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59 minutes ago, LayYehara said:

Whenever I log into the game, after about 5-10 minutes, I get disconnected from the server. Am I just having this problem?

1. Use these settings, will help u dc less.  If issues persist then tick 'performance', it will auto untick HDR, keep rest of settings as shown in SS and save:



2. Checkout ur ping stability, especially to france, that is where the server lies, do a couple of tests to see the spikes if are present or not

link for ping test: https://www.meter.net/ping-test/

3. Check ping directly to sb server:

to do it, tick SB.bin as in image 2 of point 3, then in game use any character skill or move around for ping to show up and see how good or bad it is. anything under 200ms is normal, if u still dc it might be cause by ping spikes. 



4. If all those fail to solve ur issue, try to play using mobile hotspot to compare.

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I recently have the same problem and had a bit time on my hand to take a closer look on it. Just taking guesses here, but maybe my findings will help someone.

So I play this game for years now with a very bad internet connection (~2mbit/sec) and it ran relativly stable. A few months ago, finally better internet was available at my place and I switched to another provider, now I'm traveling with 50mbit/sec through the internet (don't laugh, that was a huge upgrade for me xD). Surprisingly enough, that was the point when mother decided to randomly disconnect me from the server after a few minutes.

Main difference now is that my new provider only connects me with ipv6, old one used ipv4. I think the SB server or the game itself doesn't support dual stack or direct ipv6 connection (just guessing). So my router uses ds-lite to connect with ipv4 only services what causes a bit of latency and - at least that's what the wireshark logs indicate - package loss every now and then. That's when eventually mother disconnects me.

I can still play with the vpn workaround. Funny thing is, I can use a vpn server in my own country, doesn't has to be one in france. I think that might be because the vpn server uses ipv4 too so the connection between game server and vpn server is stable then.

So, these are my thoughts about this. But whatever, it could also be just my new router that is a little bitch xD Will test another one soon xD Stay save & healthy everyone

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Hi Daddy,

thanks for your reply. Like I said, it works if I use VPN and it's a workaround I can totally live with, I just wanted to point out that some of the reported connection issues are probably caused by isp using more and more ipv6 with ds / dslite for ipv4 services what is known to be a problem for some online games and not only the distance to the server. Because if I'm right with that, it might be good for you guys to know because ipv4 will die someday. (Not sure if anything can done about it, probably not ^^")

Well anyway, I just asked my isp if he can switch me to an public ipv4 address so I won't have to use vpn anymore. (I like to watch netflix on my other screen while playing sb and netflix blocks most vpn connections because some shows are licensed regional and with a vpn you could get around these restrictions xD)



I've got an public ipv4 address from my isp, no connection loss since then.

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