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Change the statistics of the rare items: weapons and sets of the suit!.


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As well as the articles called: Elementary Hexweave that add 2 random stat to the items, there should be one to change the stat but only to the rare items for example, the weapon that a boss drops me...
Gammachic Scourge: Min. ATK, Max ATK, ACC, Ch-ACC and Crit. Rate, true!. With the item that I am imagining, it would help me to change the stats of my weapon the way I want including the rest of the rare items... Gammachic Scourge: Min. ATK, Max ATK, ACC, Max Ch-ATK and Crit. Rate.
Gammachic Gloves: Min. ATK, Max ATK, DEF, Ch-ACC and Min. Ch-ATK.
Gammachic Shoes: EVA, VOID, Ch-EVA and Move SPD.
Gammachic Kneep: DEF, VOID, Ch-EVA and Max HP%.
Gammachic Suit: DEF, VOID, Ch-EVA and Max HP.
Gammachic Helmet: DEF, VOID, Ch-EVA and Max CP.

And it shouldn't be that hard to get those items as well as the jewelry!.

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This would not be possible. For one it would require every possible stat combination to be added to a item ID and then give out that item. The game does not process things in the manner you are thiking. Stats are not added to the items they are preset as part of the Item ID itself. So all basic stats on the item are baked in to say. The game code itself handles the random stats and is part of the database and not the item ID (baked on stats)


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El 9/4/2021 a las 9:54, Jade dijo:

Esto no sería posible. Por un lado, requeriría que se agreguen todas las combinaciones de estadísticas posibles a la ID de un artículo y luego entregar ese artículo. El juego no procesa las cosas de la manera que estás pensando. Las estadísticas no se agregan a los elementos que están preestablecidos como parte del ID de elemento en sí. Entonces, todas las estadísticas básicas sobre el artículo están horneadas para decir. El código del juego maneja las estadísticas aleatorias y es parte de la base de datos y no el ID del artículo (basado en estadísticas)


Uhn, it's a shame it can't be done, it would have been very interesting!.

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aside from what Jade said, allowing players to change specific stats on gear would most likely end up breaking characters and their gear as they increase the stats that are more in favor of their character while reducing stats that are less in favor of their character. Like increasing a character's void stats on gear while reducing the character's HP, the void is a much more favorable stat because it reduces damage and if you reduce one character's ability to prevent from being killed then that player can then alter their skill tree to be more in favor of killing over any def skills or make the ME so OP that you can never kill them and they are an unkillable walking hospital alone.

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