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  1. Prices too high for new players

    Such a good thought @Fakof Give me gold, and ill spend it; teach me how to farm and i get them myself. <<< Love it. This is my thoughts exactly which is why I attempt to find the most worthy of people to help. Not saying that I haven't been wrong many occasions, but I would rather see my help go to a good cause and be appreciated as well as maybe returned in kind. Hopefully I teach them to do for themselves as well as perhaps help others later when they can.
  2. Prices too high for new players

    There are many players that do indeed help newer players out with gear. I am one of those, I just cant do it for everyone. So I have to evaluate a few factors. One is this player truly new? Two is the player going to be truly appreciative, or will they learn the wrong lesson and become a beggar or someone that expects the handouts? (seen this go both ways not just in SB). Three will they continue to play or is my gold being wasted? However I do see that prices can be extremely high at times, but what I see in many new players or worse returning players from years ago, is that they want the high end stuff "today" they sometimes don't have the patience to build up a tad. So the impatient people tend to be the most frustrated over the price of an item cause they don't want to work for it. I have seen the opposite too where a returning player works their butt off to get the gold they need. I will not name anyone here, but player X I just recently seen farmed for weeks in lower dungeon and was able to get a rapid bike and pet well before my main did when I returned. Granted I farmed a lot too, apparently I wasn't either as lucky on drops or wasn't as dedicated to the farming time as he was. So prices can be a double edged sword, hard to fight against it either way you look at it.
  3. Mystery Box Item Requests

    Magnum Bike's in Mystery Boxes pretty plz.