters. Leave out all the rest.

Ya actually dun need backpacks for all those dg. The trick is to systematically mail away loot to open up space in inventory. Shame for not contributing in server's income tho.

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i see no reason to shame me for not supposedly "contributing to servers income" that's pretty much bashing all free to play players, i've spent well over 200 of money i don't have due to the times and being jobless to the server. not sure how that's relevant to the idea of adding codes in the first place. regardless of that rude comment, i appreciate the rest of the info you shared. thank you.

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