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  1. If a player makes the game impossible to enjoy then other players will leave for sure. There are not so many players that are worth to be punished like this (there is only one particular player that constantly does this sort of thing, and I only wish that he at least help us instead of waiting for us to kill the bosses, he litteraly moves around until we are done...he wants to push WASD constantly but not push 123...9 and help ?). This is by no means a suggestion to make the malicious players quit the game, just to make it so that they contribute with something when we do bosses or stop them from trying to annoy others. I agree with you that some players may rage quit the game if they see their malicious acts punished, but lets be honest , there are only a few that do this, and they might not even try to do it anymore if they see this feature implemented. That is your opinion and I respect it, but do you really wish to permit such acts ? What if new players can't grow because one dude enters the battleground and gets half of the valuable items ?
  2. Hello. I don't know if this was suggested before but I do it anyway. I s𝓾gⓖᗴ𝔰丅 adding an 168 hours Deserter's Debuff (less time is good too, whatever you want) or something similar to those who are reported more than 10-20 times per week (if evidence is provided) for looting items from world bosses and not contributing to the team. This is the only bad player case I could think of, but maybe its good to do it for all types of players with malicious intent. Those are the current debuff stats, but it would be a good idea to decrease the move spd and ch-acc even more for this debuff version (-50 move spd and -20% ch-acc). The bad part is that free looting can still be done on the bike, decreasing the other stats would be nice too, but I don't know how much the stats should be decreased to make the malicious player easy to kill by bosses AoE, so I can't β“’β“€β“–β“–β“”β“’β“£ how much more should be decreased from their stats. If you think this is a good idea call it "Looter's Debuff" or "Constrained". If adding a new debuff to the game is hard, then sorry for wasting your time reading this. Have a nice day. https://imgur.com/a/Tv5LvFh
  3. Thank you for the response. Have a nice day.
  4. I am the owener, i have videos and screenshots of the game since i made the account, my old e-mail has been disabled by google, there is no way to recover it, because it was lost about 4-5 years ago.
  5. i listen to weeaboo stuff and when i am not listening to weeaboo stuff, i listen to electronic music
  6. Hello. I submitted a ticket regarding my problems with the current e-mail (I no longer have acces to it and I can't recover my account if I forget my password or mistipe when I change it). The staff memeber that responded to me said they can't change my game account e-mail adress, but after telling this to another player they told me they actually had the same problem once and they got the old e-mail adress replaced. So, by submitting this post, I ask once more if you can change my account e-mail adress. Please help me if you can @Vivi, I have this account since you re-opened the server, and I don't want to lose it. Thank you very much, and have a nice day.
  7. Just wanted to run it locally on my PC for fun, also it would be nice if we had some other servers that are capped for low levels. I was just asking for a little help on that project; I am convinced they also asked for help at some point (on the xentax forum at least), so why not helping someone back ? Thank you for answering , and sorry for wasting your time reading my post. I will not bother you again. Peace out.
  8. Just because the main devs stopped that doesn't mean the project is dead, there are people that sill try to run the game (the last one i recall was AlphaLove). I can ask them if they want to rejoin. Also, if you can't find the files i can link them to you.
  9. Hello there. This is my first post on this forum so I hope I submitted it in the right section. First, thank you for keeping this game alive, we really apreciate the effort you put into making this game community possible and we hope that it will be going forever. This game is very important for us since most of the players grew up playing it (I play it since i was 16 yers old) There is a little project on RaGEZONE forums to ressurect an earlyer version of Scarlet Blade (that I am sure you are aware of). One developer there managed to start the server and log in the game on a local network. Unfortunately the game is still unstable and needs some tweaks in the server database and maybe some earlyer version of the game client. I did not follow all the dev logs until now but it doesn't seem like they could get it to work properly without some help. Would you please asist them in making this little project work ? I think it would be great if (with your help) they will manage to get it to work (at least to level cap 39....or even 29). I don't by any means try to ask you to unveil how you did your version of the game, just to help them a little bit with what they did until now. Currently, the only 2 I've seen to work on the files are Hyker and DNC, I think one of the devs might be even you @Bash or @Vivi. I am sorry for asking this, I kow you have other trouble to deal with, and if you don't want to participate in their development thats fine. I hope I will not get myself into any trouble by posting this, I just wanted to ask for help, you might even already work with them and I wouldn't know. http://forum.ragezone.com/f857/scarlet-blade-server-files-client-1163598/ Have a nice day. Btw sorry for my bad english.