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  1. I think the question is they want to know how to setup and play all classes... This could take a great deal of time to break down each class and tell you how to play each.... As each class has different ways they can be played, it is difficult to tell you specifically how each should be setup and played. With that being stated, as GoddessSand pointed out each class has a more specific role persay. So your DPS classes SW, PU, SE mainly would be setup using EVA, Crit Rate, Crit Power mainly.... ME is the only healing class so it would need survivability, so using crit void is one option there or some will do a HP build... Depends alot on if you are going PVP or PVE mainly though. CB DE n WH are your tank type classes thus can be setup heavy tank or a mix.... These three in particular you could go into great detail on the many varied setups you could pick from, but ACC, CHA ACC, are good for making sure your attacks land, your pulls are effective, and your debuffs land.... Crit Void, HP, are also options in the tanky side of things. There are some guides people have posted over the many years VGN has had SB running. Hard to point you to literally every link that has been put up as a thread, so if you look on this section of the forums you can locate some guides for each class. Guides & Tutorials - Vendetta Gaming Network Forums (vendettagn.com)
  2. You need enter here each week once it is reset after each random pick is done. sb.vendettagn.com/event.vgn We can not enter for you.
  3. Magnum v3 +10 if possible Zincite
  4. If you are having trouble attempt to do a password change. If this does not resolve it submit a ticket to the GM for them to investigate. Click Below to reset Password.... Vendetta Gaming Network - Private Server Network (vendettagn.com) Submit Ticket Below: Vendetta Gaming Network - Private Server Network (vendettagn.com)
  5. Also if you have any issues these are common fixes in this link. As well as links to get the proper runtimes and such.
  6. If you got the Launcher and installer from our official site then your Virii Scanner is giving you a false report. Vendetta Gaming Network - Scarlet Blade Private Server (vendettagn.com) White List the Installer or turn off active scan and install, also mark entire folder as whitelist in case it attempts something after install to quarantine a file needed to run. Also if you have issues running the game make sure you have the Visual Studio Runtimes and Direct X, as well if on Windows 10/11 sometimes people will need to run SB.exe and SBLauncher.exe for Windows 8 compatibility mode.
  7. Cannot make it a one set of gear game that is just not possible the way the game is setup and programmed. So sadly that idea is out and honestly do not see that being any sort of fix to the issue anyhow. As for the "promised new cap" that could still come in time you have to understand as mentioned earlier by Bash and also others here and other threads. After the data center fire and numerous issues with servers we had no means to build said patch let alone do any testing on it.
  8. Actually, the number of infractions that need to be monitored or banned has lessened in the year+ so this isn't exactly true. However I am closing this topic as it is just going to continue and become a base for argumentative comments.
  9. The problem with dual logging is that it got out of control with people multi logging Battle Grounds which is against the VGN Game Rules. When someone joins twice or more in a timed battle ground it, one gives them twice the rewards making it unfair for the community, two it can and has influenced the ability for other players to also join those battle grounds. While what you are saying is not going to affect the masses, the problem spanned over to the battle grounds and in order to put as much halt that as possible the decision was made to remove dual log from within the client. Sorry if this has inconvenienced you however there is much more to it than just simple farming and or character leveling.
  10. Game is pretty much proprietarily hard coded, so the answer to this would be no. We are stuck with what we have been given.
  11. This would not be possible. For one it would require every possible stat combination to be added to a item ID and then give out that item. The game does not process things in the manner you are thiking. Stats are not added to the items they are preset as part of the Item ID itself. So all basic stats on the item are baked in to say. The game code itself handles the random stats and is part of the database and not the item ID (baked on stats)
  12. There is not a better... Epsilon and Theta both have their purposes... The question would be which would you prefer and for which class type. If you look at the stats on each one is more heavy in eva and other more so in defense and such. So in closing it is more which to use for each class, rather than which is best. Sometimes a mix is best for some classes, like you might use a Epsilon suit and Theta all else or even a Epsilon weapon for the dual crit.
  13. Bikes Bikes Bikes I am always in need of them lol.... Magnums Bikes Please lol (Wish we could get more Bikes) QQ Sad days of SB
  14. You should be careful where you obtain .dll files from these are code libraries and if someone has altered a function within it, then other peoples programs that call said functions will instruct the dll to do something that developer had no intention of doing. Also you should never store duplicates of a system dll outside of the intended install directory. Most all dll, unless they are special only to a particular program are put into the System32 folder inside your windows install location. Thus this file being a shared dll library should go inside this folder always. Best advice is to do a uninstall and reinstall of Visual C++ runtime and not risk getting an altered or corrupt dll from some 3rd party website. Also this is a common issue and information on this and other common issues can be found here. So I am closing this thread as to not extend this already covered issue any more.
  15. Requesting Magnum Bikes and perhaps some other mounts.... (would love a brand new mount haha)
  16. Unfortunately things like this are part of the main source code. Without source code would not be able to modify how the game handles actual game play mechanics. So tab targeting is what we got.
  17. Great everyone get the word out to provide the best times you can attend if you indeed will be active during these times. I suggest if you are not going to be active enough though to attend on a more regular basis, along with the time you provide tell how active you can be or plan to be. This way enough information can be obtained to make the best choice possible to fit the most people. As Spock said “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”
  18. This is a rather good idea.... Getting a base time that works for the player base that is on the most or can be. If it can be complied and a good consensus made to put these battlegrounds to the best use for who is currently on the most consistent. Having 1 person that is clearly being the contact point to compile will be a good way to analyze when the largest group is able to attend.
  19. Christmas Wish: Black Magnum Bike IGN: Zincite
  20. Thank you Nova, it was good times nonetheless. Your will find your place out there as I have always said you have great talent. Gonna miss you and your talent though I got to be honest.
  21. @DrApple No there isn't really a way to implement a game mechanic to check for when you were last pulled and set a timer or anything of the like to prevent a new pull. This would be code base oriented and this isn't possible for us. The only way to limit pulls in any way is using the system of Cooldowns. Which, in a 1V1 sure if the CD was set so there was some sort of delay or gap between 1 pull and the next, but let's look at when there is 2 WH there. You can't test for a pull and act on this information.
  22. Something similar was done, stuns were removed from pulls and it basically hog tied the Whipper into being unable to do anything. People got pulled sure, but they just walked away unharmed 95% of the time. We can not fully take the stuns away, this just didnt work before and will not work this time. Perhaps as I said before all stun durations need to be revised, but you cant simply take their stuns away. It is the only thing they have in order to keep you near for any time at all to do any real damage. Personally speaking if game mechanics allowed (which a lot is source controlled) the best mechanic would be a check to see if you are stunned and wouldn't allow a new stun to apply on top of essentially extending to your stun length for a period of time after last stun duration. Sadly a lot of this is out of our control due to source code. So deleting a whipper stun just isn't a solution that will work as it has been done before.
  23. Exactly, and well spoken. We do need to encourage new players to stick it out. We need to be a good influence on them and good advice.
  24. Yes I understand and I agree with you that we need to be cautious what all large scale changes are made. This post you made I am happy to hear your opinion and take on the issues. This is a much better way to deal with it and to respectfully counter the issues. You are correct that we have to live with and adapt to the changes made. Some of the changes are hopefully and usually done with the best intentions, just some have possible side affects. However your statement makes the most sense, that whatever changes are made they are hard at first to adapt to or get used to. People tend to get so stuck in a habit of exactly what they expect and so any change even a minor one is sometimes very difficult to deal with. Thank you for this post it brings into light some of the issues GS and GM have to deal with in any modifications. Like you said can't please everyone, but striving to keep as many happy is the goal no matter how difficult it is.
  25. @Versteckt While that sounds like a good idea. It would be discriminatory to do that and cut out a possible voice on the subject. I just suggest we attempt to remain calm and not let anyone get to us in order to maintain a healthy discussion. Turn the other cheek I guess they say lol.
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