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Top Benefits of Video Games


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Top Benefits of Video Games

Video games are often stigmatize as unsophisticated or the domain of couch potatoes, or for those who only want fun in life some say… The truth is that many common elements of these simulated worlds can provide tangible benefits in real life? For both children and adults it can:


  • Healthy brain stimulation

  • Development of problem-solving skills

  • Stress relief
  • Psychological learning improvement and understanding skills
  • Psycho-social improvement

  • Help put on Mental Heath if well manage the time and way of playing.

Here a list of some of the Top Benefits:

1. Video games can max up manual dexterity.

Controller-based games can be great for your hands. In a study involving a group of surgeons, researchers found that those who played video games were faster at performing advanced procedures and made 37 percent fewer mistakes than those who didn’t. Special video games have also been used as physical therapy to help stroke victims regain control of their hands and wrists.

2. Video games can raise your brain’s gray matter.

Gaming is really a workout for your mind disguised as fun. Studies have shown that playing video games regularly may increase gray matter in the brain and boost brain connectivity. (Gray matter is associated with muscle control, memories, perception, and spatial navigation.)

3. Players/ Gamers may develop great social skills.

The stereotype of a shy person who uses video games as a way to escape is not what the average gamer looks like in 2020, 2021. Past research involving kids found that those who played more video games were more likely to have good social skills, perform better academically, and to have built better relationships with other students because of the social and collaborative component to some types of games.

4. Players/Games can teach better problem solver.

Open-world, mission-based, and multi-level games are made like complex puzzles that take several hours to solve. Occasionally, the solution varies based on your actions in the game. Learning to think on your feet and strategize in a fast-paced fantasy environment is a skill that can translate to the real world. One long-term study published in 2013 showed that kids who played strategy-based games showed an improvement in problem-solving skills—and thus, tended to get better grades—the next school year.

5. Possible to be more physically active as a gamer.

Most major consoles now have the technology to get gamers off of the couch and onto their feet. The future of VR gaming will take things to a whole new level. PC and Mobile game programmers have also started to create games that are played across physical space, building them around real-world location data and inspiring gamers to relocate in order to advance in the virtual world.

This shows that gaming in a well controlled manner can be extraordinarily great for male, females, kid, adults and even  for elderly adults. So tell others video-games is negative if players manage time well.

Have some fun gaming and getting Level-Up on benefits!

Reference on studies:







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