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  1. Jade

    Patch 97 Bug Reports

    This was an unintended affect of the global skill reset and will be addressed with a claimable or replacement PF Enocia skill
  2. Sadly I am boring. I like Vanilla, but it has to be a premium vanilla. Or something of a mix like a Turtle Tracks or Moose Tracks type thing.
  3. Jade


    Just remember this is a Teaser.... lol There is much more to come.
  4. Wait a secret patch? Interesting LOL
  5. Jade


    Um Scary Kini .... just scary to think.
  6. Jade


    Taps foot impatiently *humming Jeopardy theme*
  7. Jade


    Where is my CB love then? hehe come on now show us da love too....
  8. Jade

    Dead Maps

    @uLUVme While you do bring up some good points to allow players to stay at certain level caps. Creating this system might end up being a little harder than you would first think so. Plus with all the effort being put towards new content and such it would be far back on the to do list if it was even chosen to do. There would have to be quite a few people that backed this for it to be worth the time and effort to attempt it. While I do agree it would be, and honestly probably from the very beginning been a choice to lock your exp, the problem is doing it now just might not be worth the time or be something possible given the obstacles.
  9. Yes welcome back and remember your playing a game of catch up to the leader. So the main reason you not able to kill many of the other PVP players is simply based on time of play. Since they have had that advantage they have had time to improve their gear. Also along with that time comes being much more accustomed to your class, as well as practice in a good skill rotation. You will get there, just keep pushing along and ask players in game for suggestions or help, also don't forget all of the helpful GS we have in game. Find one of us and feel free to ask us a question you might have.
  10. Wow some really good entries so far. Keep them coming still have 1 day to enter this event. Great Job everyone.
  11. Jade

    Staying a certain level to farm BC

    The thing about levels and drop rates is you will usually see a slightly better drop rate a few levels under the highest level boss or mob. However what you lose out on is possibly the speed at which you might be able to run that said dungeon or kill that boss. So it is a toss up for possibly 2-3 runs in the time you do 1 for slightly higher chance. Or pound out more runs for more overall chances. However like GoddessSand said higher level dungeons also have their benefit over the lower ones, while I still know many people that will run Bitterstone Core with a lower level in the hopes for chances at Unique Jewels. So it is up to you to decide do you try and stay 25 and run BC a little slower and have to de-exp more frequently or go 29, or even try your luck in Acheron and DMH.
  12. Jade

    Web Shop Upgrades $$$

    Tiered spenders is something that would definitely work for this concept and I know many people that would like to see this system in place. However as Bash said to make that work need to have the items to offer and cycle in those tiers to make them worth while for players. I will say that "if" and or "when" something like this comes into play there is a few people I know that used to be spenders that would return being spenders just for this reason. @Ashyaina however if you haven't already do look at the Mystery boxes perhaps you will find something that interests you there, or if you have a request for a certain type of mystery box you can request it here Hope this helps you find something of interest.
  13. Jade


    @Spyro I agree those would be interesting to see in game. I have actually heard other people ask about or talk about them. Right now I know we have quite a few bike options, but I wouldn't mind also seeing some new ones appear. I for one have always loved the Lancer look, I would love to see a version of it made with the higher base speed like a Rapid/Magnum etc. This is something I would go for fast and would be a dream come true for me.
  14. Jade

    Prices too high for new players

    Such a good thought @Fakof Give me gold, and ill spend it; teach me how to farm and i get them myself. <<< Love it. This is my thoughts exactly which is why I attempt to find the most worthy of people to help. Not saying that I haven't been wrong many occasions, but I would rather see my help go to a good cause and be appreciated as well as maybe returned in kind. Hopefully I teach them to do for themselves as well as perhaps help others later when they can.
  15. Jade

    Prices too high for new players

    There are many players that do indeed help newer players out with gear. I am one of those, I just cant do it for everyone. So I have to evaluate a few factors. One is this player truly new? Two is the player going to be truly appreciative, or will they learn the wrong lesson and become a beggar or someone that expects the handouts? (seen this go both ways not just in SB). Three will they continue to play or is my gold being wasted? However I do see that prices can be extremely high at times, but what I see in many new players or worse returning players from years ago, is that they want the high end stuff "today" they sometimes don't have the patience to build up a tad. So the impatient people tend to be the most frustrated over the price of an item cause they don't want to work for it. I have seen the opposite too where a returning player works their butt off to get the gold they need. I will not name anyone here, but player X I just recently seen farmed for weeks in lower dungeon and was able to get a rapid bike and pet well before my main did when I returned. Granted I farmed a lot too, apparently I wasn't either as lucky on drops or wasn't as dedicated to the farming time as he was. So prices can be a double edged sword, hard to fight against it either way you look at it.