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  1. IGN: PenyDreadful Wish: Dark Recon bike (That character is on my currently main account, the one associated with Terresa is unsafe for me to use since I lost my e-mail adress linked to it)
  2. Hi. Do you think its a good idea to add an event in the website events page (https://sb.vendettagn.com/event.vgn) that (simillar to the starter packs costumes) lets you chose a santa hat for your desired character ? Also there could be an event in game where you can also get the santa helper costume. It doesn't even need to be a quest that requires you to kill hoards of moobs or raid a dungeon to get items for crafting. A daily quest where you need to login 3-5 days and travel to a point on the map or speak to a NPC or even just getting a replicube from an NPC everyday and opening it for a chance to get the costume would be enought. I am sure you had another events ready for christmas, but i think this one would be nice to have as well.
  3. Could you please do anything regarding the ult skills ? I posted a long text on what is wrong and what can be done, but i can't find it (it was in a forum post made by Daddy when he wanted to get some suggestions). The ult skills have long cooldown and not so much damage or debuffs to be applied. Is it so wrong if you reduce the cooldown to 5 mins and increase some of the stats (acc% ch acc% and some debuffs). Those can come in handy for us sometimes. Thank you in advance for the response. ❤️
  4. Hah , i knew it, there is even an article on NCBI about this, so its true. Thanks for the citations.
  5. Hi. I can't give you a good suggestion at how to see all class skills, but take a look here https://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/ , this will show you at least the damage multiplier, min max atk and ch atk and how they increase area of effect + max affected targets and charge times; it should give you a good point of view about how skills work. You can do the following: focus on only 1 character at the beginning that levels and farms fast (PU, SW, WH- you will need help from someone to enhance your gears, those first 2 die pretty fast, WH has low damage, but its tank and has many aoe's). Once you got a max level character, make alts for all the others, but keep them at lvl 39 for a while and see how you like them. You could have all characters at lvl 65 in less than a year, but you would need many many MANY DV parties for exp, and you are not going to find people to help you when you have time for exp farming. Not to mention that you will need tons of safeguards for +12 enhancing, gold is not a problem, successful +12 is the problem, otherwise, you can get all to +10 fast, but you will not experience their full potential. Do not make a medic first if you want to farm fast later for your other characters.
  6. IGN: Terresa I Wish: you all a very merry Christmas. ❤️ and if i win , Red Glory Bike pls
  7. On defender they don't share cd if you have them both l2 (that is boomstick l2 and ascension l2), i tought every class ults don't share cd if they are l2; there is indeed a situation where they both enter cd if one of them or both are l1. This is a great idea Norleras, make them not share cd from the beginning when they are both l1, the cost for l1 is 300k rp and the cost of the l2 instant ult is 500k rp and 100 team medals wich is pretty hard to farm for starters (not to mention the charging ult that is 430k rp total). The newbies end up needing 1.23 million rp just for ultimates when the first priority for them when reaching max level is getting enought rp for major mech. Having both ults on l1 but not share cd would help a lot ❤️
  8. HI. I did not read all the posts in this thread, so i hope I don't repeat something. Would you please do something about the ultimate skills ? Every class has 2, one is instant , the other has a charge time (at least thats what i know i have on my class), but both have a cd of 15 mins. Don't you think thats a little too much for something we use so rare and its hardly effective ? The one on the SW i must say is verry good because it has particle damage and it make it more effective in killing, but I would like all the classes ults to have the cd reduced and damage increased. 5 minutes cooldown and damage increased with acc and ch acc buff and all, but I may be asking for too much so then I will suggest a more fair enhancement: 30% damage increase, debuff that can't be removed by medics or other skills until the time runs out (might as well increase the values or duration on those), 5 minutes cooldown and max number of affected players increased to 12 on the instant ult, 75% damage increase, max number of affected players increased to 10, 8 minutes cooldown and increased bonus damage (additional crit / crit rate and crit atk) + increased accuracy buff on the charging ult. You devs do whatever you consider is good for the game, this is just another mere suggestion and i might ask for too much, but please do something with the ultimates, I really want them to feel like ultimates, their damage and debuffs are not far away from the normal maxed skills. I am a little tired and couldn't think good when i posted this so i might say stupid things, i hope the other players will come with better suggestions regarding this subject (if they agree with me that something must be done with the ultimate skills). At least reduce the cd if you don't want to change anything else, please.
  9. I wouldn't use the free base gears for that cap even for pve, it will get you killed fast and lose 0.5% exp for every time you get killed by an NPC (if you are not a tank class/build that is). The only base gears that are worth are the zeta ones, you don't get the whole gear, but the weapon, gloves, knee guards and shoes you get are identiacal to the normal unique zeta gear stats and if you compare them to the base kappa gear the zetas are still better. Never ever enhance base gears past +9 (you will use them later as naraks anyway), except for the base zeta , those are worth enhancing if you want a character for lvl 49 only.
  10. I understand what you say but its MMORPG (massively multiplayer online...), don't you think they need to have some help to do those quests ? i cannot believe that one sentinel or sw can go right to suberranean factory at level 31 and complete all the quests there. There should be something that keep current players go back to their low lvl alts and help the newbies (its not that they don't usually want to, they no loger see the point of using their viledon alts if they don't get anything significant in return). Why not make ignis vortex and the 2 nemessis dungeons drop something we (as high lvl players) need ? We go farm and we encounter new players that want to do quests, after we finish the dungeon with them we show them the map bosses and eventually take them down with their help. This ain't a single player game, you can't grind alone forever; think abut entering a new online game and your screen gets spammed with messages (x got sp earrings, y got wizard trinq, z got tears of the spider queen), you realize you are the only one in the map and the fun is somewhere else, noone helps you unless you are lucky to find some bored dude in enocia that can help you wit their alts. I repeat myself a lot i know, but all i want to suggest is: Replace that useless uniques in starter packs with improved gears, noone tells newbies those are trash, i find so many 25-39 players in janus and turnpike with +8 nt uniques, noone tells them even normal tradable rares are better, Give them a daily or 3 day cd quest that gives them at least 1 nt unique laser scanner, what point in getting uniques from dungeons if you can't use them ? We got tons of those in the last event but low level player could not, they will not stay forever 120G in ah, and even if its lower, they will have to pay up to 500 G for scanners or even more until they get the good stats, what is left for the enhancing ? Every time you introduce a new patch, with new costumes, new dungeons, fixes for the skills, you avoid solving the the small problems that don't seem important to you (but they are in the long run). @Bash i beg you, enhance the viledon base guards's damage. I just can't get over the fact that newbies get raided hard if somoene notices there are more than 2 players in the base. There are imbalances in the lower caps too you know ? Aren't the low level battlegrounds and map bosses the progression you talk about ? Progression doesn't allways mean leveling, you can return to 39 or 49 to farm something and have some fun. Where is the fun if you are unfortunate enought to be a newbie with a bad timezone, noone to help you get the unique shoes from cairn or asmodeus, but there is 1 fully geared enemy. I once asked someone to come viledon for 1v1, he came but someone saw us go to ns and it became 1v2, thats ok, the third one comes in their team, thats ok i can take one down at least, one more player comes to help me finally, but the enemy team now has 5 players (and they are not there for fun just for that instant gratification they get when they kill you in spawn point and don't even let you heal up, and they also put wanted on you so everyone see how awesome they are <<< its not for kill achievement i am sure they got it a long time ago), i regged for janus next and gues what they did not, because that would bring them and us in equal numbers. Do you want to let new players experience that ? It is like this since i returned to lvl 39 with a new class i try to learn. Do what you think its right, its your game, but if you don't want to implement any of the above, at least include a gameplay manual button in the launcher that opens up a pdf with instructions. Don't let them waste resources on base gear, or spend too much for items they might get later in the game, put your gm's or gs explain the class combos to them, you chose them to help layers afterall - they can't allways be online to answer questions and most non- english players won't even bother if they don't understand the question, not everyone is returning player to know all, and let them know the server is actually populated, not all come to forums and make account to see the online players or chat for help. Don't let half of the game dead please. How are they suposed to have fun when they start against +12 gear players ? if they wanted to fell like working on a character they could go play fallout or skyrim or any other rpg, but they chose mmorpg because they want some human interaction as well. You don't have to give them instant gratification allways , but something to keep them in the game long enought for a guild to notice them and take them in.
  11. Finally. Please, add some new stuff for the lower caps too, new players will quit the game fast if they don't see any action in the first 40 levels of the game, i just see new players every day in enocia, talk with them and see them logging for 3-4 days and then they are gone forever. You can't let *some particular RG players that i will not name* camp caergate and viledon forever, lvl 39-55 bunker as well. Please at least make the guards în viledon Base 1 shot enemy like you did on those în Amara. Please make the leveling easy, most players are from different timezones and is hard to find party for level up. And if a new map is added for that please make it accesible for players lower than 65, maybe some of us have alts and we will not be able to level them if we can't be with the lvl65 players in the same place. Will that skill tree revert to ASB system also solve the damage calculation not displaying corectly when you hover the mouse over the skill ? I really hope you will get the stats on the new items right. Thats the only thing that can cause class inbalance, even tough its just a helmet and a bangle, adding too much damage on a bangle or too much defense on helmet can imbalance a 1v1 fight (not talking about jewelry because thats the same for everyone).
  12. Looking forward to that. Hope they are good >_>
  13. Everyone is woken up and quitting SB then, its really sad but you are right, now i just wish the game never came back so there was no more "toxic" (man, its the 1k time i see this word brought in a SB discussion) stuff going on. I just hope if it dies again it dies forever. If i ever install the game back i will hide at lower levels until they eventually shut it down again. At least there everything is as original dev intended and pretty much balanced. No more players but at least no more poison. You can't rebuild all the skill trees, its just too much to do at this point, there are only 2 main devs working on this game as far as i know, do you think they will go in something that maybe its not even their full time job ? With the work this would require you could go and make your own game and proffit more from that. They did host the game for us because they care for the community, but now it seems the community is destroying itself. No point in keeping a half dead game alive... What actually sucks the most is what this game made us say and feel, because i am sure noone playing this game is bad irl, but this game (as most pvp games do) bring the rage out of people when they lose sometimes ( it is even worse that its a mmorpg not a mobba and you get to know the player that rekts you in the game - wich makes you develop a particular hate for someone). The game is it how it is because of the players requiring more stuff and devs trying to cover all those requests. We ain't even playing for fun anymore, i see this everytime there is a fair fight in amara and one faction calls in more just to mock the enemy or take revenge ( i see this on both sides, and it allways ends with one faction leaving after 10-15 minutes). Why not play for longer for fun when you aren't fighting for a boss or something, you can just have fun with the enemy for 30 mins, you really want to get him out of the map after 5 mins so that you roam around the wastes ? No more bragging about Fk is bad, RG is bad, devs/gs are bad, etc. The game is bad for what it bring out of us, and it must end, all those complaints convinced me of it. Now I am happy for the ones that finally quit , they finally find something else better to do.
  14. I quit for quite some days now because of that, the devs either messed up one of DEfenders stats or they increased one of the other classes's, because now i die faster and its unplayable, it used to be better 3-4 months ago, and i was undergeared then, now with all almost maxed out i can't be as good as back then ? I used to hold 3-4 dps with max passives and no medic, but now i can't withstand 1 SW rotation ? I am sure yevon and sabi left because of the same thing, you say its as it used to be , but you can't really tell if you ain't playing the class for a long time to tell the difference.
  15. @Uzora ; @Archangel ; sorry for what I said, perhaps its people like me who made you leave the game and thats why you hate it, i take back what i said. It would be nice to have you 2 back in the game, or if you don't want, thats ok, do what you want. Peace out lads, and have a good life.
  16. They do not seem to be willing to help. What do you think new players will say when they enter the forum and see this among the first posts ? Sometimes it goes bad for both factions, 1 is more active durring the week, one is more active during the weekends, that doesn't mean one side is more powerful, so i don't understand why both factions still quit when it sgetting a bit too hard on them.
  17. Has any of you guys find any level 66, 67, 68 or 69 gear ? And if yes, could you please post the stats ? Thank you. https://imgur.com/a/nB07Zho
  18. Then why are you still on the Scarlet Blade forum topic ?
  19. If a player makes the game impossible to enjoy then other players will leave for sure. There are not so many players that are worth to be punished like this (there is only one particular player that constantly does this sort of thing, and I only wish that he at least help us instead of waiting for us to kill the bosses, he litteraly moves around until we are done...he wants to push WASD constantly but not push 123...9 and help ?). This is by no means a suggestion to make the malicious players quit the game, just to make it so that they contribute with something when we do bosses or stop them from trying to annoy others. I agree with you that some players may rage quit the game if they see their malicious acts punished, but lets be honest , there are only a few that do this, and they might not even try to do it anymore if they see this feature implemented. That is your opinion and I respect it, but do you really wish to permit such acts ? What if new players can't grow because one dude enters the battleground and gets half of the valuable items ?
  20. Hello. I don't know if this was suggested before but I do it anyway. I s𝓾gⓖᗴ𝔰丅 adding an 168 hours Deserter's Debuff (less time is good too, whatever you want) or something similar to those who are reported more than 10-20 times per week (if evidence is provided) for looting items from world bosses and not contributing to the team. This is the only bad player case I could think of, but maybe its good to do it for all types of players with malicious intent. Those are the current debuff stats, but it would be a good idea to decrease the move spd and ch-acc even more for this debuff version (-50 move spd and -20% ch-acc). The bad part is that free looting can still be done on the bike, decreasing the other stats would be nice too, but I don't know how much the stats should be decreased to make the malicious player easy to kill by bosses AoE, so I can't ⓢⓤⓖⓖⓔⓢⓣ how much more should be decreased from their stats. If you think this is a good idea call it "Looter's Debuff" or "Constrained". If adding a new debuff to the game is hard, then sorry for wasting your time reading this. Have a nice day. https://imgur.com/a/Tv5LvFh
  21. Thank you for the response. Have a nice day.
  22. I am the owener, i have videos and screenshots of the game since i made the account, my old e-mail has been disabled by google, there is no way to recover it, because it was lost about 4-5 years ago.
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