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  1. Jade

    Scam Websites

    Everyone should take a little time to remember a couple things. 1: If something seems wrong or too good to be true. Your first thought is probably correct. 2: Most importantly only go to approved links that are associated to Vendetta. These are the ONLY links that are affiliated with VGN and the only ones that you should ever place your account information on. If it's not listed here, then it is NOT one of our websites! Main Website (password changes/updates): https://vendettagn.com/ VGN Forums: https://forum.vendettagn.com/ Scarlet Blade's Website: https://sb.vendettagn.com/ Eden Eternal's Website: https://ee.vendettagn.com/ Nostale's Website: https://nt.vendettagn.com/ This and more info on how to be safe with your Vendetta account can always be found here:
  2. Yeah just leave right after a roll. Besides as @DrDieLess mentioned this is out of our control. Not sure there is anyway to let you ditch a party in the middle of a dice roll, without possibly having the source code, or if there was a work around possibly crashing the server or at the very least the party. Who knows the consequence in something like this, easy fix tell the leader right when you join the group to set the loot options or ask to be set as leader and set it yourself. Easier and then you dont lose out or have to quit the group for any reason.
  3. Jade

    Help with almost everything

    Great post Sand. @Yoshua as @GoddessSand has said try to break down what you need to know so it will be easier for you to follow. A quick break down of what you asked is: Memory Chips are dropped items that you can sell to any merchant in game that will gain you Rank Points. Rank Points and Medals can be used at special Vending Machines to allow you to purchase things such as earrings, social emotes skills, etc etc, to see more look on a Vending Machine and check out all the possibilities. The Enhancement techs in towns help you improve your gear, (armor or weapons), as well as your bikes. To use them you need the green or red slivers, shards, gems and later some gears use steels as well. <<<<<< this topic can be quite indepth and a lot more can be said as to what everything does. Like Naraks or even Safeguards.. If you need particular help on this ask this in specific and someone can break it down further. Pet Data chips are once unlocked put on the pet into it's item slots. Hit Y to see your pet data window and you will see a section labeled Datachip. Once the chip is unlocked it is stuck on that character forever, yet not stuck on that pet you can remove it and put it on another pet, so long as that pet is also owned and unlocked by that character. The chips add to base stats and this can be a whole topic of its own, cause there is many chips and each do their own set of stats. I know you do not understand English all that well, but I hope this helps some.
  4. Jade

    A new de-exp method?

    While this sounds good in theory that you die and spawn in a certain location. Without source code to implement something this complex might be impossible. First off you would need an item that you could set a certain manner to respawn you where you died at rather than the closest set respawn spot. While this is already being done with the current Mothers Miracles respawn in place, not sure you could alter the affects on it. Vivi might be able to create a MM that does not give back any lost XP the problem is these might then be spammed during PVP which could end up being a very bad thing. It would be too hard to control where these items would be allowed to use.
  5. Jade

    A new de-exp method?

    This might be much more possible, however just to increase that would be detrimental for those that do not wish to lose said experience. When your truly leveling up you wouldn't want that big of a risk. Vivi said she would look into perhaps some sort of debuff that could potentially increase the loss on death during that buff/debuff, but you would never want to make the initial experience loss that high.
  6. Jade

    A new de-exp method?

    @Armada Essentially this is sort of what Vivi tested. She had a buff created that should in theory gave negative base exp. It did not work as expected. While this is a great idea, the problem lies in the source code. If the mobs are set to give a certain amount per mob as a normal kill, then essentially the only way to affect this is with a buff that would negate a certain amount of it while that buff is running. This is what Vivi created and tested, which didnt work. Yes we can alter how much exp you receive per mob or even quest, but sadly seems can't stop it or negate it with some sort of buff/debuff.
  7. Jade

    Battlegrounds Feedback/Discussion

    I like the idea of a brand new map used for 60+ pvp. I know that in the future there is the possibility of new maps to be added and released into the game. Perhaps we can have a new 60+ pvp map. I also agree the map needs to be slightly smaller than vildeon/amara, however I think it might need to be a tad bigger than Caergate. What I mean is that the CG map over all as the whole isnt too small just that the hall ways and main center map is a tad too small. If the overall new 60+ map was the size of CG without all the bottlenecks I think this would work out rather well.
  8. Jade


    Yeah I agree with this, I won't say all people are this way. However from watching previous FC from the start of SB. Most people that did FC said it was to help the other side, but in reality many of them did it cause they saw a benefit personally to them, not so much of an altruistic nature. I do see that in some limited basis it can be a good thing though. There is those very few that do a FC for the good of the game and not themselves. So perhaps @Tygress idea is the most sound way. Having people apply to what they think they can accomplish in their personal FC. Then again it is still hard to tell if their reasonings are solely for the purpose they claim to intend. As @DrDieLess and others have said, creating a character on the other side is an option to. Granted the leveling process right now is the biggest hold back, there is at least some gratification that your work is worth the effort you intended. Also if the person is true to what they are attempting to do I think our community will and should step up to help that person level up. After all they would be helping that faction in the end, so why not help them in the begin?
  9. Oh come on lets make them cost 1 Million RP to craft them. Sounds fun. Get some of those high rankers back to Skull Rank. MUAHAHA
  10. Remember that there is no stupid question, except the one you didn't ask. All good questions and as others put just keep your eyes open there is a good deal to see in game. There is no major snake mobs in the game, there are mobs that look like mutations or combinations of different creatures. As @Filomena mentions there is a World Boss, but it wouldn't be required to fight. As far as missing any areas, you do get locked out of pvp zones after you pass that level range. For instance after 29 you would not be able to get into Caergate. You will lose some zones but as far as quests you can only lose a level 23 quest turn in inside Caergate and later on Ellis as it is locked at 59. So just try to complete any quests that require a pvp related zone before you leave that level range. The PVE maps are not a concern. The puzzles as mentioned by @GreatEsseare mainly for skill points and to look at the images. I would suggest you just complete them all, yes it takes a bit of time, but you will get skill points from some, odds and ends as well as a tad of gold by the end. Good Luck and don't forget ask away it is what we are here for.
  11. Jade

    Questions from a new player

    @Dyne Hyden The game does have a bit of PVE content and a lot of areas to explore. So don't fret so much with the end game talk or the PVP. This is mainly the veteran players and the ones that have been here years. They have seen and done all the content at least once through. So with that being said there is no rush for you to be end game if you do not wish to be so. Just enjoy your time in game the way you wish. Take your time learn your character and the areas. Build up slowly if you wish you will get there. As for the quest, it is a bug that is happening with new characters. Hopefully it will be looked into soon enough and can be stopped from trying to repeat like that. It was supposed to provide you with your first skill reset, hand you a quest that after you use that first Skill Reset it will complete. Once that quest is completed by using that Skill Reset, the next quest (the one repeating for you but not letting you accept) will give you a second Skill reset for later use. What is happening is your not getting the initial Quest only the first Skill Reset. So you can't complete the quest since you do not have it.
  12. Sadly I am boring. I like Vanilla, but it has to be a premium vanilla. Or something of a mix like a Turtle Tracks or Moose Tracks type thing.